What's UICC Unlock and How to Perform It with/ without Sprint

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2024-05-14 / Update for  SIM Unlock

UICC of a SIM acts as a lock to ensure the security of user data by limiting some of its features and binding it to only one data provider. Unlocking the UICC phone means removing the SIM lock restrictions from your phone.

The detail of the methods used for UICC unlock are discussed here in this article.

Part 1: What is UICC and UICC Unlock

UICC(Universal Integrated Circuit Card) is an advanced generation SIM card for laptops or smartphones that are compatible with high-speed internet networks. It can store the contacts and provide you with a reliable and secure voice, global roaming, multi-media connection, and adds new services and applications.

There is not much difference between a SIM and UICC. SIM can be installed only in mobile devices like tablets and smartphones but UICC can work on all electronic devices such as desktops and laptops. SIM accesses the network on smartphones and tablets whereas, UICC is not only limited to smart devices.

UICC lock restricts the device usage only on the Sprint network and it cannot be activated on other networks. UICC unlock meaning is that we are unlocking the SIM-card use restriction of the device so that you can operate your device on any network.

Part 2: How to Do UICC Unlock with Sprint

For unlocking UICC with Sprint, ensure that you meet the following eligibility requirements of the Sprint.

  • The phone has been on the Sprint network for more than fifty days.
  • All the bills have been paid and there are no unpaid bills.
  • The phone is not reported as lost or stolen.

After meeting all the requirements, your phone will be automatically unlocked. If you have paid all phone bills, you will be notified that you are eligible for the code and then Sprint will send you a Sprint UICC unlock code.

Otherwise, call Sprint customer service for Sprint UICC unlock code free of cost. When requested, it can take two business days.

Part 3: How to Perform UICC Unlock without Sprint

UICC Sprint unlock can be done easily either with or without Sprint. There are two ways to do it without Sprint. A brief description of these methods is described below.

1. Online Unlock Services

Many UICC unlock software are available online for this purpose such as DirectUnlocks and DrFone.

  • DirectUnlocks is applicable for a variety of devices. You just need to give basic information about the device including the IMEI number and you will get a code within a few hours.

    unlock phone
  • In addition to this, you can also use to UnlockBoot to UICC unlock Sprint. To use UnlockBoot, you need to download an USB redirector app. You can go to its official site to learn more.

    unlock phone

Moreover, many online websites can unlock UICC without Sprint including Unlock Radar and Free Unlocks. You have to provide them with basic information about your phone and these websites will mail you the unlock code.

2. Offline Unlock Services

UICC unlock without Sprint can also be done by the offline unlock services. Many network carriers offer the UICC unlock services at their service center. Users just have to go there along with their phones and ask for assistance. They will charge you a few bucks and can take care of UICC unlock for you.

Along with different professionals, many smartphone accessories marts and stores are also claiming to provide UICC unlock services these days.

Be cautious of these offline service providers from the security point of view as you are providing them with essential details to get access to your phone. Always prefer the service center of a credible network when it comes to UICC unlock as it can save you from trouble in long run.

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    remove icloud activation lock
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    remove icloud activation lock
  • Wait for this process. The screen will read, “your iPhone activation lock has been successfully removed”.

    remove icloud activation lock


UICC is an advanced form of SIM. UICC can be locked which means that you can only use the Sprint network on your device. In this case, you need to unlock UICC so that you can use your device on any other network.

You can do UICC unlock free of cost with or without Sprint several methods are discussed here.