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iPhone Unable to Share in iOS 16/17? Here's How to Fix

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2023-07-21 / Update for  iPhone Fix

Making iPhone able to share files was a complicated process, but not anymore. We will tell you how you can fix this issue in your iPhone device and enjoy the sharing feature of the iPhone. All the ways that will help you fix the problems. We will also discuss the factor that can cause the iPhone's inability to share the files with other devices. We know that many people face this problem, and most of us get stuck when this happens in your iPhone device. Without any further delay, let's get started!

Problem Analysis: Why Is My iPhone Unable to Share photos/Files/Page

The first thing that we have to keep in mind is that you have to analyze the factors causing the unavailability of the sharing utility on your iPhone device. The following are the factors that can contribute to the trouble, and you have to keep an eye on these factors so that when you feel this trouble again, you can fix it by yourself.

Internet connectivity:

The first thing that most of the time become the cause of the trouble is the internet connectivity. When you feel like your iPhone is not sharing the files with other devices, firstly, you should check if your phone has stable internet connectivity or not. If not, arrange the stable internet connectivity so that you can share the files.

Internet speed:

The second factor of the inability of iPhone sharing is internet speed. If you have an internet connection, but the internet speed is not right, in such cases, your sharing option will show a delay, and your file sending will be failed. Keep track of your internet speed so that you can make your sharing from your iPhone possible.

Available storage space:

The next thing that can also hurdle between the file-sharing is the open storage space in your phone or the recipient's phone. For example, send a file to a device that doesn't have enough space to store the data. Then the file send will be failed. And same is the case with your device. So, before sending or receiving files, make sure your devices have enough storage space available.

Problem Solution: How to Fix iPhone Unable to Share Error

It is time to share the solution to these issues that you have to face regarding sharing with your iPhone device. Without delaying any further, let's start!

Solution 1. Restart Your iPhone:

The first solution is to restart your phone. Sometimes, restarting the phone solves most of the underlying issues that we can't even configure. That is why the first recommendation to this problem is to restart the device and let the OS of the phone resolve the issue by itself. There are different ways to reset different iPhone models.

  • In iPhone 8 or the latest models after 8, you have to press and release the volume up and down button one after the other and then press and hold the power button until apple sign appears on the screen.
  • In the case of the iPhone 7 and 7 plus, press and hold the volume down button and power button at the same time until the Apple logo is visible on the screen.
  • In iPhone 6s and the previous models, press and hold the power button and home button at the same time until you see the Apple logo.
restart iphone to fix iphone unable to share error

Solution 2. Turn off "The Low Power Mode" on Your iPhone

Sometimes, your device is in the low power mode, and in this mode, your internet connectivity goes off. Make sure that you are not using low power mode, and if using, you have to click the option to disable it.

turn off the low power mode to fix iphone unable to share error

Solution 3. Turn off & on "iCloud Photo Library" If iPhone Says Unable to Share Photos:

If you want to fix the issue of the inability of file sharing in the iPhone, you must toggle the "iCloud photo library" doing this will fix everything that keeps you from sharing files through your iPhone device. You can do it as follows:

  • Setting>> photos and camera>> iCloud photo library
  • Turn Off iCloud photos library here. A prompt will appear, and you have to select "remove from iPhone."
  • Please wait for a little while and then turn it on again to fix the file-sharing issues.
turn off icloud photo library to fix iphone unable to share error

Solution 4. Sign out The iCloud Account And Sign in again:

To do it, you have to follow the following steps.

  • Settings>> tap your name>> tap “sign out”
  • You have to wait for a few minutes and then log in again.

Solution 5. The Ultimate Way to Fix iPhone Unable to Share Photos or Other Files

If you are still stuck with the issue of the inability of file sharing, your problem is a bit severe than these, and you need some professional solution for your concern. We are going to introduce a software tool here that will eradicate almost all the iOS issues (including the latest iOS 17) that you are unable even to understand. This magical tool is Tenorshare ReiBoot. It will help you get rid of all the file-sharing problems.

  • After downloading the tool, connect your iPhone with your computer. Then you have to hit the "Repair Operating System."

    step 1 on reiboot to fix iphone unable to share error
  • The next step is to hit the option bearing "fix now" to kick start the process.

    step 2 on reiboot to fix iphone unable to share error
  • After doing the above all steps, you will be entered into the firmware download screen. You can choose the path where you want it to download by using the "browse" option. Hit the download button to kick start downloading.

    step 3 on reiboot to fix iphone unable to share error
  • After the completion of downloading, you have to hit "repair now" to start system recovery.

  • The process will take a few minutes, and you are suggested not to disconnect your iPhone from the computer in the meanwhile. After the process completion, your device will boot normally.

    using reiboot to fix iphone unable to share error successfully


These are the easiest ways to fix all your iPhone issues anytime. And anywhere without worry about the data loss and rebooting your device. Not only the file sharing, if you are having any other issue on your iPhone, but Tenorshare ReiBoot will also fix it. Let's look at the step by step guide on how you can use this fantastic tool to resolve all the iPhone problems.

More Related Questions about Unable to Share iPhone:

1. Why is iCloud photo sharing not working?

  • Low power mode enabled
  • Network connectivity issue
  • Internet speed

2. How do I share files on iPhone?

In iPhone, you can use the link to share files and folders. Press and hold until the options appear. Follow the following: Press and hold file or folder>> show people>> send link.

3. Can you share iCloud files with non-Apple users?

No, you can't share it with non-Apple users because only the people with Apple ids can access iCloud.