How to Recover Data from Disabled iPhone [2024 New Ways]

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2021-12-30 / Update for  iPhone Recovery

I am locked out of my iPhone. This usually doesn’t happen to me. But my son was playing with the mobile, and he somehow changed the settings. Now, my usual passcode is getting recognized, and I need to access the picture on the device. Can you recover photos from a disabled iPhone?"

Well, don’t get worried. It is very common occurrence that iOS users get locked out of their respective devices. So, if you are locked out of your own device, then remember that you can still access the device without the password. Want to know more about how to recover data from disabled iPhone? Then read the article below.

Part 1: Can You Recover Data from Disabled iPhone

Yes, you will be able to recover data from disabled iPhone. But in this case, we are talking about a locked iPhone. So, in order to recover data from that device, you need to unlock the device first.

This is the general procedure; you won’t be able to recover data without unlocking the device. So, you can either try to remember the passcode for your mobile or you have to use a professional data recovery program for the bypass of Apple security.

So, how to retrieve data from disabled iPhone? Before we are able to recover data, we need to unlock the iPhone, and for this part, we recommend the use of Tenorshare 4uKey. It is an excellent program with state of the art capabilities. The operation is very easy and safe to use.

So, let’s check out the operational guide.

  • Download and install 4ukey on your computer and connect the locked iPhone. Select ‘Unlock Lock Screen Passcode’ on the program interface.

    recover data from disabled iphone with known passcode
    Pic. Unlock the lock screen passcode
  • Then, click ‘Start’ to proceed.

    start recover data from disabled iphone
    Pic. Click Start to proceed
  • After that, you will be asked to download the corresponding firmware required for this procedure. Click ‘Download’ to get the firmware.

    retrieve data from disabled iphone - get the firmware
    Pic. Get the firmware
  • After the firmware is successfully downloaded, click ‘Start Unlock’ and 4uKey will start bypassing the lock screen.

    disabled iphone lost data - get the firmware
    Pic. Start the unlock
  • It takes a few minutes to removing the passcode, please wait. Once done, you can reset passcode.

    remove passcode successfully from disabled iPhone
    Pic. Remove passcode successfully, try to reset it now!

This is the most effective way to bypass the lock screen of an iPhone. But before you proceed, back up the device. This procedure will erase the device completely. Now, if you want to know; how to recover photos from disabled iPhone, then read below.

Part 2: Best Way to Recover Data from Disabled iPhone

Now that you have unlocked the iPhone, you will be able to get data off disabled iPhone. But for how to recover data when iPhone is disabled? There are multiple ways to recover the data from a backup. You can even recover data from disabled iPhone without iTunes.

Now, there are a lot of drawbacks if you directly use iTunes to restore the backup. First of all, the app is outdated, doesn’t work properly, and there is also a risk of data getting corrupted. Needless to say, being an old relic, the iTunes app doesn’t have the feature of selective data restoration.

So, it is bettert to restore data from disabled iPhone via a backup, and doing the said without the official app is preferable.

How to Retrieve Data from Disabled iPhone from iTunes Backup with TenorshareUltData

So, without iTunes, you can only expect a professional program to be capable enough to be able to break iTunes encryption and restore the data.

The program we are recommending to retrieve data from the disabled iPhone is called Tenorshare UltData.

This is a superb data recovery program for iOS devices. It is compatible with all the latest and oldest iOS versions, supports more than 35 file types, and very efficient. So, let’s check out how to recover data from completely disabled iPhone;

  • Download and install UltData on a computer, then run it. Connect the iPhone to the computer and select, ‘Recover from iTunes Backup Files’ tab.

    recover from itunes backup files disabled iPhone
    Pic. Select "Recover from iTunes Backup Files"
  • Then, a list of iTunes backup files will be displayed on the screen. Select a backup file and click on ‘Start Scan’.

    recover photos from disabled iphone
    Pic. Start the scan
  • After completing the scan, all the files inside the backup will be displayed.

    recover messages from disabled iphone
    Pic. Preview the data
  • View the file and choose the ones you want and click on the ‘Recover’ button.

    restore data from disabled iphone
    Pic. Restore from backup

This way is far better than using the iTunes app for the recovery. This method is faster, safer, and gives you the capability not to restore the unnecessary files. So, if you were asking; how to recover data from disabled iPhone with hard drive, then UltData is the one and only answer for it.


So, what does it mean when iPhone is disabled? Basically, if you are locked out from the device and have tried a few times to unlock it, but after a few failed attempts, the device gets disabled automatically due to security reasons. But if you want to know how to recover data from disabled iPhone, use Tenorshare UltData. Tenorshare also has other products, like files transfer between phone to phone, which may fit your needs.

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