How to Enter Download Mode with ReiBoot for Android

Download mode, as known as Odin Mode, is a special state on Android devices, which use for ROM flashing or system update. Namely, when your device enters Download Mode, it will download some external packages or firmware which help you flashing the device. Besides, it is also widely used in Android rebooting.

Step 1: Download ReiBoot for Android

Download ReiBoot for Android and connect your Android device to computer with the USB cable.

connect device

Notes: If your device is connected but unrecognized, please try one of options below

fail to be detected

Step 2: Chosoe Feature "Enter Download Mode"

Please choose your device brand and then follow the guide to enter download mode.

enter download mode

For Samsung:

enter download mode enter download mode 2

For Huawei

enter download mode huawei

Wait for a couple of seconds when the program connecting your phone into download mode.

entering download mode

Step 3: Enter Download Mode Successfully

Your Android device has successfully entered download mode.

completely enter download mode
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