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3uTools MDM Bypass: Reviews & Alternatives

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2023-05-22 / Update for  iPhone Tips

MDM or mobile device management is set in your iPhones or iPads to control the devices remotely usually by your companies or schools. To remove these restrictions or supervision, you can bypass the MDM lock with different tools, such as 3uTools. This article will give you a full review of 3uTools MDM bypass and let you fully control your devices.

Part 1: Introduction of 3uTools MDM Bypass

3uTools is an all-in-one software made for iOS devices. As a great iOS management tool, it makes it easier to manage files and data on iOS devices. It also provides many useful features such as converting images and audios, backing up and restoring iPhones, and etc.

Besides, it can be used to bypass MDM lock, which is what we will talk about today. The "Skip MDM Lock" option in 3uTools can quickly skip the supervision lock on iPhone or iPad employed by the administrators.

Part 2: How to Use 3uTools Bypass MDM Lock

3uTools MDM bypass are built to work in a certain manner, ensuring that the MDM skipping can be accomplished successfully. Now let's see how to use 3uTools to skip MDM lock. Note that your iPhone should be in iOS 13 and below.

  • Download and install 3uTools on your computer and start the program.
  • Connect your iPhone to the computer using a lightning-fast cable. It will display your iPhone's status.
  • Click on Toolbox on the top menu bar, and then select the option of Skip MDM Lock.

    3utools bypass mdm
  • You will see two pop ups, read the notes to start skipping and deactivate your iPhone.

  • 3uTools MDM bypass will now begin. The process takes a couple minutes. Wait until it completes.

    3utools bypass mdm

Part 3: Pros & Cons of MDM 3uTools

3uTools is a third party application, and like any software, it is far from perfect. There are a few steps to use 3uTools to bypass the device management. But we also recommend you check the listed advantages and disadvantages so 3uTools MDM bypass can work for you.


  • 3uTools is free of cost.
  • It is more than a MDM bypass software. You can use it as your iOS management tool.
  • It is easy to use with simple steps.


  • Currently only available on Windows computer. No Mac version.
  • Not support iOS 14 and above.
  • MDM will appear again after factory reset.

Part 4: 3uTools Alternative to Bypass MDM Lock on iPhone and iPad

Most iOS users have updated their devices to iOS/iPadOS 15 or 16. How can they bypass the MDM when 3uTools does not support them? This brings us to another software - Tenorshare 4uKey.


  • No data will be erased after MDM bypass.
  • Available on both Windows PC and Mac.
  • Easy to use and user-friendly.
  • Compatible with iOS/iPadOS 10.3 to the latest iOS 16.


  • It is a paid software.
  • MDM will appear again after factory reset.

Now learn how to use this software to bypass MDM which is explained below in great detail.

  • Install and start 4uKey on your PC or Mac. Connect your iPhone to it via a lightning cable and select Bypass MDM to go on.

    4ukey bypass mdm
  • Read the notes and click Start to bypass the MDM lock. You might need to turn off Find My iPhone on your device to continue.

    start to bypass mdm on 4ukey
  • The MDM lock will be bypassed in a minute. Your iPhone will restart.

    using 4ukey to bypass mdm successfully

Part 5: More FAQs on MDM Bypass

Q1: Can MDM be bypassed?

Answer: Yes, you can bypass MDM with 3uTools or 4uKey and then use your iPhone or iPad as normal. But they cannot completely remove the MDM lock which will appear again after factory reset.

Q2: How Do I Permanently Delete MDM from my iPhone?

Answer: To remove MDM profile permanently, you need the login credentials, which the administrators will know. Otherwise, you can only bypass the MDM.

Q3: Can Jailbreak Remove MDM Lock?

Answer: Yes, jailbreaking iPhone can remove MDM lock. But it is not a recommended way as jailbreak will harm your iPhone or put your iPhone at risk of malwares.

Q4: Will I Lose Data after Bypassing MDM?

Answer: No, data should not be lost after bypassing MDM as long as you do not factory reset your device. Of course, you can get into the habit of taking a regular backup.

3uTools MDM Bypass Conclusion

MDM is a great way for companies, institutions and associations to ensure compliance with policies in work place. However, you might want to bypass MDM from your device. Using softwares such as 3uTools MDM bypass or Tenorshare 4uKey. They can help you out.