Best 7 Ways to Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone(iOS 12.1 Supported)

If you guys have deleted accidently the text messages on iPhone then you are not alone to do this mistake. Large number of people knowingly or accidently remove text messages from their iPhone and at some point they realize some of the messages were really important but then they can't do anything. Actually, there are several ways to get the deleted messages easily. Today we are going to show you 7 ways on how to recover deleted text messages on iPhone. Read the article to know all the methods properly so that you can use the best and easy method to retrieve deleted text messages iPhone.

1. How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone without Backup

The best way to recover deleted text messages on iPhone is using Tenorshare UltData - iOS Data Recovery. This tool works perfectly fine to get back all your deleted messages just in few clicks. UltData is compatible with latest iOS 12 and also supports iPhone XS/XS Max/XR. You don't need to worry even though you lost your messages after iOS update or jailbreak.

Steps on how to recover deleted text messages using UltData:

Step 1 First connect your iPhone to Computer. You need to connect your iPhone to computer with the help of USB cable and then launch UltData software on your computer. The software will automatically detect your device.

Note: In case the software doesn't detect the device, unlock your iPhone and tap on "Trust" option that can be seen on the screen.

connect the iphone

Step 2 Next begin scanning iPhone for deleted messages: Once your device is connected, you will see four options. Click on "Recover from iOS Device". Then tick "Messages & Attachment" option that you can see on the screen and click on "Start Scan".

select messenger & attachment from the list

Step 3 Then preview messages before recovery: You can see all the deleted as well as existing messages and attachment on the screen. Click on it to see the preview before recovering the messages. Now select the needed message and click on "Recover" button.

recover selected messages from the list

Step 4 Finally recover deleted text messages on iPhone: You will see two options on the screen, whether to recover to device or recover to computer. Click on "Recover to Device" and you will recover iPhone deleted messages.

recover selected messages to device

2. Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone from iTunes Backup

If you have backed up your text messages on iTunes then also you can easily get back all your lost messages with an ease. Generally, there are two methods that can help you to retrieve your old deleted text messages. First one is via iTunes directly and second one is via UltData.

2.1 Recover Deleted Text Messges From iTunes Directly

As we all know that iTunes is the default app provided by Apple for its users to backup all the data of the device as well as to restore backup whenever required. Though this app doesn't have many features compared to other app, some users still prefer to use this. You need to download and install latest version of iTunes on your computer before using this process.

  • 1. Launch iTunes on computer. Connect iPhone to iTunes via USB cord. Just in a few moment the app will detect the device. Click on Device button and click on Summary tab.
  • 2. Next choose "This computer" >> Click on "Restore Backup" option that you can see on the screen.
backup messages using itunes

2.2 By UltData - Recover Deleted Messages from iTunes Backup Files Selectively

If you have backed up all your messages using iTunes then also you can use Tenorshare UltData - iOS Data Recovery tool to recover deleted texts messages as this tool is more faster and easier to use then iTunes. UltData gives you wide range of features which are actually really useful for day to day life as compared to old and traditional iTunes.

Steps on how to retrieve deleted messages from iTunes backup:

Step 1 1. First you need to open UltData on your computer and choose "Recover from iTunes Backup File" option that you can find on the main interface of the software. Next you can see all the iTunes backup on the screen. Then select the backup file that you want to backup and then click on "Start Scan".

choose the itunes backup

Step 2 Soon the scanning process will be completed and you will be able to see all the existing and deleted content on the screen. You can choose "Show Only Deleted" option to see the deleted items.

itunes backup shown in list

Step 3 6. At last select the "Messages" option (which will be on the left side of the screen) and click on "Recover", you will have an option to recover messages on device or to computer.

recover file to device or computer

3. How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from iCloud Backup(2 Ways)

Many of the users are fond of using iCloud to backup all their device data and content as iCloud is easy and convenient to store the data without any issue. All you need to have is an internet connected on your iPhone and enabled iCloud synchronization on your iPhone. You can use two methods to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone. One is through iCloud directly and another is using Tenorshare UltData - iOS Data Recovery.

