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How to Enable and Disable Android Auto-start App in Android 11/12

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2022-06-22 / Update for  Android Tips

Android auto start app makes it easier for you to manage your phone's resources effectively. With this feature on your phone, you can automatically start your favorite app with one click. You can install different autostart applications to streamline your phone activity. In this guide, we'll cover everything about Android auto start app, from what it is to how to enable/diasble auto-start apps in Android.

Part 1: What Is Auto-start in Android App?

The Android autostart management is used to ease you in starting your favorite applications on your device through one click. These types of applications make it easy for you to manage resources on your phone.

The application allows you to pick one app that'll be launched whenever you reboot your device. You can install such applications from the App Store or install autostart apk from Google. If your phone isn't rooted then you can install an autostart no root apk.

Part 2: How to Enable Auto-start Apps in Android 11/12

If you're looking for an answer to your question, "How to enable auto start apps in Android programmatically?" then this section is for you. Below we list the steps to enable auto-start for an app on Android (for example, Xiaomi).

  • Open the Security Menu on your device.
  • You'll be presented with several options. Select "Manage apps". Alternatively, you can head to Settings > Manage Apps.
  • From the Manage apps page, tap on "Permission" and you'll see the "Autostart" option, so tap on it.

    how to enable auto-start apps in android-1
  • You'll be given a list of all the apps that can be made to autostart. To allow one or several apps to autostart, simply toggle the option next to app to enable Auto Start for it.
  • Now the selected app appears in the list of apps that are permitted to Auto Start.
  • Tap on the autostart app to see the full options. Optionally, you can either allow the app to start automatically, or to be started by other apps.

    how to enable auto-start apps in android-2

Part 3: How to Disable Auto-Start Apps in Android 11/12

These are five different methods to help you disable auto start of Apps in Android.

Method 1: Turning off the doze feature

Android versions such as the Marshmallow system use the Doze feature to limit the effectiveness of background apps. Turning off the doze features is very easy with the following steps:

  • Go to settings and then Battery.
  • On the upper right-hand corner, tap on three dots.
  • Select Battery Optimization.
  • Tap on "Not Optimized" and then select the "All Apps" option.
  • Select any app, then select optimize, and tap on the Done button.

    auto-start management

Method 2: Turn on Developer Options

Follow these steps to turn on Developer Options to disable auto-start applications on your phone.

  • Go to Settings and then tap on the About Phone option.
  • Tap on the Build Number option several times till you see the "You are now a developer!" message.
  • Head to Develop Options and tap on the Background Process Limit option.

    auto-launch app android

Method 3: Use Startup Manager

If you're wondering, how to disable auto-start apps in android, auto-start management, then you can use a startup manager. You can use a startup manager on your phone if it's rooted. The startup manager allows you to manage your autostart no root apk app. You can download thiscapplication from the Google Play Store for free. It'll make it easy for you to select the apps that'll auto-start on reboot.

Method 4. Use Startup Auditor to disable auto-start apps

Like the startup manager, you can use startup auditor to restrict apps from autostart after rebooting your phone.

You can download the Startup Auditor application from the Google Play Store and install it. The application allows you to select apps and restrict them from performing background operations.

Method 5. Install any third-party task killer app

There are dozens of applications available on the App stores that can help you to prevent auto-launch app android from performing background operations. Android users always have the privilege to use third-party task killer apps to perform task management operations. You can download them from the Google Play Store or any other online app store.

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FAQs about Android Auto-start App

Q1: What does force stop mean for an app?

Force stop for an app terminates the current operation of the app. It also means that an app can no longer use your phone's cache files.

Q2: How do I force to start an app?

To force start an app, you need to go to Settings>Apps>Startup. Before performing these steps, you must ensure that the app you're trying to run at startup is turned on.

Q3: What system apps can I delete on my Android?

You can remove several system apps including weather, Amazon, device help, usage manager, locker app, caller id, dropbox, drive, and many others.

Extra Tips: How to Fix Android Auto-Start Not Working?

It's quite frustrating when antostart stops working on Android devices and users just ask themselves why is my Android autostart not working. If you are experiencing the same issue, then we recommend that you should download Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android, a professional Android system repair software. If the Android auto-start not working issue is caused by system issue, you can use this tool to repair your Android system with a few clicks. Below are the detailed steps:

  • Download and install ReiBoot for Android on your Android device. Once installed, connect your device to the computer using a USB cable and then click "Repair Android System".

    fix android autostart not working - repair android system
  • Next, click "Repair Now" and select the information of your device from drop-down lists.

    fix android autostart not working - select device information
  • ReiBoot for Android will auto download Firmware package for your device. Once done, click "Repair Now" again.

    fix android autostart not working - repair now
  • Now, follow the steps on-inscreen to enter Download mode. Once done, ReiBoot for Android will start repairing the problematic Android system.

    fix android autostart not working - repairing android system
  • Wait for the reapir process to complete and the problem with your Android device should now be fixed.

    fix android autostart not working - repair android system successfully


Android auto start app allows you to optimize your phone and restricts app that automatically performs background operations when your phone reboots. In this guide, we discussed different applications that you can use to get rid of auto start no root apk or enable these apps. In case you encounter the Android autostart not working issue, you can make use of ReiBoot for Android to get your Android syetem issue repaired.