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Catch Hundo And Shundo Pokemon Go and What is the Probability 2024

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2024-04-19 / Update for  change location

Pokemon Go is one of the coolest games that keeps the players, aka trainers, constantly on the quest for the rarest and most powerful Pokemon. Collecting these playable characters fuels the excitement of players worldwide.

As we step into 2024, the terms ‘Hundo’ and ‘Shundo’ have become the buzzwords among the community. But these characters are super rare and the probability of finding them without a strategy is near to impossible. Follow our guide to increase the odds of hunting one of these rarest creatures!

 ‘Hundo’ and ‘Shundo’

Part 1: What is Mumu Player Pokemon Go? Compatible with PG Sharp?

When it comes to Pokemon Go, every trainer dreams of catching the perfect Pokemon. A perfect Pokemon is super rare, has perfect stats, and has a 100% Individual Value (IV) score. And that perfect one is Hundo Pokemon Go.

Shundo Pokemon Go is a shiny Pokemon with the perfection of Shundo. It not only sparkles shiny colors but also contains top-tier stats.

1. What Is A Hundo in Pokemon Go?

A Hundo Pokemon, short for hundred, is the perfection of stats in Pokemon Go. Each Pokemon has 3 kinds of abilities Attack, Defense, and HP. These Individual Values (IVs) are scored between 1 to 15. A Hundo Pokemon has 15 IV in Attack, Defense, and Stamina – making it a powerhouse in battle and a valuable asset for any trainer.

Attack Defense and Stamina

A perfect Pokemon like Hundo not only gives bragging rights within the community but also determines the overall strength and potential in the battles and raids.

2. What Is A Shundo in Pokemon Go?

Shundo meaning is a shiny Hundo Pokemon. These Pokemon are not only shiny variants of their favorite Pokemon but are also perfect in terms of their IVs.

Shundo Pokemon are incredibly rare and finding one is the result of tireless searching and a bit of luck.

Part 2: How Rare Is A Shundo in Pokemon Go?

Now we know that finding Hundo Pokemon or Shundo Pokemon is very challenging and takes a lot of effort. Now let's try to understand the math behind the probability of finding a perfect Pokemon.

1. The Math Behind Getting Pokemon

Encountering a shiny Pokemon in different situations has different probabilities. Understanding these rates can help players strategize their gameplay and increase their chances of obtaining these rare and valuable creatures.

Procurement Method IV Floor [Attack-Defense-HP] Probability
Wild Catch 0/0/0 (1/16)^3=1/4096
Wild Catch Weather Boosted 4/4/4 (1/12)^3=1/1728
Research Encounter Catch 10/10/10 (1/6)^3=1/246
Raid Catch 10/10/10 (1/6)^3=1/246
Lucky Trade 12/12/12 (1/4)^3=1/64
  • Most Non-Legendries: Every 500 encounters, there’s a chance of finding 1 shiny Pokemon.

    The base shiny encounter rate for most non-legendries in Pokemon games is 1 in 500 which is 0.2%.

  • Legendries: There are more shiny Pokemon in Legendries than in non-legendries. The probability of a shiny encounter is 4%. For every 25 legendary Pokemon encounters, you might find 1 Shiny Pokemon.
  • Community Day: Community Day is a specific event that makes it easier to encounter a shiny Pokemon. Like non-legendry Pokemon, the probability of a shiny encounter during a community day event is 4%.
  • Raid Day: Raid Day has boosted the shiny encounters rate. The shiny encounter rate during Raid Days is usually set at around 1 in 10. There is a 10% chance of encountering a raid-exclusive shiny Pokemon.

2.The Probability of Shundo Pokemon Go

In the Pokemon games, encountering a shiny Pokemon is a rare event but the odds can be improved through different events we discussed above.

Each Pokemon has a shiny encounter rate and in the most recent Pokemon games, this is set at 0.24% or 1 in 4096 encounters. For the probability p=1/4096, the cumulative distribution function has the graph like this: The Geometric Distribution

The above chart shows that for 4096 encounters, finding a Shundo is not guaranteed but has only a 63% chance. Moreover, even with a higher number of checks, the function never equals one, suggesting no number of checks guarantees a Shundo Pokemon.

However, there are some other methods to increase the chance of finding shiny Pokemon.

  • One commonly known method is called Masuda Method which increases the odds to roughly 1 in 682, significantly higher than the base odds. This method involves the breeding of two Pokemon from different language games.
  • Access your account settings by clicking your profile picture situated in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Another method is the Shiny Charm. Holding the Shiny Charm roughly doubles the chances of encountering a shiny Pokemon, making the odds approximately 1 in 2,048 without the Masuda Method.

Using probability multiplication:

1/682 (Masuda Method) * 1/2048 (Shiny Charm) = 1/1,397,056

So, the final probability of encountering a shiny Pokemon using both the Masuda Method and the Shiny Charm is approximately 1 in 1,397,056.

Part 4: Best Tool to Find Pachirisu at Home

If encountering a Shundo Pokemon Go is so rare, is that a wild catch? In some cases, yes. You might have to move cities and venture hundreds of miles to encounter the perfect Pokemon – but the odds are really low. Luckily, there’s an easy way out.

By using a credible location spoofer like iAnyGo, getting hands on Pokemon Go Shundo is highly likely – that too sitting at your home. It allows players to change location without root or jailbreak and provides a GPS joystick to mimic the movements in any direction in the games.

iAnyGo can be configured in 3 simple steps:

  • Download and install iAnyGo and launch the location Spoofer for Pokemon Go. Now click on “Change Location” mode.
  • Connect Your Phone
  • Once connected, select a location on the map and use a GPS joystick to move around in any location.
  • pokemon-go-joystick-guide
  • Players can set multi-spots on the map to fake GPS locations and find Pokemon Go Shundo in different spots
  • multi spots

Tired of moving the joystick? Import your own route, set the speed, and iAnyGo will move you around the city in the most realistic way.

Final Words

The scarcity and IV of Shundo Pokemon Go make them valuable. However, finding them using traditional methods no longer works. If you want to grab a perfect Pokemon in only a few encounters in 2024 from the comfort of your room, you have to strategize your game and use math and the tools available to your advantage.

It is very impractical to visit far-flung locations to hunt Pokemon like Shundo or Pachirisu. The only viable option is a GPS Spoofer like iAnyGo which not only safely changes your device location but also increases your odds of finding a perfect shiny Hundo Pokemon.

Download iAnyGofor your Windows or iOS device for free and venture around the globe to hunt your favorite Pokemon.

Freely Change GPS Location without Jailbreak!
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  • Plan a route by selecting two or multiple spots on the map
  • Easy to simulate GPS movement based on customized route
  • GPS joystick to take better control
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