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Top 5 Ways to Fix iOS/Mac OS Unable to Verfity App Issue

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2020-07-01 / Update for  iPhone Tips

When I try to open the app, the "unable to verify app" message pops-up on my screen. Restarting my iPad multiple times didn't help. Can you help me through this?"

A lot of users like this have reported such query. If you also want to know about this, the article is for you. We have discussed some of the most essential questions in this article like, why "Unable to Verify App Problem" Happens. Let us explore more!

Part 1: Why Unable to Verify App Problem Happens

The apps that are located on App Store are verified and thus you can easily sign into it. These apps are verified and certified that is why you don't have any problem in logging into these apps. There are some enterprise apps or third-party apps that are not recognized by iOS as their app certificate and thus while installing, issue occurs with a message unable to verify app. This can happen usually when the user has not trusted the app. Also, if your connection is giving you hard time, the issue can occur. No matter what is the reason, let us know how you can fix it.

Part 2: How to Fix Unable to Verify App Problem

These are the following methods by which you can fix the "unable to verify app" problem.

Fix unable to verify app for iOS

These things can help you fix the unable to verify app issue in iOS.

  • Shut down the Settings app. For this, you need to double tap on the Home button. Now, swipe up the Settings app until it gets vanishes.
  • Another thing you can try is refresh the device you are using. Using this method, the device will solve any minor glitches related to loading or memory problems.
  • Resetting Network settings is always helpful in resolving the problems related to network issues. All you need is to head to the "settings" > "General" > "Reset" > "Reset Network Settings". Confirm the actions by entering passcode.

    unable to verify app

Most of the times, the problem can occur due to the corrupted update. Therefore, as the next suggestion, you should delete the available update in the first place. Head to the "Settings" > "General" > "iPhone Storage". A list will appear, you need to scroll until you get iOS 13, tap it and click "Delete Update".

unable to verify account name or password

In case the app that you're trying to install is an enterprise app from your company, we suggest you to take help by contacting them.

Fix unable to verify app for MacOS

If you are running an application on your Mac that is not signed and notarized could severely expose your computer and harm your personal information to malware that can compromise your privacy. If you trust the source you can override the privacy security for temporarily basis. Here is what can help you reduce your stress for the problem.

The app that doesn't install due to unidentified developer or it is not notarized, you can find those in: "System Preferences" > "Security & Privacy", beneath the "General" tab.

Then, choose "Click Open Anyway" to get the app installed.

apple mail unable to verify account name or password

Click on "Open" again when you see the confirmation box.

unable to verify app ios 12

The app will get saved and you can simply double tap it to open in the future just like you do it for any authorized app.

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Extra Tips: How to Recover Lost App Data with UltData

If in any case, you've lost the app data, such as WhatsApp contacts, and chat history, don't panic. You can use UltData - iPhone Data Recovery to retrieve the data. The tool is designed to help users recovering the data no matter if they've deleted it from iOS device, iTunes or iCloud. Follow the thorough guide below to know how you can recover your lost data from your iOS devices directly from your iOS device.

Now you don't have to worry if you lost your data after iOS updates or jailbreak, here is the program UltData allows you to scan the lost files and then recover them.

Step 1: After download and install the software, connect your iPhone to your computer with an original cable and lauch the tool.

Step 2: Next, you can see the screen as shown below. Tick those items that you want to scan and recover or you can select them all and then click "Start Scan".

start scan ultdata iphone data recovery

Step 3: Now after the scanning is completed you can select those App files which you need to recover or you can simply select all.

preview data ultdata iphone data recovery

Step 4: You're allowed to check those files which you want to recover and click "Recover". Also, you can choose to recover lost files to computer or directly recover them to your device.

recover data ultdata iphone data recovery

By following these easy steps you can recover lost app data in a short while. Compare to other software, UltData - iPhone Data Recovery must be your first choice.


In this article we've talked about how you can fix the installation process if you are also unable to verify app in you iOS or Mac device. We have discussed "Why Unable to Verify App Problem Happens" and how you can fix it. Hope this article helps you to solve your query. Meanwhile, you've found a good way to help you restore lost App files here. Is this article helpful? Give us a five-star now!

FAQs about Unable to Verify App

Q1: How do I stop my Mac from verifying?

You cannot stop Mac security to scan your application, though you can go through the above solution to install your app successfully on your Mac.

Q2: Why Apple mail unable to verify account name or password?

The "unable to verify account name or password" problem can occur due to security reasons. Or many times, wrong passwords or proxy settings also fuel this problem.

Q3: Why gba4ios unable to verify app?

If you are facing problem like gba4ios unable to verify app, this might be due to unstable internet connection or the untrusted enterprise developer. But this trick can help. Simply head to the "Settings" and try to tweak the date settings to before 2012. Restart the device now and see if you can fix the "gba4ios unable to verify app" problem.

  Updated on 2020-07-01 / Update for  iPhone Tips

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