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How to Fix iPhone Photos Not Recognizing Faces

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2023-08-03 / Update for  iPhone Tips

Apple's device face recognition system works similar to Facebook. When you take anyone’s picture and save it in your photos application by naming the specific persons. The next time you will snap or import anyone's picture in your iPhone the algorithm in the application matches people's faces in them.

The iPhone's People Album is a wonderful place to browse through categorized images of various people. It's an amazing feature because of the sorting and naming of the people. However, misidentifications do occur from time to time, and this article will discuss the issue and its solutions.

3 Solutions to Solve iPhone Photos Not Recognizing Faces Issue

The problem usually occurs due to the inaccuracy percentage of the machine learning algorithm working behind this and even the unsuitable picture. Secondly, this also occurs due to some software glitches and IOS issues. This article is a guide to iPhone photos not recognizing faces 2023. Following are the solutions to the very problem;

Solution 1. Reset Face Manually

To tackle this, firstly you can do it manually by correcting the identified photos if your Photos app has incorrectly identified them. Here’s how to change the photo name on iPhone.

  • Open the Photos App, tap the Albums tab & Tap people.
  • Select all the people you want to reset and click Remove & then Remove from People Album.
  • Now manually Select Photos and click the thumbnail of the person’s face.
  • Click Tag with Name.
  • Enter the Name, Click Next, and Done.

    reset face manually

Solution 2. Turn iCloud Photos Off & On

Sometimes this may be a glitch in the system and simply turning off & on the iCloud Photos can fix this issue. Turning the iCloud Photo Library is a simple process but before doing that make sure to have backed up all your data as you might accidentally lose your images. You can take help from this guide for backing up your iPhone’s data.

Here are the steps to Turn off & on your iCloud Photos:

  • Open App Menu and Click on settings.
  • Click your Name and Click iCloud.
  • Click on Photos and toggle off the iCloud Photos Library.
  • Now turn it On again.

    turn off icloud photo library

Solution 3. Update to the latest iOS 15.4

If you have an older version of the iOS system then it might be happening because of it. Apple claims that their latest iOS has fixed previous issues of photo face recognition to identify the person in the photo app correctly. So fixing up your iOS version might help and get away with your problem. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Connect your Phone to charging and to some Wi-Fi networks.
  • Launch your Settings from the App Menu.
  • Go to General, tap on Software Update
  • Wait until your iPhone checks for the update.
  • Once done, Download, Click Install and wait for it.

    update the software

If you have trouble reading or understanding the steps above you can watch the following video for the same steps and methods by Tenorshare ReiBoot.

Pro Tips: Fix iPhone Photos Not Recognizing Faces with ReiBoot

If you feel you have an iOS problem and it is causing the problem of iPhone photos not recognizing faces. Then this is the one guide that can help you find your way out. By repairing the iOS, face recognition with photos apps will be resolved. This software has a high success rate. Here are the steps to follow and fix your problem of not recognizing photos on your phone:

  • Download the software on your PC or Mac. Launch Reiboot on your computer and connect your iPhone to it. Once the device has been identified, press the start button.

    launch reiboot
  • You have the option of performing Standard Repair or Deep Repair. If Standard Repair fails, Deep Repair choices are available.

    fix now
  • After selecting from the above options the new page will give you an option to download the firmware. If you are ready for your repair. Click download to begain.

    download firmware
  • Once it has been downloaded or imported, choose Start Standard Repair.

    start standard repair
  • Wait for the setup to complete.

    repair successfully

Other FAQs About Apple Photos Face Recognition

Q1. How to Add People in Photos

  • Open Photos and tap the image of the person and add it to the People Album. Now swipe up and click on the thumbnail of the person and click Add Name.
  • Enter the name or you can even select the suggestion from your contacts and click Done from the upper right corner.
  • Now go to the People Album in the Albums folder and tab the person you just added it will show the name.

Q2. How to Change Photo Name on iPhone

  • Go to Photos and open the picture.
  • Click Share and scroll down to Save to Files.
  • Click On My iPhone and select a folder. Now rename the image by tapping on the file name and clicking save.


Most people using the Photos app know for sure that the Apple photos face-recognizing system is not always accurate and occasionally someone's face is misidentified and matches with some other person resulting in either incorrectly identifying the person in photos or even not recognizing faces. This problem with photo face recognition can be sometimes really frustrating and there are ways to overcome this.