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7 Tips to Fix iPhone Notes Collaboration Not Working

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2023-12-29 / Update for  iPhone Fix

The notes collaboration feature on iPhone gives users the ability to share their notes with friends and coworkers to work together in real time. However, many iPhone users say that their notes collaboration is not available. How to fix iPhone Notes collaboration not working and collaborate in the Notes app correctly? Let's see.

Part 1: How to Collaborate Notes on iPhone

If you don't know how to share notes and collaborate on iPhone, you may think that Notes collaboration is not working. So, we'll first look at the proper way to collaborate in the Notes app on iPhone.

  • Open the Notes App on your iPhone.
  • Under the iCloud section, start a new iCloud note or open an existing one. Tap on the share icon.
  • In the share pop box, there is an option of either sending a copy or collaborating. Choose Collaborate.
  • Share this note with others and they will receive a link. After they open the link, the collaboration is ready to work.

    how to share notes and collaborate

Part 2: Fix iPhone Notes Collaboration Not Working in 6 Ways

Assuming you shared your notes with the recipients in the correct way, but iPhone Notes collaboration is still not working properly, it could be due to some issues. Here's how to fix them:

1. Collaborate Notes saved in iCloud folder

Since you can only collaborate on iCloud notes, make sure the notes are in an iCloud folder on the Notes app when you want to collaborate.

If your notes aren't in an iCloud folder, you can easily move them there. And you can also turn on Notes sync in iCloud settings.

notes collaboration not working - turn on notes sysc in icloud

2. Collaborate Notes with Apple users

The iOS Notes app and Notes collaboration feature are unique to Apple users. If you share notes with an Android user, they will not be able to collaborate on notes created on iPhone or other Apple devices.

3. Unlock your notes

In order not to see this iPhone notes collaboration not working error, make sure the note is unlocked so recipients can edit and add to the note.

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  • Open the Notes app and look for the note you want to collaborate on. If you see a lock icon, this means that your note is locked.
  • To unlock it, open the note and tap on the lock icon. Unlock with your passcode or Face ID.

    notes collaboration not working - unlock notes
  • After that, you can share it for collaboration in the normal way.

4. Update Notes app and iPhone software

When you haven't updated the Notes app or iPhone software, errors may occur and that's why you can't collaborate on notes. Try updating your iPhone's iOS system and updating the Notes app if there is a pending one.

5. Both you and the others are using iCloud with enough storage

Like we have said, the notes collaboration uses iCloud notes, so make sure all of the participants have been logged in to iCloud on their iPhones. If the iPhone of any participant in the collaboration doesn't have enough iCloud storage, you will also see Notes collaboration not working.

  • To check iCloud storage, open Settings and tap on Your Name at the top.
  • Go to iCloud and you will see your iCloud storage here.

    notes collaboration not working - check icloud storage

6. Ensure stable internet connection

A stable internet connection is one of the prerequisites for using any online feature. If your internet or the internet of other collaborators isn't working properly, iPhone notes collaboration will not be working. Connect to a Wi-Fi network with a stable connection or change to cellular data.

Part 3: Notes Collaboration Still Not Working? Get iOS System Repaired

If the "iPhone notes collaboration not working" issue is not resolved after all these above attempts, it is most likely a glitch or bug in the iOS system that causes apps not working. You can force restart your iPhone or wait for a software update to fix this error, or you can repair your iOS system by yourself. Tenorshare ReiBoot is the tool you need to accomplish this task.

  • Install ReiBoot on your computer. Run the program and click on Start Repair.

    notes collaboration not working - ios system repair with reiboot
  • Connect your iPhone to the computer. After a successful connection, download the appropriate firmware for your iPhone.

    notes collaboration not working - ios system repair with reiboot
  • Choose Standard repair which keeps all of your data while deep repair will erase everything.

    notes collaboration not working - ios system repair with reiboot
  • The repair process takes a few minutes. Then you will see the success screen. And iPhone notes will work properly now.

    notes collaboration not working - ios system repair with reiboot


iPhone Notes collaboration not working properly is an issue that needs to be fixed immediately. If you take care of everything you need to work collaboratively on notes, such as enough iCloud storage, a stable internet connection, and an updated Notes app, you won't have any problems. However, if there is an iOS system issue that prevents you from collaborating, you can use Tenorshare ReiBoot to fix it.