[2024] How to Know If Someone Deleted Your Number on WhatsApp

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2023-12-29 / Update for  WhatsApp

Saving someone’s WhatsApp number lets you see their status, profile picture, and last seen. However, if someone from outside the Whatsapp world doesn't want to stay in touch with you, knowing if they still have their WhatsApp number saved can help you reach an answer. If you’re unable to find whether someone has your WhatsApp deleted or saved, here’s the ultimate guide on how to know if someone deleted your number on WhatsApp.

Part 1: Can I Know If Someone Deleted My Number on WhatsApp

Unfortunately, there's no way to find out when it comes to knowing if someone has deleted your number on WhatsApp. WhatsApp doesn’t have a feature that notifies you when someone deletes or saves your number.

So, is it impossible to find out if someone has deleted your number on WhatsApp? No, that’s not the case. You can still take clues from WhatsApp to know if they deleted your WhatsApp number and you no longer see their status.

Part 2: How to Know If Someone Deleted Your Number on WhatsApp with Top 4 Ways

No worries if WhatsApp doesn’t allow you or lets you know when someone deletes your number on WhatsApp. There are several ways through which you can find out by yourself. Taking clues from the WhatsApp features, such as profile picture, last seen, and status, can easily help you know the answer.

Way 1: Sending A Message

The best way to find out if someone has your number is by sending a message. If you don’t receive any reply from them or you never see the double or blue sticks, they could have blocked your number on WhatsApp.

Way 2: Check Their Profile Picture

Looking at someone’s WhatsApp profile picture can help determine whether they have deleted it. If you could see their WhatsApp profile earlier, but now it’s replaced by a blank white avatar, the person may have deleted your number on WhatsApp.

Remember that the blank avatar also shows up when someone has blocked your WhatsApp number. However, if you still can see their profile picture, that means they haven’t deleted your WhatsApp number.

Here’s how to check someone's profile picture on WhatsApp:

  • Open your WhatsApp, and navigate to the person’s chat or contact whose profile picture you want to check.
  • Once in the chat, tap on the top header, and select the profile picture.
  • Sometimes, the profile picture shows up instantly. However, if the internet is slow, it might take a while to load up.

    whatsapp profile status

Way 3: Check Last Seen Option

Last seen is the great option of WhatsApp that lets you know when the last time the person was online. Checking the last seen of the person who had always turned it on can let you know if the person has deleted or blocked your number on WhatsApp.

Here’s how to check last seen on WhatsApp:

  • Navigate to your WhatsApp app on your phone or pc.
  • Open a person's chat, and check hours and minutes on the header below the person's profile picture. If it shows up, that means the person hasn’t deleted your number.
  • However, if the last seen doesn’t appear, you can anticipate either they have deleted your number or changed their privacy settings for the last settings to “Off.”

    whatsapp last seen option

Way 4: Check Their Status

WhatsApp allows users to post statuses similar to Facebook and Instagram stories. You can only see people’s statuses if they save your WhatsApp number. So, checking their status can help you know if they deleted your number on WhatsApp.

Here’s how to check the status on WhatsApp.

1. Navigate to the WhatsApp app on your phone, and tap the status tab.

2. It’ll show your saved contact’s status they’ve recently posted.

3. Check out the suspect’s status. If they have posted anything in the status, it should show. Otherwise, there are high chances they have deleted your number.

whatsapp profile status

Moreover, WhatsApp allows changing of status privacy settings to decide whom the status should show. You can set it to contacts and specific ones. So, it’s also possible they might have been excluded from the status list.

Another great trick to check if they have deleted your number on WhatsApp is to post a status and see if they see your status. If they see it, that means they have not deleted your number on WhatsApp.

Part 3: How to Recover WhatsApp Data from Deleted Number

We often intentionally delete many things as junk from our phones to free up some storage, but later we realize the need for them. In this regard, recovery tools can recover the data. If you have deleted any WhatsApp number and its data but now want to recover it, Tenorshare UltData WhatsApp Recovery is the way to do so.

Here are the steps to recover WhatsApp data from deleted numbers:

  • Download the software. Once you have successfully downloaded it according to your pc specification, head towards the installation of the tool and launch it. click on the Device option on the program. Now head towards your phone, and connect it to your computer using the USB cable your device supports. Make sure to use the one that came with the phone.

    launch ios recovery
  • Finally, when the program detects your device, it’ll show you the Scan button on the interface. Click on the Start Scan button to initiate the scanning process.

    start scan
  • When the scanning process completes, it’ll show you the recovered data. You can double-click on it to preview the recovered data and be selective about which files you want to recover.

    preview data
  • Once you have selected which recovered files you want to keep in your local storage, select them and click on the recover button. The selected files will be stored in your local storage.

    recover to device

FAQ about WhatsApp

Q1: What does it look like when someone blocks you on WhatsApp?

When someone blocks on WhatsApp, their profile picture disappears and appears as a blank white avatar. You couldn’t see their last seen or the contact information and status.

Q2: What happens when you remove a number from WhatsApp?

If you delete someone's WhatsApp number from your device, the person will no longer be able to see your status. Also, if you have set your profile picture and last seen privacy settings to “contacts only” instead of everyone, they won’t be able to see them.

Q3: Do WhatsApp contacts know when you delete them?

No, there is no such WhatsApp feature available that lets you know when a person deletes your number on WhatsApp.


WhatsApp doesn’t let you know when the person deletes your number on WhatsApp. However, there are many ways you can use them to know if they have really deleted it. In this guide, we discussed how to know if someone deleted your number on WhatsApp.

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