About ReiBoot for Android

Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android is a professional Android system repair software to enter/exit Android recovery mode and fastboot mode with one click. And you can also use it to repair your Android system to make your devices play well. Thus, you can easily fix 50+ Android system issues (like stuck on Samsung logo, boot screen, forced termination,battery drain, black/blue screen of death, Apps keep crashing etc.)

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Main Functions of ReiBoot for Android

  • 1-click to boot into Android fastboot mode.
  • 1-click to exit Android fastboot mode.
  • 1-click to enter Android recovery mode to flash/install custom ROM and kernels.
  • Safely and easily exit Android recovery mode on Samsung/HuaWei/HTC, etc.
  • Repair Android system to troubleshoot software problems on Android device.

When Do You Need ReiBoot for Android

People who are not familiar with Android phones may wonder why and when you need to ReiBoot your Android. Here are some situations in Android daily use as follow for you to figure out the reasons.

  • Stuck in Android recovery mode
  • Stuck in Android download mode
  • Stuck in Android fastboot mode
  • Android virus
  • Android system battery drain
  • Samsung phone not charging
  • Samsung tablet frozen
  • Samsung tablet black screen
  • Android black screen
  • Android phone wont turn on
  • Android brick
  • Samsung phone frozen
  • Samsung phone keeps restarting
  • Android stuck in headphone mode
  • Android phone keeps restarting
  • Android OTA update failed
  • Android update failed
  • Samsung freeze/screen unresponsive
  • Android system battery drain
  • Samsung phone won't turn on
  • Samsung black/blue screen of death
  • Touch screen not working on Samsung/Android
  • Apps keep crashing Android
  • Android recovery mode no command
  • Android phone slow
  • Stuck on Samsung logo
  • Play store not working
Free enter/exit fastboot/recovery mode and repair android OS with ReiBoot for Android
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