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[11 Ways] Fix AK Authentication Error 7005 on iPhone/iPad with New Guide

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2023-07-31 / Update for  Fix iPhone

Although we all recognize Apple as a brand that builds nearly perfect devices, there are some issues that cause poor user experience. The AK authentication error 7005 is one of those issues. However, you can fix these errors without technical expertise. In this article, we will lay out all the possible and effective solutions for the AK authentication error 7005. You don’t have to worry, as these types of error that happen due to some bug in the firmware or the user’s mistake is easy to fix. Stick till the end to ensure you fix this error.

Part 1: Understanding AK Authentication Error 7005 Before Fix

Before we move towards the methods to fix the Apple AK authentication error 7005, it is better to understand what this error is, its causes, and how it affects your device.

1. What causes AK Authentication Error 7005?

  • You see the error 7005 when your device does not have a stable internet connection.
  • It can also happen when the time and date and not set properly based on your region.
  • It also occurs when a certain VPN service is running in the background.
  • The authentication error 7005 can also appear when Apple servers are down or your device is running an older iOS version.

2. How the error affects different platforms and devices?

  • The authentication error with the 7005 code can stop you from resetting your iPhone or iPad.
  • It can also affect the login/out services for your iCloud.
  • It can also stop you from logging out or removing your Apple id from your iPhone.

3. The role of API keys and authentication in the error occurrence?

API keys are for managing the usage and securing APIs. It mainly provides authorization if the requested application is allowed for use. API keys have a private portion that users have and a public portion that Apple keeps.

In case there is a slight problem with the request or there are connection issues, the API keys won't allow authentication and can cause error 7005.

Part 2: [12 Ways] Fix AK Authentication Error 7005 on iPhone/iPad

If you are facing the AK authentication error 7005 iPhone or iPad, here are all the safest and most effective solutions that you can try.

Solution 1. Check the Internet Connection

Let’s start with the most commonly seen reason that can cause the error 7005, a bad internet connection. If you want to connect to your iCloud or verify your credentials, having a stable internet connection is important. With bad or no internet, your device simply doesn’t have to means to do the requested task, so it shows the AK authentication error 7005 messages.

STEP 1: Check if the internet is actually running by opening your browser and searching for something or opening other apps that require the internet.

STEP 2: If it checks out, try switching the Airplane mode on and off from settings. Also, reconnect your WIFI.

check internet connection

STEP 3: In case you are using mobile data, you can check if the data pack is exhausted.

Solution 2. Force Restart iPhone/iPad

If your internet connection is working fine, but your device still shows the AK authentication error 7005, your device might just be acting out a little. The easiest fix for this is to restart your device and let it self-heal. It will reset everything and deal with any bugs or issues that are getting in the way of your request. Follow these steps to force restart your iPhone.

1. You don’t get the restart option on iPhone like Android. You have to force restart it by pressing the power key and the volume key simultaneously. Release the keys when the device completely shuts down.

2. Now press and hold the power key till the Apple logo appears to restart it.

force restart iphone

Solution 3. Turn Off VPN

If there is an authentication error 7005 in your device, it might be due to a third-party VPN service that is interfering with basic operations. Although VPN can hide your online activity and keep your device secure, it can also cause some problems with connectivity and region. That is why try fixing it by turning your VPN off. Follow these steps to do it.

  • Open “Settings” on your iPhone or iPad and tap on “General” to get more options.
  • Now, navigate to “VPN and Device Management” and select “VPN” on the next list.
  • Ensure that the VPN toggle is turned off.

    turn off vpn

Solution 4. Set Date & Time Automatically

Having the wrong data and time settings on your smartphone can lead to the AK authentication error 7005. It mainly happens when false settings miscommunicate with Apple servers. The easiest way to fix it is by setting it to automatic and letting the device fix your date and time on its own.

1. Open “Settings” on your device and navigate to “General >> Date & Time”.

2. Simply tap on the "Set Automatically" toggle and make sure your device has an internet connection.

set automatically

Solution 5. Check Apple Services Status

If you see the AK authentication error message while trying to connect with a dedicated cloud service, it can happen even when you have a stable internet connection and zero bugs. In some cases, when the Apple servers are not working or are down, users face problems when connecting to Apple services. You can only wait in such a situation. Here is how to check Apple's service status.

