The Most Workable Way for Unlocking EE Phone

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2024-04-17 / Update for  iPhone Tips

Greetings! Can anyone here brief me about how to unlock my EE phone? The thing is, I bought my EE phone two years ago. This is a Samsung Galaxy Note phone and it has been working wonderfully. But, since my contract period with EE is over now, I want to change my network to some other network as EE mobile plans are not what I usually appreciate. Is there any way to unlock my EE phone for any new SIM card and network? If there is, please tell me and also it would be best to mention a free way to do this unlocking too. Thank you!”

Unlocking an EE phone is not that difficult. There are multiple ways to unlock EE phones, and we’ll be happy to shine some light on each of them. But first, let’s know why you should unlock an EE phone and what things should be known.

Q1: What Should I Know About Before Unlocking EE Phone?

There are multiple things you should know before unlocking your EE phone.

1.1 Why Unlocking EE Phone?

Unlocking your EE phones can come with many benefits. Here are some:

Avoids Expensive Roaming:

An EE locked phone works well within the defined local territory. As soon as you take your phone to other regions, you have to pay the roaming charges that could cost you a lot. Unlocking the EE phones will give you the freedom to choose any SIM card that works well with the locations you are using your phone in.

Better Resale:

If your phone has activated the EE unlock, it has better chances of being sold at a reasonable price. However, if your phone is EE locked, then it wouldn’t sell at higher prices.

Cheaper Plans:

Since you can switch network carriers anytime on an EE unlocked phone, it can provide you great relief over data charges and other issues. You could opt for a cheaper network.

1.2 What Are the Basic EE Phone Plans?

EE has a basic pay monthly phone plan. It allows you to unlock it after six months. To unlock a paid monthly EE phone, you have to ring 150 from your phone. If there is a contract and you’re still under it, EE will deduct £8.99; otherwise, it is free for no contracts. 

An official unlock is legal only if it is on a pay-monthly basis and you have had your contract for six months at least. 

EE also allows paying as you go and SIM-only devices to be straight away unlocked with no time limit. The charge of £8.99 applies here too.


Q2: Can I Unlock iPhone EE for Free?

Let’s discuss some 4 free ways to unlock your iPhone EE.

Way 1. Just Wait for Sometime to Unlock iPhone EE

One way to unlock my EE phone is that I wait for a certain period. Some EE devices bought from the EE store can unlock for free automatically. For example, an iPhone sold in January will be unlocked automatically in August of next year.

You can also periodically check your iPhone’s unlocking status by sending “UNLOCK” to 150. You will receive a confirmation message that your iPhone has been unlocked for free.

Way 2. You Can Unlock iPhone EE When Contract is Overdue

Another way to unlock EE phone free is to wait for your phone to get out of the contract. Once your iPhone has its EE contract terminated, it is free to use any other carrier network. The only drawback is that one would have to wait for a more extended period. Pay per month and small business devices can remove the restrictions once their contract is out of the deal.

Way 3. Unlock iPhone EE Using Unlock Code

You can also try a network unlock code. EE phones can be switched to another carrier network without even waiting for the unlock period to end. You can contact another service provider and ask them if you would like to switch to their network.

Those network providers will then assist you with the unlocking process. Some might do it for free, so you can enjoy their services, while others might charge you a tremendous fee for it. This method is not recommended if the service providers charge you.

Way 4. Unlock a Second-hand EE Phone after 180 Days

If you want an EE unlock second handphone, you also have to wait for at least six months for it as a second hand, and the first hand is the same. If your second-hand iPhone is run as an EE Small business device, it can be unlocked for free after the contract period. 

Q3: What's the Most Useful Way of Unlocking an EE Phone?

Here are the three most helpful EE device unlock options.

1. Pay Monthly: Pay monthly method requires six months of usage to get out of the contract-free. You can pay £8.99 to unlock it.

Pros: Legal and Fast.

Cons: Bounds to a single network.

2. Flex Plan: Unlock the EE phone instantly as you buy it. Pay £8.99 and get it unlocked.

Pros: Pay as you go. No six-month wait.

Cons: Unnecessary security checks.

3. Second Hand: Buy a second-hand EE phone, wait six months and unlock it for £8.99 without waiting for the contract to end.

Pros: Cheaper. Easier to access.

Cons: It cannot unlock if the phone is reported or stolen.

Bonus: How to Unlock My Locked iCloud Account?

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