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How to Find & Recover Deleted/Uninstalled App on Android?

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2023-01-04 / Update for  Android Recovery

How to recover deleted apps Android? If you find yourself in a bind while attempting to recover an app deleted from your Android device, don't worry. App recovery is much easier than recovering photos or other data.

There are numerous reasons why you might need to recover deleted app data. People frequently delete apps only to discover that they require the app again but cannot recall its name. Apps can also be deleted accidentally by the user or someone else with access to the phone. You may also have needed to perform a factory reset that deletes all apps installed on your device.

This article explains how to see recently deleted Google Play apps and maybe retrieve the data they contained.

Part 1: How to See & Recover Deleted Apps from Google Play Store & Galaxy Store on Android?

1. See & Recover Deleted/Uninstalled Apps from Google Play Store

How to see deleted apps on play store? Google Play can be used to restore apps on a smartphone or tablet. It is unnecessary to download it because it is pre-installed on Android smartphones.

  • Locate Google Play in the list of apps on your phone. It can be done using your device's search bar.

    Note: If you cannot locate Google Play on your phone, download an apk file from a third-party source.

  • Search for the "My apps and games" page to find removed apps. The tab "All" lists all programs that have been deleted and are currently installed on the phone. The words "Installed" or "Updates" will appear next if the application has already been installed.

    recover deleted apps on google play
  • Deleted apps can be found in the "Library" tab. The most recent apps will be at the top of the list, and the oldest will be at the bottom, depending on how the list is organized.

    Note:: Make sure you use the correct Google account if you can't find the deleted app. Check whether you have any other Google accounts, and log in again.

  • Look through the list for the desired things. To reinstall removed apps, select the "Install" option and install them one at a time.

    recover deleted/uninstalled apps from google play store

2. See & Recover Deleted/Uninstalled Apps from Samsung Galaxy Store

How to recover deleted Samsung apps on Android? You can use the Galaxy Store to recover lost apps if you're an Android user with a Samsung phone or tablet. What you can do is as follows:

  • 1. Launch Galaxy Store and select the Menu option in the lower right corner.
  • 2. Choose the Find My Apps option. You can also disable the Show installed apps option to find your removed apps quickly.
  • 3. Then scroll down to select the software you want. If you want to recover it, select the Install option.

    recover deleted/uninstalled apps from samsung galaxy store

Part 2: How to Recover Deleted App's Data on Android within Clicks?

How to see deleted apps on Android 2023? Believing that you have found the answer after checking the above methods? But what if the app’s data is lost after you recover it? How to recover app’s data easily even with just 3 clicks? Tenorshare Ultdata for Android will help you in this case. You can also recover deleted messages, photos, and videos, Word documents from Android internal storage and SD card without needing a computer or root.

Features of Tenorshare UltData for Android:

  • Recover Android restore uninstalled app without rooting your device.
  • Deleted WhatsApp messages on Android can be recovered without backup or root access.
  • View and download backup files for WhatsApp from Google Drive.
  • Data from WhatsApp Business can be recovered, including documents, videos, and images.

Steps of Tenorshare UltData for Android:

How to recover deleted apps on Android? Here's how to use this program to restore lost data from Android. First, install Tenorshare UltData for Android on your computer. Then, to recover deleted files on Android, follow the below steps.

  • Connect Your Android Device

    You will see the UI below when you run UltData for Android Data Recovery. Select the "Recover Lost Data" option. Then, using the OEM USB cable, connect your Android device.

    recover app’s data with tenorshare ultdata android
  • Enable USB Debugging

    Please ensure that USB debugging is enabled on your Android phone. Here's how to activate USB debugging on Android: Navigate to Settings > Change the USB option to 'File Transfer' > Return to Settings and look for 'Build' > Scroll to the bottom and tap 'Build Number 7 times.

    enable usb debugging android

    After you have enabled USB debugging, you must authorize your device. When a window appears on your device's screen, click "OK". Please click the program's "Show Again" button if the window does not appear.

    all android authorization
  • Start Scanning

    When your device is connected, the screen will look like this. Please choose the file types you want to recover, then click "Start" to begin scanning your device.

    select file type on ultdata

    Now, the application begins to gather information about your device and then installs the Connector app on your device to request access permissions for contacts, messages, call history, and so on. The Connector app is completely secure and free to download. Please allow access to your device by clicking "Allow".

    install connector app
  • Preview and Recover Lost Data on Android Phone

    Following the scan, you may view all of the files listed by list and select any file to preview and restore. Select the file to be restored. To save the lost files on your PC, click the "recover" option. Photo, video, and document files will be preserved in their original format.

    retrieve deleted app's data successfully

Part 3: What If All Apps Go Missing on Android? [2 Ways]

Way 1: Enter Safe Mode

The Android OS (Operating System) can be odd and unusual. There are usually a few reasons why all of your apps went missing at once. The first possibility is that you mistakenly removed them all.

  • Set your phone to "safe mode" to check for unintentional deletion.
  • Hold down the physical power button on many Android devices until the Power off option shows on the screen, then long-press Power off and select Safe Mode when it appears.

    enter safe mode android
  • The phone will reboot. You have a software problem if all of your apps resurface. The majority of the time, this is the result of a Launcher.
  • While in Safe Mode, search your phone's settings for any launchers. If you wish to keep it, delete the cache and data and restart your phone.
  • Uninstall it if you did not download it on purpose. After restarting your phone, all of your apps should reappear.

Way 2: Restore Backup

Can I retrieve deleted apps on Android phone? Although you can download your Android apps using any of the methods listed above, it will take time. Your best bet is to find a backup and perform a full system recovery. This method is risky since you will need to factory reset your device, which means you will lose everything, so make a backup beforehand.

  • Go to your device's Settings and select Backup (this may vary depending on your manufacturer).
  • Users of Samsung devices should check for the Samsung Cloud backup option, and LG users should have a comparable option. Every Android user, regardless of device, should have a Google backup.
  • Click on the backup to ensure it is current and contains your apps, photographs, documents, contacts, and anything else required.

    restore backup android
  • You can do a factory reset to restore your phone to its original state, including all apps.

Part 4: FAQs about Recover Deleted Apps on Android

1. Can I Continue to Use the Paid App After Reinstalling It?

If you reinstall a paid app linked to your Google account, you will not have to pay for it again. If only a small period has gone between installation and deletion, you may be eligible for a refund after a while. Please get in touch with support if this is not the case and you are still being asked to pay for the app when accessing your account.

2. Can I Continue Playing the Game from Where I was After Reinstalling It?

It depends on where the game server was saved in terms of settings and saves. You are unlikely to be able to recover them if they were saved on your device. You should be able to restore them if they were saved on the game server.

3. Why Can't I Find Downloaded App?

As the demand for data protection grows, Google has enhanced security in managing programs in the Google Play store. If Google decides not to support an app for whatever reason, you will be unable to re-download it using the technique described above. At this point, you can look for similar apps.


Finally, it's a good idea to configure your device to back up your data to Google's servers. It will make finding misplaced apps much easier in the future during troublesome circumstances.