How to Fix WhatsApp Checking for New Messages 2024

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2023-11-17 / Update for  WhatsApp Tips

It can be frustrating when you keep seeing WhatsApp checking for new messages at the top of your notification bar, which means your WhatsApp is receiving messages slowly or not at all. In this article, we will help you understand why you are encountering this situation and how to fix "Check for new messages WhatsApp".

Part 1: Why Do I Get Notification from WhatsApp Checking for New Messages

The advantage of the notification bar is that you can view messages without opening WhatsApp. But the problem is that sometimes the WhatsApp notification does not display the messages, but keeps saying Checking for new messages. Why do you get this notification? Here are some possible reasons.

  • It takes longer than usual for WhatsApp to sync Messages in the background.
  • Your phone has poor internet connectivity.
  • It happens a few times that WhatsApp is down.
  • There are some small glithches and bugs on your phone.

Part 2: How to Fix WhatsApp Checking for New Messages Problem

We’re now going to tell 7 different ways you can use to fix this checking for new messages WhatsApp problem. Any of them might work for you:

1. Check Wi-Fi Connection and Mobile Data

This WhatsApp fake news check is caused due to a poor internet connection in most situations. Therefore, it is suggested to change your Wi-Fi netowrk, switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data, or move to an area with better signals.

2. Check WhatsApp Servers

If your internet connection is working fine, but WhatsApp isn’t, there might be something wrong with WhatsApp servers. You can use online tools such as to check if the WhatsApp servers are down or not.

3. Restart WhatsApp or Your Phone

There is a universal solution to many of the problems we face while using our phones, and that is to restart the app or phone. The same goes for "Whatsapp check for new messages but no messages" issue. Try restarting the WhatsApp and force restarting your phone.

4. Turn Off Low Data Mode

Low data mode attempts to reduce internet consumption in data mode. Therefore, when you turn on low data mode, many apps running in the background will not use data, which may interfere with WhatsApp syncing messages and thus cause "WhatsApp checking new messages". You just need to change it to standard mode or turn it off, and then see WhatsApp receiving and sending messages back to normal.

whatsapp checking for new messages fix with turning off low data mode

5. Turn Off VPN

People use VPNs to modify their location and use apps from other regions. However, if you use VPN for a long time, it may interfere with apps like WhatsApp running properly in the background. Therefore, you should try turning off the VPN to resolve this checking for new messages issue.

6. Run WhatsApp in the Background

To fix WhatsApp keeps checking for new messages or you don't receive messages unless you open WhatsApp, allowing WhatsApp to run in the background, which enables it to sync messages and display all the notifications in time. By default, apps are allowed to run in the background. If you had turned it off, turn it back on.

  • For iPhone: Open Settings > General > Background App Refresh > WhatsApp.

    whatsapp checking for new messages fix with whatsapp running in the background
  • For Android: Open Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > Permissions > Background data.

    whatsapp checking for new messages fix with whatsapp running in the background

7. Update WhatsApp

If you're having issues with WhatsApp, check to see if there are any pending updates. Many times, problems can be easily solved by updating the app as it fixes a lot of bugs including WhatsApp checking for new messages.

Bonus Tip: How to Recover Lost WhatsApp Messages

Compared with WhatsApp keeps checking for messages and you cannot receive messages in time, there is a more difficult problem. Have you ever lost your WhatsApp messages and don’t have a backup?

I'm afraid many people have encountered this problem, so we have prepared an extra tip here. Tenorshare UltData WhatsApp Recovery can get back your lost WhatsApp messages without requiring a backup. All you need to know is how to use this software:

  • Run UltData WhatsApp Recovery software and connect your phone to the computer. Click on Device to go on.

    how to recover lost whatsapp messages with ultdata whatsapp recovery
  • Then choose iPhone or Android. For Android phones, USB debugging should be turned on.

    how to recover lost whatsapp messages with ultdata whatsapp recovery
  • Click on Start to begin the process of scanning your WhatsApp data on your phone. Follow the on-screen intructions and wait for the scanning process to finish.

    how to recover lost whatsapp messages with ultdata whatsapp recovery
  • In a few minutes, the scanned data and messages will be displayed right in front of you. Choose the data you want and click on Recover.

    how to recover lost whatsapp messages with ultdata whatsapp recovery


WhatsApp bugs are not uncommon but we can always apply a suitable fix. Therefore, the issue of WhatsApp checking for new messages in this article will also go away after you understand the causes and apply related fixes.