Best Way to Restore iPhone from iCloud Backup without Resetting(iOS 15/14/13/12 Supported)

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2022-02-18 / Update for  iCloud

"I just bought my first iPhone recently, and I made a backup on iCloud when I was updating my iOS. But now, I am unable to restore from it without resetting. Please, help me out!!"

There are various reasons to save a backup on iCloud, saving space and protecting data are among them but there can be confusions and issues while restoring that backup. But the questing everyone asks is how to restore iPhone from iCloud without resetting because if the device resets during the process it will result in data loss. Fortunately, there is a way to recover backup without resetting and that's what we are here for.

Part 1: How to restore from iCloud Backup without Reset

If you have lost your iPhone or it was stolen or due to certain malfunctions you were unable to use it, the backup file you saved on iCloud will be a great help to you. When it comes to restoring an iCloud backup your attention was always focused on the official method but you have an even better option called Tenorshare UltData. This third-party tool provides a very simple way to restore from iCloud backup without reset. Yes, you heard it right! One of its main features is back up without any reset of your iPhone and that too selectively. This means you can selectively choose what data to be restored easily with the help of UltData. So, if you want to retrieve data from any iCloud backup then using this tool will be the best option for you. So, before you restore iCloud backup without reset, you must make sure that the data you want is already backed up on iCloud. Keeping that in mind, follow the steps below.

  • 1. Download and install the latest version of UltData on your computer.
  • 2. Launch Tenorshare UltData on your computer and choose "Recover from iCloud Backup file" mode.
  • 3. Now, you have to log-in to your iCloud account using your Apple ID.
  • ultdata main interface
  • 4. Select the backup that contains the data you want and then click on "Next".
  • choose backup
  • 5. Next, you have to choose the files so that they can be downloaded and scanned.
  • 6. After selection, click on the "Next" button to start downloading the required files.
  • select messages
  • 7. After the files are completely downloaded UltData will start scanning them immediately.
  • 7. After scanning you will get a preview of the files.
  • preview whatsapp messages
  • 9. Now, just select the files you want and click on "Recovery" button.

This is the normal recovery procedure using Tenorshare UltData. Don't miss this amazing software.

Part 2: Directly Download Data from

The second method is to directly download the files you need from the This is actually a one-way access to your iCloud backup files and if you have synced files such as photos, videos, contact etc to iCloud then you can simply log-in to that website and access those files. There are a few simple steps to get those files.

  • 1. Open your computer and go to any browser of your choice.
  • 2. Now, enter the iCloud account using your Apple ID.
  • 3. Inside the account, you will see all the related files and you can access just by clicking on them.
  • icloud files

This is one of the simplest ways to access your iCloud files through your computer and also download it to your PC. But there are also a few drawbacks to this procedure. Unfortunately, you will not be able to get access to certain types of files like the attachments from your WhatsApp, SMS, and MMS, iMessages, memos and Photo stream.

Part 3: Official Way to restore from iCloud Backup with Reset

If you want to go through the official way then you won't be able to restore iPhone from iCloud backup without erasing your device. The official way includes resetting the device completely which means that you will lose all of your data and settings from your iPhone. Nonetheless, it is a method that is effective and does the job at the end. The procedure is as follows.

  • 1. Open your iPhone and go to Settings.
  • 2. Now, enter General and tap on "Erase all content and settings".
  • 3. Enter passcode and tap Erase iPhone option.
  • erase all content iphone
  • 4. Then go to "Apps & Data" and tap on "Restore from iCloud backup".
  • 5. Log-in to your iCloud account and select a backup from the list.
  • restore iphone from icloud

This is actually the official procedure to restore files from iCloud backup. A stated above the data on your iOS device be it any iPhone like SE/5/5S/6/7/8/X/12/13, all will be erased completely.

Part 4: The Shortages of Restoring and Resetting from iCloud

There are a lot of shortcomings of the official way to restore a device from iCloud backup.

  • First of all, it is time-consuming and a difficult procedure.
  • All of your data and settings get erased before the restoration process.
  • There is no way to selectively restore the files.
  • iCloud may even lose your data during the transfer.

So, keeping the official way aside, this article includes how to restore iPhone from iCloud backup without resetting, and we highly recommend you to go for Tenorshare UltData for the same!