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How to Fix A New iOS Update is Now Available Message iOS 17/16

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2023-07-30 / Update for  iOS 12

Many users are complaining that a message keeps repeatedly popping up to ask them to update from iOS 17/16.

A few days went by, there are still many threads in Twitter, Apple Community, other forums. If you are not the only one, don't be annoyed over this, just update the latest version to do it.

Solution 1: Disable Automatic Updates

The first way is to disable the automatic update on your iPhone. Through disable automatic update, you have a high chance to get rid of 'Please update from iOS 17/16'. Follow below steps to disable the auto updates for future purpose:

  • Go to Settings > General > Software Update > Wait for the device checking for update. Hit the bottom Automatic Updates.

    go to automatic updates
  • Turn off Download iOS Updates.

    disable automatic updates

Solution 2: Delete the iOS Update

Well, with the above-described method, you should not bother about the any future automatic updates. Nevertheless, by deleting the present update which is automatically installed already, you can stop getting the "a new iOS update is now available message iOS 17/16 update" message. Follow below steps to delete the update present:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Press General.
  • Click iPhone Storage.
  • Find iOS file and delete it.
  • delete update

Solution 3: On a Gateway/Router Block iOS Update Domains

Despite all the above methods, there are still chances that the new iOS update can be downloaded itself in case your iDevice is connected to Wi-Fi.

It is highly impossible to not use Wi-Fi at all. Thus, you can block all the domains connected with iOS updates on your router. Obviously, this method is not useful if you are using on your router somewhere outside than your house. To block the domains, follow below steps:

  • Go to Settings of router. However, this can vary as per your router type. Generally, the settings of router can be accessed by simply typing a specific address while connected to your router in the browser.

    block domain
  • Now look for the option in your settings that will allow to block specific domains. This will also vary as per your your router.
  • Now add and to the blocking list. This method will not allow your device to download any kind of updates via your Wi-Fi network.

Solution 4: Install iOS Update

It is actually very reasonable to update iOS 17/16, as it will install the update on the device to end some bugs. Simply put, the final solution for this is to update and install iOS 17/16 on your device. You should always welcome changes, may be it to your device or to yourself.

If all the above solutions do not work for you and still got iOS update annoying message. For this to solve, all you can do is simply go for Tenorshare ReiBoot. It is the best tool for solving any type of iOS issues. It an ultimate one-click solution to solve your issue. The software will no doubt solve your iOS update message problem also.

  • Run ReiBoot on your computer.
  • Connect your iPhone to it, and select Repair Operating System.

    select fix all ios stuck reiboot
  • Click Fix Now and confirm Download to get the firmware package.

    a new iOS update is now available message iOS 14
  • Later, hit Repair Now to get the repair started.

    please update from iOS 14 message
  • Wait for a while, you can get rid of this problem competely with ReiBoot.

    a new iOS 14 update is now available message


In the above article we list the best and the simple ways to solve "a new iOS update is now available message iOS 17/16 upgrade" issue. In case you're fed up of the of Apple continuously getting behind you to update your device to iOS 17/16, above ae few methods described to know how to stop it. Hope one of the solutions helped you to solve the issue. Share which solutions came to your help in the below comments with us.