How to Backup iPhone To PC

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2020-02-18 / Update for  iPhone Backup

In our everyday life, people use their phone, which has a very important role. And most of the users prefer iPhone. People's handset contains important data such as files, images, videos, and so many different kinds of data with significant value. And this data must be preserved. If in case this data is lost for some or the other reasons such as theft or accidental damage to the handset, people need this data. And hence, they backup iPhone to PC. Backing up your data to the PC gives you the guarantee that you have your data with you in case if it is damaged.

But do you know how to backup iPhone to computer? If not, here are some methods that might help you.

Way 1: Backup iPhone to PC using iTunes

One of the most used methods by users to backup iPhone to PC is via iTunes. iTunes is the software that is provided by Apple for such stuff. All you need to do is follow the given below steps to backup iPhone to PC with iTunes.

  • Connect your iPhone to the PC sing USB cable and run the latest version of iTunes.
  • Click on the device icon the top left.
  • Go to Summary >> Back Up Now. Wait for the process to finish. Click Done when finished.

    backup iphone

Way 2: Selectively Backup iPhone to Computer with iCareFone

Even though iTunes is easy to use, it lags one feature that is needed the most for all the users. While backing up your data each time, you need to backup the entire data. This is time consuming and redundant work. People need a tool that can selectively backup their data. They need a tool that can save their time by backing up only that data which users need to backup. And it is this time when Tenorshare iCareFone comes into picture. It is the best way to backup iPhone messges, photos, videos, music and other up to 20+ files to PC. Here are steps that you need to follow.

  • Connect your iPhone to the PC and run the tool. After the iPhone is detected, choose "Backup & Restore" option from the menu situated at the top.

    icarefone main interface
  • All the files will be selected by default. You can deselect and choose different files that you need to backup.

    backup and restore  iphone xs
  • Once you have selected the files, click Backup and wait for the process to end.

    backup successfully

Seeing at the big picture here, you just had a look on the top 2 methods that can be used to backup your iPhone to computer. You had a look on the traditional method that is used by almost every user. You saw how to backup your data to computer using iTunes. But, backing up using iTunes can be time-consuming since it does not backup only selected data, but rather ends up backing up entire data every time. Hence, it is recommended to use Tenorshare iCareFone to selectively backup data to PC. This tool backs up your data smartly saving your time and space by selectively backing up the data.

  Updated on 2020-02-18 / Update for  iPhone Backup

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