Fix iPad Stuck on Charging Screen without Data Loss [2024]

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2024-07-09 / Update for  iPad

Imagine this: You reach for your iPad, needing a quick check on something important. But instead of the home screen, the charging screen is staring right back at you. You try to tap it a few times thinking it would go away, but it just doesn’t work. Sounds quite frustrating, right? It doesn’t have to be!

In this article, we’ll tell you why this is happening and the possible solutions to fix your iPad stuck on charging screen. Don’t worry! This is usually an easy fix and doesn’t need you to be a tech wiz (a bit of patience would be helpful during the process though).

iPad stuck on charging screen

Part 1: Why Is My iPad Stuck on the Charging Screen?

Are you wondering, “why is my iPad stuck on the charging screen?” An iPad not charging, stuck on Apple logo can be due to one of the following reasons:

  • 1. Software Glitches: Sometimes, temporary glitches in the iPad's software can disrupt your iPad’s charging. Moreover, outdated software can also lead to unexpected problems in your iPad.
  • 2. Faulty Charging Cable: Check for any visible damage to your iPad’s charger and cable, especially near the connector ends.
  • 3. Battery Issues: If your iPad experiences an unexpected and rapid battery drain, the system might not recognize it's being charged, leading to your iPad stuck on Low Battery screen.
  • 4. Hardware Problems: In rare cases, physical damage to the internal components could be the reason behind your iPad stuck on red battery charging screen.

Part 2: How Long Does the Update Requested iPadOS 17 Take?

Before we tell you how to fix iPad stuck on battery charging screen, it's important to consider software updates as a potential cause. If you suspect your iPad might be frozen due to an update request, you might be curious about the time the update requested iPadOS 17 takes.

The download and installation time for iPadOS 17 can vary depending on your internet speed and available storage space on your device. In ideal conditions, simply requesting the update should take less than 5 minutes. However, downloading and installing the iPadOS 17 file itself can take around 30 minutes.

Part 3: How to Fix iPad Stuck on Charging Screen with 5 Easy Ways

Let us walk you through 5 simple ways to fix your iPad not charging, stuck on Apple logo.

Way 1: Restart Your iPad

A restart can often clear up temporary software glitches that make your iPad stuck on charging screen. Here’s how to restart an iPad with Face ID:

  • Press the top button and one of the volume buttons until the slider shows up.
  • Drag the slider to the right and wait for your iPad to shut down.
  • After about 30 seconds, long press the top button until the Apple logo shows up. This will turn your iPad back on.
restart iPad without Home button

Way 2: Check the Charging Cable and Port

Damage to the charging cable or port can easily prevent your iPad from charging properly, leaving your iPad stuck on charging screen. Here’s what you need to check:

  • Look for any visible signs of damage on the cable, such as cuts, exposed wires, or kinks near the connector ends.
  • Dirt and debris accumulated in the cable connector can also interfere with proper connection. Gently clean the connector with a dry, lint-free cloth.
  • Similar to the cable connector, the iPad's charging port can also accumulate dust. Use a toothpick or compressed air (and not any liquids) to clean the port.
  • If your cable is damaged, try using a different Apple-certified cable to charge your iPad.

Way 3: Force Restart iPad

An iPad not charging stuck on Apple logo won’t restart normally sometimes. In that case, you should try force restarting it. Here are the steps to follow for iPads with Face ID:

  • Press and release the volume up button.
  • Then quickly press and release the volume down button.
  • Long press the top button until you see the Apple logo. Wait for it to turn back on.
  • force restart iPad without Home button

For iPads with a Home Button:

  • Long press the top button and the home button until you see the Apple logo.
  • Your iPad will turn back on after a few seconds.
  • force restart iPad with Home button

Way 4: Try a Different Power Source

While we checked the charging cable in the previous step, it's also important to ensure the power source itself isn't the reason. Try connecting your iPad to a different wall outlet or a USB port on your computer.

Way 5: Restore iPad via iTunes

If the previous methods haven't resolved the issue, you can try restoring your iPad via iTunes. Here’s how to do that:

  • Step 1. Connect your iPad to a computer. Open iTunes on your computer.
  • Step 2. In iTunes, select your iPad from the menu that appears.
  • Restore iPad via iTunes
  • Step 3. Tap on “Summary.” In the Summary tab, tap the "Restore" option.
  • Restore iPad via iTunes

iTunes will erase your iPad and reinstall the latest iPadOS version. Restoring your iPad can take some time, so be patient. Once the process is complete, you'll have the option to restore your data from either an iCloud backup or an iTunes backup.

Part 4: Fix iPad Stuck on Charging Screen If Nothing Help [Keep Data]

Tried all the above-mentioned solutions but still got your iPad stuck on charging screen? Don’t worry! We’ve got a reliable solution that can potentially fix your iPad without erasing any data. Wanna know more? Let us tell you about Tenorshare ReiBoot - a safe and effective software repair tool designed to fix a variety of issues in your iPhone or iPad.

It repairs your device’s software without wiping out any data, keeping your photos, videos, contacts, and other important information safe. Moreover, its user-friendly interface makes the best option for anyone.

Here are the steps you need to follow to use Tenorshare ReiBoot to fix your iPad stuck on charging screen:

  • Download and install Tenorshare ReiBoot on your computer. Connect your iPad with the computer using a thunderbolt cable. Click on Start Repair when the program launches.
  • launch reiboot
  • Choose Standard Repair. Also, read the instructions below to learn about the requirements of the tool.
  • fix with reiboot
  • When Tenorshare ReiBoot detects your device, continue to download the latest firmware package by clicking Download. Wait for the firmware to download.
  • fix with reiboot
  • Click Start Standard Repair.
  • fix with reiboot
  • Wait until the progress bar gets completed. You’ll see a confirmation message once it’s done. Click Done when it's finished.
  • repair successfully


In this article, we shared with you our top solutions to fix an iPad stuck on charging screen. Starting with the basics like restarting your device to fix the software glitches or checking the charging equipment and power sources to more advanced fixes like restoring the device via iTunes, we’ve told you everything you needed.

If you’re looking for a data-safe solution, Tenorshare ReiBoot is your go-to. By using Tenorshare ReiBoot, you have a reliable and user-friendly way to potentially fix your iPad's charging problem while keeping your data intact.

  Updated on 2024-07-09 / Update for  iPad

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