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Real Fix: How to Fix iPhone Yellow Screen of Death in 2024

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2024-02-26 / Update for  Fix iPhone

So you’re met with the yellow screen of death staring at you from your iPhone? The colours are not as sharp and vibrant as they were before and the screen presents a yellow hue? This can make the users worried and wonder what is happening to their iPhone. But there is nothing to worry about, because we’re here with everything you need to fix your iPhone yellow screen of death. In this article, we’ll go through some common reasons your iPhone screen has gone yellow and give you 5 solutions that are proven to solve this problem.

Part 1: Why Did My iPhone Screen Turn Yellow?

Before we tell you how to solve the iPhone yellow screen of death, it is important for you to know why it is happening. Here are the common reasons why you’re seeing the yellow screen on your iPhone.

1. Software bugs are the most common reason your iPhone screen turns yellow.

2. The temperature of your iPhone exceeded the limit making it extremely hot.

3. If you got the iPhone screen yellow after water damage, it’s because of liquid damage to the device. Similarly, if you’re seeing your iPhone screen turning yellow after it cracked, its hardware is damaged and needs a repair.

4. Your iPhone’s Display Settings can sometimes mess with the screen colors making it turn yellow.

Part 2: How to Fix iPhone Yellow Screen of Death without Data Loss [3 Tips]

Many users complain about the iPhone 13 yellow screen of death, so we’ve brought you the top 5 tips to fix the yellow screen on any iPhone.

Fix 1: 1-Click Fix iPhone Yellow Screen of Death without Data Loss at Home

This one is proven to fix all your software problems that are making your iPhone screen yellow; and that too, without losing any data! Sounds interesting? Let us tell you more about Tenorshare ReiBoot. It is a reliable software repair tool that can resolve a wide range of iOS problems including screen display problems.

Plus, you don’t need to worry about malware - it is 100% safe for your device. With Tenorshare ReiBoot, you’ll be able to get the normal display back on your iPhone within a few minutes. All you need to do is:

  • Download and install Tenorshare ReiBoot on your computer. Connect your iPhone with the computer using a thunderbolt cable. Click on Start Repair when the program launches.

    launch reiboot
  • Choose Standard Repair. Also, read the instructions below to know about the requirements of the tool.

    fix with reiboot
  • When Tenorshare ReiBoot detects your device, continue to download the latest firmware package by clicking Download. Wait for the firmware to download.

    fix with reiboot
  • Tap Start Standard Repair.

    fix with reiboot
  • Wait until the progress bar gets completed. You’ll see a confirmation message once it’s done. Click Done when it's finished.

    repair successfully

Fix 2: Restart Your iPhone

In most of such sudden display problems, restarting your iPhone is enough to fix the problem. If you’re sure your iPhone isn’t physically damaged, this is most likely a minor glitch and will clear out once you give your iPhone a fresh start.

Here’s how to restart an iPhone:

  • Press the Volume Up or the Volume Down button along with the Power button.
  • A slider will appear that says “slide to power off”. Drag this slider and wait for your iPhone to fully turn off.
  • Turn it back on by pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds until the Apple logo appears on screen.

    Slide to power off

Fix 3: Force Restart iPhone

If your iPhone doesn’t restart by the above-mentioned steps, it may require a hard reset. To do that:

  • Press the Volume Up button and release it.
  • Quickly press the Volume Down button.
  • Release and press and hold the power button the right side of your iPhone until the Apple logo appears on screen.
  • Your iPhone will take a few seconds to turn back on. Wait patiently and check if the display is working properly.

    force restart iphone

Part 3: How to Fix iPhone Yellow Screen of Death with 2 Easy Ways (Data Loss)

Fix 4: Restoring iPhone Using iTunes

Restoring your iPhone back to its default settings might fix the iPhone yellow screen of death. Here are the steps you need to follow to restore your iPhone via iTunes:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes. Select your device.

Step 2. Click Summary. Then choose “Restore iPhone…”.

restore iPhone via itunes

Fix 5: Reset All Settings

If none of the solutions have worked so far, you might want to reset all settings on your iPhone. This includes your passwords, privacy settings, network settings, and location settings to be reset and hopefully fix that yellow display.

Follow these steps to reset all settings on your iPhone:

  • Open Settings. Tap on General.
  • Go to Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  • Tap on Reset. Tap Reset All Settings.
  • Enter your password to confirm.

    reset all settings

Bonus Tip: How to Prevent iPhone Yellow Screen of Death from Happening Again

After going through the frustration of watching and fixing the yellow screen of death on your iPhone, you definitely don’t want it back. So now that you’ve fixed your iPhone screen, let us tell you how you can prevent it from happening again in the future. Here are some tips you need to follow:

1. Keep your iPhone at moderate temperatures and avoid overheating the device.

2. Try to protect your iPhone from water damage. Dry your iPhone immediately after it has been exposed to water or any other liquid.

3. Use genuine accessories only and stay away from poor quality accessories.


In this article, we went through the top solutions you can try to fix the iPhone yellow screen. We also discussed some common reasons behind this problem so you could better understand and troubleshoot the problem. Also, don’t forget to try Tenorshare ReiBoot to fix the software-related problems that cause the iPhone yellow screen of death. We hope by now you can solve your iPhone yellow screen of death by yourself.

  Updated on 2024-02-26 / Update for  Fix iPhone

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