How to Fix No Service After iOS 15/14/13/12/10 Update

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2021-09-21 / Update for  iOS 10

"Q: no service after update of ios 15/14/13/12/10 My son updated the latest ios and now his phone does not show service. I have gone online to try to troubleshoot but nothing is working."

Have you ever met with the same problem as we mentioned above? Many users complain a lot that their iPhone/iPad which has a SIM card inside and will show "No Service" at the top left corner of screen after update to 15/14/13/11/10.3/10.2/10. If you have no idea to fix this problem, you then can have a look at this article. It will sure help you out.

no service after 10 update

Possible Causes and Corresponding Solutions for iPhone No Service After iOS 10.3 Update

1. iOS Stuck Issues 

In fact, this problem is easy to fix, users can choose to reboot their iOS device by

  • a. Press Power button for second and "Slide to power off" then start it again;
  • b. Hard restart your iPhone, for iPhone7/7 Plus users, press Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time until Apple logo appears. If you are iPhone 6s or lower users, press Power and Home buttons simultaneously and wait for Apple logo appears.
enter recovery mode

Besides, you can also use free third party software, Tenorshare ReiBoot to easily reboot your iPhone by enter/exit recovery mode. And this process can fix various iOS stuck problem like this iPhone no service Verizon/AT&T situation.

reiboot recovery mode

2. Network Setting Problem

Go to Settings >> Carrier >> Automatic, if it doesn't connect a carrier, you can also choose the one match your SIM card. If it still shows "No Service", you then may turn your iPhone/iPad to Airplane Mode, wait for about 5 seconds and turn off this mode.

set carrier

3. Faulty SIM Card

When dealing this iOS 10.3 no service issues, we should not only consider software problem, but also consider whether there is something wrong with the hardware. And SIM card can be a key point.

You may try another SIM card on your iOS device, if it works normally. You then need to check whether your SIM card is out of charge or broken.

4. Latest Version of iOS

Although you have update your operating system, but you should also to check again that you have get it to the latest version.
Go to Settings >> General >> Software Update, if there is a new version, just tap to install.

That's all the possible causes and corresponding solutions of how to fix. If you find "No Service" after iOS 10.3 update or other version of iOS, you can view this article and repair your iPhone/iPad.

In order to avoid meeting with iOS 15/14/13/10 "No Service" situation, we suggest you to regularly check your SIM card and also maintain your iOS device to keep them in the best performance.

  Updated on 2021-09-21 / Update for  iOS 10

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