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Fake GPS Without Mock Location [Ultimate Guide]

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2023-10-23 / Update for  change location

There are many situations when you want to either play a game that requires you to move around or maybe you just want to hide your location. Using a fake GPS without mock location is ideal here because it allows you to choose your location and change it at your own pace. Learning how to use fake GPS without mock location can be tricky, but that’s where a tool like Tenorshare iAnyGo comes into play.

Part 1: What is Mock Location? Why Fake GPS without Mock Location?

What is Mock Location and why does it matter? Mock Location is a feature used by developers and phone users to simulate location data. It’s designed to help you mimic a location even if you’re not there. Most of the time, the mock location feature is used for geotagging and testing purposes.

The apps are allowed to send a mock location data to the Android location services. All data is reported as being real, even if that’s obviously fake info. However, starting the mock location feature requires you to use the Developer option, and it’s not meant to be used for real-life situations, just for testing!

Why do we need fake GPS without mock location?

Popular location-based games, such as Pokémon GO, often restrict gameplay based on your physical location. Using a fake GPS can enable players to access in-game content that may not be available in their actual location.

Mock Location needs access to your real location, and there are major privacy concerns. Cyber attackers can gain access to your real location along with private data found on your phone. Using a fake GPS without developer option is much better, and it will help you protect yourself. On top of that, the fake GPS location without mock location still helps you emulate a new location without being there. Yet you have all of that without the downsides.

Part 2: The Best Fake GPS without Mock Location on PC- iAnyGo

If you’re looking to use a fake GPS without mock location, then iAnyGo is ideal to help fake GPS location without root or jailbreak.

  • iAnyGo changes your location with one click without mock location and doesn't require rooting or jailbreaking your device.
  • You have a GPS joystick that helps control movement and your location. Plus, once you know how to use fake location without mock location, you can even import or export GPX files to create routes if you want.
  • iAnyGo is ideal for changing location on social media, but also for various location-based games like Pokemon Go and Monster Hunter Now. With iAnyGo, your app will detect your location is changing without an actual physical move.
  • A cooldown timer built specifically for games. iAnyGo also keeps a record of your fake locations, which means you can always reuse that location.

How can you fake GPS without mock location by using iAnyGo:

  • Download iAnyGo on your computer and connect your phone to the computer via USB or WI-FI. Joystick Movement
  • Press Enter to get started. For Android devices, you will have to enable USB Debugging. There are instructions on the screen to tell you how to do that. Joystick Movement
  • Now you can insert any locations in the search box. And then click:'Start to Modify'. In this way, you can change your location on your phone with a fake GPS without mock location. Joystick Movement
  • You can simulate multi-spot movement. Choose this feature from the iAnyGo interface, and then press Enter. Add the route that you are interested in, and then customize any of the points you want to establish. Joystick Movement
  • You can also use the Joystick movement feature to control the movement direction. You can set the movement speed, and then use the joystick to start your automatic movement. Or you can set it to manual and move as you please on the map. Joystick Movement

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Part 3: Fake GPS without Mock Location on Android-3 Workable Apps

iAnyGo Fake GPS

If you want a fake GPS without mock location on Android, this app is ideal. You can easily modify your location, and set a multi-point movement pattern, all while not having to worry about your privacy. There’s also a manual movement mode in this app, where you can simulate moving even if you’re sitting in the same place. The app doesn’t require any rooting, and you can easily customize your movement speed as you see fit. If you always wanted to know how to use fake location without mock location, this is the app for you.

Joystick Movement

Fake GPS: Spoof Location

Fake GPS allows you to simulate your phone's location anywhere in the world. Simply input your desired location or click on the map, then start the fake GPS to change your phone's location, with latitude and longitude constantly shifting. This provides privacy protection by concealing your real coordinates. Its features include selecting locations, worldwide coordinate searches, GPS coordinate simulation, favorites for easy access, recording coordinates, managing location history, and stopping the fake location at any time.

Joystick Movement

Fake GPS Location-GPS JoyStick

GPS JoyStick enables you to easily test location-based apps by simulating your GPS location through a joystick control overlay. It allows you to replace your actual location with New York, London, or any other location worldwide.

Features include instant location change, selection from a map or joystick, manual latitude/longitude input, route creation, loop or reverse route modes, location tracking, GPX file import/export, distance and cooldown info display, joystick customization, and extensive user settings for a personalized experience.

Joystick Movement

Part 4: Fake GPS without Mock Location through VPN

A common way to have fake GPS without mock location is to use a VPN. You install a VPN app on your device, and then you will be able to choose a VPN server. Any app or website will see the location sent by the VPN server and not your own. It can be a great way to learn how to use fake location without mock location. And you can easily change servers if you want. However, if you want to fake a specific location and also move that location slowly, that’s not possible and you will need an app like iAnyGo.

FAQs about Fake GPS without Mock Location

1. What is the Mock Location Feature on Different Android Models?

The mock location feature is made for developers to test location systems within their apps. It’s not meant for regular use, instead, it’s just a testing model. If you want to have a fake GPS without mock location, then an app like iAnyGo can help you achieve that.

2. How do I Fake GPS Location on Samsung Galaxy?

All you need to do is install the iAnyGo app, and then choose what location you want to emulate. The app will make it seem that you are in another location, and you can even change your location manually and make it seem like you are moving all over the city if you want.

3. Can Fake GPS Location be Tracked?

If someone has a GPS tracking system, then it might be trackable. However, since it’s a fake GPS location, this will help hide your real location. And that’s why it’s a great idea to use a fake GPS without mock location app, to help maintain your privacy.


Using an app to have fake GPS without mock location is a great idea. You’ll finally be able to stop others from tracking your location. Plus, if you play games like Pokemon Go which require constant moving, apps like iAnyGo are a game-changer. We highly recommend giving this fake GPS location spoofer a try, it’s the ultimate way to change your location fast and easy.

Freely Change GPS Location without Jailbreak!
  • 1-Click to change current location on iPhone
  • Plan a route by selecting two or multiple spots on the map
  • Easy to simulate GPS movement based on customized route
  • GPS joystick to take better control
  • Import GPX file to start a designed route