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How to Customize iPhone Charging Animation

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2022-03-18 / Update for  iPhone Tips

When it comes to iPhone, many people know that it is popular for layout, widgets, and much more. Another great news is that you can use different applications to change charging animation iPhone, so you don't have to see the same boring charging animation all the time. In this post, we will help you understand how to change iPhone charging animation with simple methods. Let’s get started!

Part 1: Can You Change Charging Animation iPhone

As what we have said at the begining, you can change charging animation, but not directly. You need to use third-party applications for different iPhone charging animation. Below we have mentioned some apps that will help you adjust iPhone battery animations in no time.

Part 2: Free iOS Charging Animation Apps

Here are 3 examples for iPhone charging animation download. They are all available on App Store. Let’s discuss these tools and what features they provide when it comes to changing charging animations. Adn then you can choose your preferred choice to make your charging effects cool.

1. Charger Master

The first application we have on the list is Charger Master. It does not only provide a number of charging animations, but also have charging sound and cool home screen widget to make your iPhone display more colorful. Also, you can adjust the settings of the charging animation and check useful tips to improve your battery life. Support for iOS 13 and later.


2. Charging Show

The second application that you can use is Charging Show. It is a simple and easy-to-use application and makes sure that you can change the charging icon easily. It is compatible with iOS 12 and newer versions. What's more, you can upload your own video to make a unique charging animation.


3. Charging Animation

Charging Animation is a straightforward application that consists of numerous animation themes, such as dance, cute and cool. You can also add different sound effects. It is easy to use these combination to have fun. Support for iOS 10 and later. It has a high rating on the Apple Store.


Part 3: How to Set iPhone Charging Animation

After you have installed one of the apps above and applied your favorite animation, changing charging animation iPhone is not difficult at all. Below all the detailed steps will help you set iPhone charging animation quickly.

  • Open Shortcuts app on your iPhone and tap on the Automation tab. Now, Select Create Personal Animation option > Charger.
  • Select the “Is Connected” option and tap on Next.
  • Tap on Add Action, and select Open apps. So choose the Charging Animation application. Hit on Next.
  • Don’t forget to turn off the "Ask Before Running" option.
  • Once you have completed all the steps, click the Done button.
  • You will see a custom animation on the screen when you charge the iPhone.

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Extra Tip: How to Fix iPhone Charging Screen Stuck

See, this is how you can easily change iPhone charging animation. In case your iPhone charging screen is stuck, and you don't know what to do, don't worry; you can install Tenorshare ReiBoot as a ultimate way, which helps fix iPhone charging issues effortlessly.

  • Install and launch ReiBoot and connect your device with the PC. From the dashboard, select the “Start” option.

    repair ios system
  • Select Standard Repair. And then you will be asked to download the firmware package.

    repair ios system
  • Once the firmware package is installed, start the repairing process.

    repair ios system
  • After that, your iPhone will reboot and the iPhone charging problem will be fixed.

    repair ios system


You have finally set a cool iPhone charging animation. And keep in mind that animation will run when your screen is locked and connected to charger. Plus, if your iPhone screen is stuck, you can also fix this problem by downloading Tenorshare ReiBoot.