3.1 Recover Deleted Messages From iCloud Directly

You can recover you deleted text message that you have backed up on your iCloud. All you need to have is a working computer and internet. Just follow the steps that has been mentioned below to get back all your messages without any problem. But this method is not as reliable as some of the other methods that does the same work.

  • 1. First open the computer and visit iCloud official website [].
  • 2. Next provide your Apple ID and Password that is associated with your iPhone iCloud.
  • sign-in to icloud from computer
  • 3. On the main page of iCloud you can see many data according to category. Just see for your backed up message, locate it and then recover it.
  • icloud home page

3.2 By UltData - Recover Deleted Messages from iCloud Backup Files

If you want to get more convenience and faster way to retrieve the deleted messages on iPhone then you should try using UltData - iOS Data Recovery. This tool also has the option to recover all the deleted data from iCloud backup file. You just need to download and install this app on your computer to take full advantage.

Steps on how to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone using iCloud backup:

Step 1 Launch UltData tool on computer and choose "Recover from iCloud Backup File" which is situated on the top of the screen. Next provide Apple ID and Password that is associated with iPhone.

icloud login

Step 2 You will see all the backup data that is associated with your Apple ID. Choose the backup from the screen and click on "Next" button.

select message to download

Step 3 Select "Message & Attachments" from the given option and click on "Next" button to continue the process.

select file

Step 4 It will take a little while to download the messages. Once the messages is downloaded, you can have preview and then choose the needed message which you want to restore. Click on "Recover" button.

preview the downloaded item

Step 5 You will also see two options to recover the message. First one is recover to device and second one is recover to computer. Simply, click on "Recover to Device" to get back all your deleted messages on iPhone.

recover message to device

4. Ask your Friends to Send You Again if you Remember Who Sent to You

The easy and simple way to get back all your message is by letting your friends know that you have deleted their message so that they can send you the messages again. This method may not be really applicable for all the users and it is difficult to remember all the friends who have sent the messages. Though you can try to ask some of your friends whom you remember sending you the message. It is recommended to use the above mentioned methods as those ways are more reliable and convenient to recover your deleted message on iPhone.

5. Contact Your Phone Carrier to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on iPhone

The next method that you can try in order to retrieve your deleted text messages is by contacting the phone carrier. Though most of the people don't go for this option to get back their deleted text messages, it is not a bad idea to contact the phone carrier. They should have all the records of phone calls, messages and many more on their system. So, you might get back your deleted messages just by connecting with your phone carrier.

Extra Tip 1: Print the Recovered iPhone Text Messages Directly

Do you guys know that you can even print the recovered iPhone text messages? Well, this is possible with the help of Tenorshare UltData. This tool is really amazing as it has so many interesting and useful features. The process to print recover deleted text messages iPhone is shown below.

Note: Make sure to connect printer to your computer before proceeding the process.

Step 1 Once you are in the screen where you have retrieved all the deleted text messages, click on "Print" button (which is on the top right menu).

select print option

Step 2 You will see two options: Print and Preview. Click on preview to see how the text message looks once it is printed.

preview the text message

Step 3 Now click on print option. Select the printer name and click "OK" to start printing process.

select the printer to print

Extra Tip 2: Backup iPhone Text Messages Regularly to Prevent Data Loss

We all know that "prevention is better than cure". So, it is better to backup all the iPhone text messages on a regular basis to prevent data loss. If you back up all the messages then you don't need to worry whether the iPhone messages gets deleted or corrupt, you can easily retrieve it. The best software to backup all your iPhone data and content is Tenorshare iCareFone - Best Free iOS Backup Tool. This software can easily backup all the data and restore selectively to device. It helps to transfer photos, videos, music, contacts without any limitation and also saves iDevice from common iOS problem. iCareFone is compatible with iOS 12 and iPhone XS/XS Max/XR.

backup iPhone


This article talks about best 7 ways to recover deleted text messages on iPhone. You have seen several methods to retrieve the messages with an ease whether it be directly from iPhone, though iTunes backup or iCloud backup. Two extra tips has been mentioned for the benefit of the users. Let us know in comment section below, what do you think about this article or if you have any question regarding this topic.

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