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Fix Issue of 'Sharing Options Not Showing' on iOS 17/16

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2023-07-30 / Update for  iPhone Fix

"When touch share button, sharing options not showing in both photos & documents. This started after iOS update to 16"

iPhone users install new iOS updates as soon as possible because they always bring new exciting features that iPhone users can’t wait to try. But many iPhone users are complaining that the sharing option is not shown in both photos and documents since they have installed iOS update 16/15. So far Apple hasn’t addressed this problem but this article will guide you on how to fix this issue once and for all. So, if Sharing Options Not Showing on iPhone SE/11/11 Pro (Max)/XS then continue reading below paragraphs to find answers;

Why My Share Button Isn't Working? Only Get Blank

The latest iOS update 16/15 has a major in it. On many iPhones, no share options showing to transfer photos or any other document. It is a built-in bug and can occur due to many reasons like incomplete download or installation of update, any software glitches in your Apple device. But this issue can easily be resolved by using common methods discussed below.

Common Methods to Solve No Share Options Showing on the Latest iOS 17/16/15

Method 1: Force Restart Your iPhone

If Sharing Button Not Showing after iOS update to 16/15 then a very general troubleshooting solution is to force restart your Apple device. To do this;

  • For iPhone XS/X, 8 or 8 plus, press ‘Volume up’ then ‘Volume Down’ buttons and then press and hold the ‘Power’ button until Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • For iPhone 7 or 7 plus, press and hold the ‘Volume Down’ and ‘Power’ buttons together until you see the Apple logo on the screen.
  • For iPhone 6 and older devices, hold down the ‘Power’ and ‘Home’ buttons until the Apple logo is visible.

    share button not working - Force restart
    Different iPhone with different operationg to force re-start

Method 2: Reset Network Settings

Resetting the network settings of your iOS device is an effective option to fix the issue of No share options showing. It will delete all the data from your iPhone but is a reliable method to fix your underlying problem. To do that;

  • Go to Settings and tap on General. Then scroll down to Reset and tap on it. A confirmation tab will pop out. Select ‘Reset Network Settings’ and confirm the action.

    my share button not working- Reset Network settings
    Try set network settings on iPhone again

Method 3: Force Quit Apps to Solve No Share Options Showing

You can successfully solve the issue of Share button not working by force quitting the apps. It is an easy method and doesn’t require any expertise. To force quit an app;

  • On iPhones 8 or earlier, double click the Home Button to bring the App switcher interface. Now, navigate to the app you want to force quit and swipe it up.

    Share option not showing - Force quit apps
    To quit iPhone 8 or eariler iDevices
  • For iPhone X, Press the Gesture area and swipe up and hold your finger until App Switcher interface appears. Now tap and hold app you want to force quit until the red symbol appears, swipe it up.

  • For iPhone higher than 8 except iPhone X, press the left corner of the display and swipe it right. Now flick up the app you want to force quit.

Method 4: Remove Apps and Re-download to Fix Share Button Not Working

Removing apps and then re-downloading them is a recommended method to troubleshoot the Shared issue on the latest iOS 17/16/15. You need to delete the apps that are not displaying share option and then installing them back. To do so:

  • Go to Settings and scroll down to General. When you tap on iPhone storage, you will see all the apps installed on your device.

    no share option showing – Go to storage
    Delete App from iPhone_1
  • Now, tap on the app that is malfunctioning and from the next interface, click on Delete App to remove it from your iOS device.

    Share option disappeared – Delete and reinstall
    Remove App and reinstall_2
  • Now, go to App store and install back the app to your iPhone and your problem might be solved.

Method 5: Reset iPhone Settings to Repair Sharing Options Not Showing

You should try to reset your iPhone if you looking to fix why my share button isn’t working. Please backup your data before resetting your iPhone as it will delete all the data from your iOS device. In order to reset iPhone;

  • Go to ‘Settings’ and tap on ‘General’. Then select ‘Reset’ and choose ‘Reset All settings’ in the next screen.
  • Now, a confirmation screen will pop out. Select again ’Reset all Settings’ to continue the procedure.
  • Finally, the iOS will again ask; enter your passcode to complete the process.

    share button on iPhone – enter passcode
    iPhone data will lose and passcode needs

Method 6: Using iTunes to Restore iPhone with Data Loss - Must Attention

You should try to restore iPhone using iTunes if Sharing Options Not Showing. It will lead to data loss so backup your important data before initiating this procedure. Now, follow the below steps;

  • Launch the iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone with it. Now, click on ‘Restore iPhone’ from the interface.

    where is share option on iPhone – Restore iPhone
    Operate Restore on latest iTunes
  • A notification tab will pop out, again click on ‘Restore’ to confirm your action. iTunes will remove your iPhone and install the latest iOS software in it.

    no share option on iPhone - Restore
    Comfrim Restore on popup

Now, iTunes will restore your iPhone to a new software and hopefully your issue will be resolved.

Tenorshare ReiBoot: Fix "Share Button Not Working" Since Updating to iOS 17/16/15

You will find many software online to fix sharing button not showing after iOS update to iOS 13.4 but none is better than Tenorshare ReiBoot. This powerful software can repair 50+ iOS system problems with just few clicks. It is compatible on all the latest iPhones and repair your iOS device without any data loss.

Its key feature ‘Repair Operation System’ helps you to easily fix your iPhone issues including ‘Share Button problem’ with high success rates. Follow the below guideline to recover your iPhone;

  • Download and install Tenorshare ReiBoot on your computer and connect iOS device to it. When it is recognized by the software, click on ‘Repair Operating System’.

    share option isn’t working – Repair OS
    Step 1 Select the feature
  • Now, click on ‘Fix Now’ to start the repairing procedure on your iOS device.

    Where is share option – fix Now
    Step 2 Click Fix Now
  • The software will show the Firmware package corresponding to your iPhone model. Select a location on your computer to download it.

    Shared issue on the latest IOS 13 – Download Firmware package
    Step 3 Download iOS firmware package
  • Now, click on ‘repair Now’ once the firmware is downloaded. The software will repair your iPhone in a couple of minutes and your issue will be fixed.

    Sharing button Not Showing after iOS update to 13.4 – Repair Now
    Step 4 Repair Now and it will succeed in repairer

In All

This piece of writing has discussed 7 different methods to solve the issue of no share options showing after updating to iOS 17/16/15. Moreover, we have found out that Tenorshare ReiBoot is the best software you can use to resolve all the issues related to share option on your iOS device. Not only this, this amazing software also helps you to fix many other issues of iOS devices with in a couple of minutes. So, install this software on your computer and get away with your troubles.