One-click to Exit Fastboot Mode for Android Devices Free

It is happened for some users that the android device stuck in Fastboot mode, or they can not get out of Fastboot mode after fixing system errors., some of them have no idea of how to exit Fastboot mode. So here I will provide a guide for how to exit Fastboot mode for android devices with one-click.

Step 1: Choose Feature "One-Click to Exit Fastboot Mode"

Download, launch ReiBoot for Android on your computer, connect the Android device to computer then click "One-Click to Exit Fastboot Mode" from the main interface.

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Tenroshare ReiBoot for Android one click to exit fastboot mode - guide

Step 2: Start to Get Out of Fastboot Mode

Then your device will start to get out of Fastboot mode, you can see the following interface.

Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android exiting from fastboot mode - guide

Step 3: Exit Fastboot Successfully

Just 1 or 2 seconds, your Android device will successfully exit from Fastboot mode.

Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android exited fastboot mode successfully

After your device get out of fastboot mode successfully., you just need to enter the screen passcode to unlock the device, and then you can use it without any problems.

Video Guide: 1-Click to Exit Fastboot Mode on Android Device

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