How to Access Samsung Secure Folder from PC 2024

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2022-12-16 / Update for  Samsung

Are you trying to access Samsung secure folder from PC? Maybe you’re confused whether it’s possible to do this? Don’t worry! In this guide, I’ll be giving you a proper insight into the Samsung secure folder feature and answer if you can use your PC to get into a Samsung secure folder. Remember to read to the end as I have added an extra tip for Android users.

samsung secure folder

Part 1. What Is Samsung Secure Folder? How to Create Samsung Secure Folder?

So what really is a Samsung secure folder? Available for Samsung with Android 7 and above, including the S22, it’s the perfect place to secure all your private photos, videos, apps and data. Keeping your personal and important files here will ensure the safety and privacy of this data.

You have the option to lock your secure folder with a passcode or a biometric lock to keep your personal files to yourself. One can only access the folder if they are aware of the set lock, otherwise, breaking into a Samsung secure folder is nearly impossible.

How to Set up Samsung Secure Folder

Follow the below instructions to create a Secure Folder on your Samsung device. If the app doesn’t come pre-installed on your device, you’ll have to get it from the Play Store.

  • On your Samsung phone, go to ‘Settings’.
  • Navigate to ‘Lock screen and security’. If you can’t find this option, then go to ‘Biometrics and security’.
  • Select ‘Secure Folder’.

    samsung secure folder
  • Then, press ‘Continue’.Afterward, you must sign in to your Samsung account. If you don’t have any, then press ‘Create Account’ to set up a new Samsung account.
  • Select the lock method that you wish to protect the folder with. Set up the desired lock, then, press ‘Continue.
  • Enter the lock again to confirm the command. A secure folder will be created on your home screen.

    samsung secure folder

How to Add Files to the Samsung Secure Folder

After you have set up your Secure Folder you can move your private files to the Secure Folder.

  • Open your secure folder from the home screen and enter the lock.
  • Press ‘Add Files’.Now, select the file type that you want to include in the folder.
  • Select all the files from this file type that you need to include in the folder. Tap ‘Done’.
  • You will be given the option to either copy or move the files.

    samsung secure folder

How to Access Secure Folder on Samsung?

You can easily access files in secure folder on Samsung. To access the files that you have moved to your Secure Folder, follow steps below:

  • Open your Secure Folder. The Gallery, Calendar, Contacts, Email, Camera, Internet, Samsung Notes, and My Files apps are standard in Secure Folder.
  • To access your images, tap Gallery.
  • To access your files, tap My Files then tap the location from which you moved the file. For example, if you moved a file from Downloads, tap Downloads.


Part 2. Can You Access Samsung Secure Folder from PC? How to Do?

Now let’s move to today’s main question - Can I access Samsung secure folder from pc? Unfortunately, there is no official way to access Samsung Galaxy secure folder from your computer. Even if you’re logged into your Samsung account from your computer, you still can’t get into it. Perhaps the main reason for this is to prevent hacking issues and boost security.

Part 3. Try UltData to Scan Your Device to Access Samsung Secure Folder from PC

If you still want to access files in Samsung secure folder from PC, you can try Tenorshare UltData for Android. Since Samsung private mode file location is your phone internal memory, This software will dig all the way to access your phone internal memory and scan all files (both existing and lost files) on it. Support all Samsung phones with Android 5 and above like S22/S21/S20/S10.

  • Download and install Tenorshare UltData for Android on your Windows computer. Select the feature "Recover Lost Data".
  • Connect your phone with the computer by using a USB cable and follow the onscreen wizard to turn on ‘USB debugging’.

    how to recover deleted photos on android – connect device
  • Select all the files and click 'Start' to start scanning all files on your phone internal memory.

    how to recover deleted files on android – select file types
  • Wait for a few minutes to let the files load up.Once loaded, select the files that you need to restore and click ‘Recover’ to transfer files from secure folder to PC.

    how to recover deleted photos on android – recover

And if you accidentally delete some valuable photos from gallery or files from secure folder, you can use UltData for Android to recover deleted files from Android phone memory without root.

Part 4. Frequently asked Questions about Samsung Secure Folder

This section is dedicated to common questions and queries faced by users of the Samsung secure folder feature.

Q1: Can I move Secure Folder data to SD card?

No, a secure folder can’t access your SD card storage. This is ensured to minimized security risks to your data.

Q2: Which devices support Secure Folder?

All Samsung phones running on Android N (7.0) or above can download secure folder from the Google Play Store.

Q3: Can you back up Secure Folder data?

Yes, Samsung secure folder provides users with the ‘Backup & Restore’ feature. You can follow steps below to back and restore Samsung secure folder data:

  • Go to 'Settings' and then select 'Backup and restore' option.
  • Select Back up Secure Folder data or Restore.
  • Select the data you want to back up or restore (photos, apps, documents, etc.).
  • Tap Back up now or Restore now to finish the process.

    samsung secure folder


On a final note, I’d like to remind you that there is no official way to access Samsung secure from PC but you can view your files inside the secure folder by unlocking secure folder in Samsung. And you can use Tenorshare UltData for Android to scan your phone memory to find files from secure folder on PC and you will not be disappointed!