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iOS 17 Alarm Not Working? Fix iPhone Alarm Clock Bug Now

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2024-05-09 / Update for  iOS 17

We rely on alarms to wake us up so that we will not be late for work or school. If the alarm doesn't go off, it can be annoying. A lot of iPhone users say that the alarm is not working after they update their iPhones to iOS 17. How does this problem manifest and what can you do to fix this iOS 17 alarm not working problem. Let’s begin.

Part 1: Problem List of iOS 17 Alarm Not Working

There are bugs and issues in iOS 17 here and there. First of all, we should understand how iOS 17 alarm not working issue presents so that we can understand the cause and apply a solution. You might face one of the following problems:

  • iPhone alarm volume in iOS 17 is too low, which doesn’t grab your attention or wake you up.
  • iOS 17 alarm rings but is not going off.
  • iPhone alarm sound in iOS 17 is not playing.
  • The iPhone alarm clock goes off but only for a few seconds.
  • The iPhone alarm goes off but the screen wouldn’t light up.

Part 2: How to Fix iOS 17 Alarm Not Working with Common 6 Ways [Video Guide]

We now move to the part to fix iOS 17 alarm not working. Before delving into the following 7 fixes, here's a helpful video guide for step-by-step assistance:

Way 1: Check Alarm Settings

You have to first ensure that all of your alarm settings are fine because sometimes they may be changed and get wrong due to iOS 17 update. Examples are as follows.

  • Make sure the iPhone alarm you need is turned on and time is set correctly in the Clock app.
  • Open the Settings app and go to Sounds & Haptics, make sure the Ringer and Alerts volume is not muted or set too low.

     iphone ringtone and alerts sound
  • And your wake-up iPhone alarm sound in Health is not set to None.

Way 2: Check iPhone Settings

Besides the alarm settings, other settings on your iPhone could also affect your alarm and cause it not working. For example:

  • Do not turn off the sound in Ringtone and Alerts.
  • Although it shouldn’t interfere with the alarm, sometimes, if the iPhone is in mute, the alarms don’t work as they are supposed to.
  • Also, your sleep schedule on iPhone might interfere with the alarms. So turn off sleep mode in the alarm time.
  • And your wake-up alarm sound in Health is not set to None.

Way 3: Recreate the Alarms

What you can also try is if the alarm isn’t going off at its designated time, delete the alarm and recreate it again. And if you are using some third-party clock apps, this is your cue to delete them. Use the original clock app to set alarms, as this may fix iPhone update alarm not working issue quickly.

Way 4: Restart Your iPhone

Now here come some common but practical solutions for iOS 17 issues that are also available for iOS 17 alarms not working. Force restart your iPhone and most of the iPhone alarm clock bug go away.

  • Press the volume up button, press the volume down button.
  • Press and hold the power button until you see the Apple logo.
  • Wait for it to restart and turn on again.

Way 5: Reset All Settings

Sometimes unknowing settings go wrong. You could just reset all settings on your iPhone. This method doesn’t delete any of your data but resets different settings back to default. After that, the iOS 17 alarm that is not working start behaving normally.

  • Open Settings, go to General and scroll down to locate Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  • Tap on Reset and then choose Reset All settings.

    reset all settings iphone

Way 6: Update Software to the Latest

If a bug is encountered by a lot of people, Apple will address this specific issue with a pending iOS update. Thus, make sure that there is no pending software update. Go to General > Software Update in Settings and see if there is any update that fix iOS 17 alarm not working issue.

Part 3: How to Fix iPhone Alarm Clock Bug in iOS 17 [Best Choice]

Now, iOS 17 alarm not working problem and other like iPhone update alarm not working issues always need fixing. Sometimes Apple does it for us, while other times we have to take matters into our hands. Presenting you Tenorshare ReiBoot, the software that can fix iOS 17 bugs in just a few minutes.

  • Download, install and run ReiBoot on your computer. Click on Start and connect your iPhone using the charging cable

    fix ios 17 alarm not working with reiboot
  • Next, click on Fix Now and select standard repair to proceed.

    fix ios 17 alarm not working with reiboot
  • Now download the latest iOS 17 firmware package. Choose a save path and click on the Download button.

    fix ios 17 alarm not working with reiboot
  • After that, start the repair process by clicking the Start Standard Repair button.

    fix ios 17 alarm not working with reiboot
  • Once done, your iPhone will restart and iOS 17 alarm not working will be solved.

    fix ios 17 alarm not working with reiboot


Usually there are multiple ways to fix problems like iOS 17 alarm not working. Sometimes, a simple restarting does the trick while other times, you have to dig deep into the iOS system repair using Tenorshare ReiBoot. Try all the workarounds and fixes above until your iPhone alarm clock bug go away.