Open the internet browser and search for "Apple.com". When you enter the website, navigate to "Support >> System Status". You can also use this link to view the Apple services status page.

system status

Solution 6. Fix AK Authentication Error 7005 on iPhone/iPad in 1-Click

If you want to fix the AK authentication error 7005 without wasting time and trying different methods, use an expert tool like the Tenorshare ReiBoot. It is a one-stop solution for more than 150 software-related issues in your iDevice. It can help you solve your issue with one clip and doesn’t require you to follow a complex procedure. Follow these steps to fix your device.

  • Install and launch Tenorshare ReiBoot on your PC and connect your iPhone via a USB cable. Click on the "Start" option to begin.

    launch reiboot
  • Select the “Standard Repair” tab and follow the instructions related to putting your device in recovery mode. Click “Standard Repair”

    fix now
  • Download the firmware package based on your iOS version.

    download firmware
  • Click the "Start Standard Repair" button to start the process. Once it is done, the system will automatically reboot your iPhone, and all your data will be there.

    start standard repair
    repair successfully

Solution 7. Sign Out and Sign In Again

Signing out and signing back into iCloud can be helpful in resolving AK Authentication Error 7005 issue on your Apple devices. Here's how you can sign out of iCloud and sign back in on your iPhone, iPad:

1. Open the "Settings" app on your iPhone or iPad. At the top of the Settings menu, you should see your Apple ID profile picture/name. Tap on it.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the Apple ID page and tap on "Sign Out."

3. Enter your Apple ID password and tap "Turn Off" to confirm.

4. After signing out, you can sign back in by tapping on "Sign in to your iPhone" or "Sign in to your iPad" and entering your Apple ID and password.

Solution 8. Update iOS System

The Apple AK authentication error 7005 happens when your device can’t verify the respective cloud services. Having an outdated iOS can cause this matter to occur. When you use an older iOS version, you also have to deal with the problems and bugs that were in that system. Updating to the latest version can fix this issue.

Step 1: Go to “Settings” and navigate to “General >> Software Update.”

Step 2: Wait for your device to check for available updates. Tap on the latest one to download and install it. You will have to enter your passcode to proceed.

upgrade ios 16

Solution 9. Reset Network Settings

If you are facing connectivity issues, but your internet connection is working fine, and there is no issue with Apple services, you might need to reconfigure your network settings. It is a simple process that returns your network settings back to default without affecting your data.

  • Open “Settings” on your iPhone and navigate to “General >> Transfer or Reset iPhone.”
  • Now tap on the “Reset Network Settings” option.

    reset network settings

Solution 10. Sign Out From iTunes & App Store

You can encounter error 7005 on any device if you are logged into some applications that are directly connected to your iCloud. That is why another way to fix this error is by logging in and out of apps like the App Store and iTunes. Here are the steps to do it.

1. When you open "Settings" on your iPhone, the very first option will take you to iCloud settings.

2. Tap on the "Media Purchases" options and then tap "Sign Out". Now, sign in again, and hopefully, you won't get the error message.

sign out media purchases

Solution 11. Check Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

The AK authentication error 7005 can also be related to your Apple two-factor authentication security settings. You can check it from the settings app and try connecting to iCloud by turning the 2FA on and off. Although Apple devices are secure, it never hurts to have an extra layer of security. Here is how to configure two-factor authentication,

  • Open “Settings” and tap on the first option, which shows your name.
  • Navigate to “Password & Security >> Two-Factor Authentication” and turn it on. Tap “continue” and enter your number to get the verification code.
  • Tap “next” and enter the code Apple sent to your number.

Solution 12. Contact Apple Official Support

Suppose you don't want to use Tenorshare ReiBoot to fix this error, and the other mentioned solution also doesn't work. Your only option is to contact Apple support. You can contact Apple and get instructions for your problem. They will probably ask you to visit your nearest Apple store.

Extra Tips: How to Fix AKAuthentication Error 7005 on Mac

The AK authentication error 7005 is not limited to your iPhone or iPad. It can also occur on your Mac and affect your experience. However, you don't have to worry because Tenorshare ReiBoot can also help you fix Mac-related issues with its Repair MacOS system features FREE. Install Tenorshare right now and forget all the problems related to your Apple devices.


Let’s conclude our guide on how to fix the AK authentication error 7005. If you have plenty of time and you know the ins and outs of your iPhone or iPad, you can try the ten solutions mentioned in our guide. However, the fastest and safest way to fix error 7005 is by using Tenorshare ReiBoot. With it, you can skip the step of troubleshooting the problem and start fixing it with one click.