About ReiBoot for Android

Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android is a professional free Android assistance to enter/exit Android recovery mode and clear Android system cache with 1 click. Thus, you can easily fix various system issues (like reboot loop, won't start, frozen, black/blank screen, etc.) on your Android device.

Main Functions of ReiBoot for Android

  • 1 click to boot Android phone/tablet into recovery mode without holding down any buttons.
  • Safely and easily exit Android recovery mode.
  • Enter Android safe mode to troubleshoot software problems on Android device.
  • Help users to enter Android download mode to flash/install custom ROM and kernels.
  • Boost your slow Android phone/tablet by clearing Android system cache with 1 click.

When Do Your Need ReiBoot for Android

  • Stuck in a boot loop or won't start.
  • Stuck in Android recovery mode.
  • Android phone gets bricked or frozen with a blank screen.
  • Your device crashed a lot with very sudden battery drains.
  • Android black/blue screen of death.
  • Android device affected by a virus or broken malsoftware.
  • Android recovery mode no command error.
  • Getting error messages like "the process.com.android.phone has stopped".
  • Your phone is locked with passcode, PIN or fingerprint.
  • You need to format your whole system or partition.
  • Experiencing slow performance of apps or lag in the user interface.
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