Want to Get Free iPhone Ringtone Download? Here is the Fix! (30 Free Ringtones Included)

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2022-11-28 / Update for  iPhone Tips

Listening to the same iPhone ringtone every day might make you feel sick and be tired of it. Why don't have a change? Here will introduce the method to download ringtones from Youtube and 2 free wrbsites.

What’s more, We have the top 30 great iPhone ringtone download here for you. Try picking the best suitable piece for your iPhone 5/6/6s/7/x or even for iPhone 12 once it is released. iCareFone is a great tool for you to move all ringtones downloaded to your iPhone.

Part 1. How to Download Ringtone to iPhone from YouTube

We will find YouTube will be a great place to get popular and trending music and ringtones. If you find popular music and want it to be your ringtones, you can use free tool download4.cc to download it to your iPhone. Here is the guide.

  • Open download4.cc with chrome or any other browsers.
  • Copy the ringtones link from YouTube.

    iphone ringtones download
  • Click "Download Other Formats" and you will find the "M4a" format in the Audio list. Click the "Donwload" button after it.

    download iphone ringtone
  • Convert your downloaded "M4a" ringtones to "M4R" format with free tool which you can search from Chrome.
  • You need to import them to your iPhone 5/6/6s/7/x/11/11 pro/12 and other iPhone models. Here you can try Tenorshare iCareFone to transfer ringtones from computer to your iPhone following the below steps.

    • Download and install iCareFone on the computer and connect your device with it.
    • Select Manage > Music > Ringtone.

      iphone ringtone mp3 download- icarefone
    • Click on the Import button and locate the ringtones you just downloaded.

      apple ringtone download - icarefone
    • Now you get iPhone 5/6s/7/iphone 6 ringtone download.
  • Then, you can set it as ringtone for contacts or others on your iPhone.

Part 2. Best 2 Websites for iPhone Ringtone Song Download

Top1. Zedge - Download Ringtone iPhone Free

This website includes a lot of ringtones. You can search directly with its name to find ringtones you want or you can listen one by one and choose the correct one.

It is very easy to download ringtones from Zedge. Find the music you want. One-click the “Play” to listen. If you are sure it is what you need, click this music away from the “Play” button and you will find “Download” at the right side corner. Download it to your PC or Mac. As downloaded ringtones format is an MP3 format, you need to use a free convert tool such as https://convertio.co/mp3-m4r/ to convert it to M4R format. Download iCarefone via below buttons and follow part 2 steps to use iCareFone to help you import ringtones to your iPhone.

iphone ringtone download

Top 2. Mob.Org - Download Ringtone to iPhone

You can also get iPhone ringtone mp3 download from this website. They are all free. But the ads are very annoying. Ringtones downloaded here are also with MP3 format, you need to use a free tool to convert it to M4R. Then, using iCareFone – iOS file manager to download the ringtone to iPhone successfully..

iphone ringtone download mp3

Part 3. Top 30 Free Download Ringtone for iPhone Directly

We listed top the 30 ringtone download for iphone here. You can get them here directly if they are what you need.

Rain Drops

Fresh and natural. The Rain Drop ringtone makes you feel like you are in the rain, watching the rain drops falling down to the water.


Snowman Frozen

This ringtone comes from Disney's movie Frozen. Surly it will remind you of the days when you were a child and playing in the snow with your buddies.



Like whistle? Then you can consider using the short whistle rhythm as your iPhone ringtone, which is very special.


Good Bad and Ugly

As you can tell from the name, this ringtone is from the Italian Spaghetti Western film directed by Sergio Leone. The ringtone is in an India style.


The Fox Say

Yes, this one is started with The Fox, the top trending video of 2013 on YouTube. Then you will just hear a gunshot that shut up the fox. The ringtone is more like a small joke.


Ooompa Loompa

Oompa, Loompa, doom-pa-dee-do. I have a perfect puzzle for you. Oompa, Loompa, doom-pa-dee-dee. If you are wise, you'll listen to me." This is what you will hear from this rhythmic and cheerful ringtone.


The Walking Dead

Like the music you can hear in the middle of the typical thriller, this ringtone sounds a litter mysterious.


Old Ring

You must be quite familiar with this ringtone as it is the same with the old ring of your phone which you might have known for tens of years. This ringtone is delight with reminiscence.


Calm Tone

Just from the name, you can get that this ringtone is the kind that calms you down. It runs smoothly like a wonderful journey which brings you a lot of joy.



The Cruise Ringtone is from a song of Florida Georgia Line. The ringtone is in country music style.


iPhone 5S

This ringtone just makes you feel so comfortable.


Loudest Ringtone Wow

The electronic ringtone sounds like rain drops falling down, or more specifically, the sound of signals.


Gas Pedal

In the Gas Pedal ringtone you will first hear a short rhythm followed by a rap. The short rhythm gives you some mysterious feelings.


It's Ur Mother

This ringtone you will hear a lady calling her child to answer the phone again and again. The mother voice might recall you of your mother though it sounds a little funny.


Sanford And Son

This ringtone is full of old memory. Use to watch that show all the time, good memories right there.

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Call Me Maybe

"Before you came into my life, I missed you so bad, and you should know that, so call me maybe."


City of Stars

From La La Land by Ryan Gosling. "City of stars, are you shining just for me?"



"I see it, I want it. I stunt, yellow bone it. I dream it, I work hard.I grind 'til I own it."


Get Lucky

"We're up all night 'til the sun. We're up all night to get some. We're up all night for good fun. We're up all night to get lucky".



"Because I'm happy. Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof."


Just the Way You Are

"Girl, you're amazing. Just the way you are."


Let Her Go

"Only miss the sun when it starts to snow. Only know you love her when you let her go."



"I'm at a payphone trying to call home. All of my change I spent on you."


Shake it off

"Shake, shake, shake it baby. Shake it like a bowl of soup."



"Look what you've done. I'm a motherfuckin' starboy."


Take A Bow

"But you put on quite a show. You really had me goin'."


This Summer

"This summer's gonna hurt like a motherfucker. Fucker."



"Tragedy. When you lose control and you got no soul."


What Do You Mean

"But you tell me to go. What do you mean."



"I swam across. I jumped across for you."


After going through all these ringtones, not all of you can find what you want. Do not worry, you can find 2 websites for free iPhone ringtone download mp3. Be patient to continue with us.


It is not easy to get iPhone ringtone download from website or YouTube as iPhone ringtones have one special format. After downloading all free ringtones on your Mac/PC, you need to convert them to M4R, then using Tenorshare iCareFone to succeed to move all them to your iPhone quickly. Anyway, if you want some new ringtones, above methods worth having a try. "How to download a ringtone to iphone?" is not a problem any more to you after trying these methods.

People Also Ask About iPhone Ringtone Download

1. How do I download a ringtone to my iPhone?

You can get iPhone ringtone free download from Zedge or Mobi.org. Go to search and find a free converter to convert your MP3 file to M4R. Then, use iTunes or third-party tool like iCareFone to move this ringtone to your iPhone.

2, How do I get free ringtones for my iPhone?

There are a lot of ringtones in the website. You can get them from free websites like Zedge or mobi.org or you can get it from Youtube or SoundCloud with one free tool download4.cc. After downloading them to your PC or Mac. You need to use free tool to convert it to iPhone supported format – M4R, then using iTunes to move it to your iPhone. Then, set it as your ringtones.

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