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Why StandBy is Red in iOS 17 & How to Fix

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2023-09-27 / Update for  iOS 17

iOS 17 Standby mode is a brand-new and trending lock screen feature, activated when iPhone is charging and positioned in landscape. It shows not only clock and time but also widgets like featured photos and reminders. Sometimes, Standby Mode becomes red on your iPhone. Why is iOS 17 Standby red? We will further explain below.

ios 17 standby night mode

Part 1: Why is My Standby Red in iOS 17

Briefly speaking, Standby Mode presents in a red tint with low ambient lighting. With Night Mode enabled, when the lighting is low or iPhone is in night mode, the Standby mode becomes red. Although the night mode is toggled on by default, if you want to keep your iPhone Standby Mode in normal colors, you can do that too.

Part 2: How to Fix Standby Stuck in Red iOS 17

Now that you know the Standby screen shows normally in the bright places and will turn red in the night mode, there is a way that would get rid of Standby mode red iOS 17. And that is to turn off the night mode from Standby settings.

  • Open Settings > StandBy.
  • On the next page, under Display, you can see Night Mode. Toggle it off.

    turn off ios 17 standby night mode

If the Standby is still stuck in red after you turn off the night mode, go to Part 4 to fix it.

Part 3: How to Customize and Change Standby Mode Color

Standby is red in the night mode. Using the same color or the same clock in Standby mode can get boring. But you are able to change what the Standby mode displays and customize it in the way you want.

To keep the standby always on, you can also enable Always On feature.

  • Have your iPhone in the Standby mode. Then press and hold on the clock.
  • Then a few setting options will come before you. Tap on the little white circle as indicated.
  • Decide which color attracts you the most and select what to display on the screen such as clocks, to-do lists, live activities, etc.

    change ios 17 standby mode color
  • Afterwards, tap on the Done button in the top right corner.

Part 4: Fix Standby Mode Not Working with iOS Repair Tool

You understand why standby is red on your iPhone now. But some people have other problems. For some reason, the Standby Mode is not working or is stuck in red. The simple solutions include re-enabling standby, restarting iPhone, turning off low power mode, etc.

However, when the problem points towards bugs and glitches in iOS 17, Tenorshare ReiBoot is here to help. This iOS repair tool can easily fix software issues like iOS 17 standby mode not working in a few clicks.

  • Download ReiBoot on your computer. Install and run it. Then click on Start.

    launch reiboot
  • Connect your iPhone to the computer. Then click on Fix Now and choose Standard Repair.

    fix now
  • After that, you have to download the appropriate firmware package. Click on the Download button.

    download firmware
  • Click on Start Standard Repair with the downloaded firmware. It takes some time. Keep your devices connected in the process.

    start standard repair
  • You will see the success screen on your computer and your iPhone will start. Standby Mode should work just fine now.

    repair successfully


iOS 17 Standby turns red in low-light situations when you have enabled night mode. It is easy to turn it off or on. You can also customize the standby display according to your preferences. If the Standby mode is stuck in red mode or stops working due to software issues, you can just use Tenorshare ReiBoot and set everything back to normal.