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Polygon Pokemon GO: Download Link, Features, User Guide and Alternative

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2023-08-28 / Update for  change location

Pokemon GO was an augmented reality RPG that took the world by storm a few years ago. The craze for acquiring Pokemons through the app made people look for apps that could enhance their gameplay experience. That is where the polygon pokemon app came in.

The Polygon app is a reliable aid that will help you surpass your Pokemon GO levels easily. It not only enhances your game experience but also puts you ahead of others allowing you to unlock rare perks faster. So let's have a look at what the fuss is all about by diving into the Polygon Pokemon Go app.

Part 1: First, What is Polygon Pokemon GO?

Polygon Pokemon GO is basically a Pokemon GO spoofing app. Now, what exactly is spoofing you may ask? Spoofing or using spoofer apps is nothing but trying to trick the app's GPS system to stimulate movement in places that we are not physically present in.

In the case of the Pokemon GO app, if you want to look for Pokemons in a nearby park but don't want to leave your home, you can use a spoofer app like Polygon. Along with this apps like Polygon also enhance the gaming experience by surpassing initial levels quickly so you don't waste your time going through unnecessary tasks and missions.

But spoofing is not easy, because using unauthorized spoofing apps can cause your account to be banned. Polygon is a safe and reliable spoofing app that does what it's intended to do stealthily without harming the safety of the app. So now that you know what Polygon is, let's look at how you can acquire it.

Part 2: How to Download Polygon Pokemon GO on Android?

After reading all that praise about the Pokemon GO Polygon app you must be wondering about how exactly to go about downloading and using this app. Well, we've got you covered.

If you google where to download the Polygon app, you'll be shown a thousand different ways that might not work. We will give you a sureshot link which will lead you directly to the Polygon app.

Here's the Polygon download link and download button:

Polygon APK

Before downloading, do remember that this app requires you to root or jailbreak your phone. So if your device is not rooted this app will not work.

Part 3: How to Use Polygon Pokemon GO? Features Introduction

So now, we know what the Polygon Pokemon GO bot is and where to get your hands on it. Now, let's look at some of the features of the app that make it the best in the business. With the Polygon app, you can:

  • Catch and release Pokemons.
  • Spin Pokestops and Complete field research tasks.
  • Open and send gifts with ease and incubate eggs along with catching Pokemon spawned from incense and mystery boxes.

And if that was not enough the Polygon app also offers various modules that can be used to enhance your gameplay. It includes:

polygon features
  • Encounter module: Provides excellent throws and always hits the Pokemon with the ball.
  • Pokestop module: The Pokestops automatically spin and close.
  • Rocket module: Allows you to win rocket battles instantly, without effort.
  • Lite mode module: Annoying animations like Pokemon evolving are skipped and many popups and overlays are disabled as well.
  • Nameplate module.
  • Max FPS module: Allows you to play Pokemon GO at the maximum framerate allowed by your device.
  • Scanner module: This one scans the Pokemon around you and notifies you when there is a shiny or 100% Pokemon.

So let's look at how you can actually use the Pokemon Polygon app to spoof Pokemon GO.

  • Once you've downloaded the Polygon app, install it on your device. If you are encountering problems in installation, try allowing 'apps from unknown sources' to be installed from the settings.

    polygon features
  • Once you've installed the app, you'll be asked for a key which you can generate by clicking on the 'Free enhancer key' button. Once the key is set, click on 'connect' to start the Polygon app.

    polygon features
  • Now you can easily set any location in the Polygon app and use the Pokemon GO app. Happy Hunting!

Part 4: Best Polygon Alternative - iAnyGo Pokemon GO Spoofer

Like any other spoofer app, the Polygon Android app for Pokemon GO is not perfect:

  • Polygon requires you to jailbreak your phone which many users might not be comfortable with.
  • Polygon usually works fine but for some users, it may be a frustrating app.

To overcome all these problems we have the perfect alternative waiting in line for you. This alternative is the Tenorshare iAnyGo app. It improves upon the Polygon Pokemon app and ensures that you have a smooth playing experience without rooting or jailbreaking your phone. A simple, light and fast alternative that lets you change your location in the blink of an eye:

  • You can change your iPhone/Android location to anywhere with just a single click.
  • GPS joystick to accurately control the direction of movement.
  • Works seamlessly with all location-based apps, such as Pokemon GO (iOS), WhatsApp (iOS), any fitness app, Facebook, etc.

And if that's not enough it has a simple interface that you can use with ease, Here's how:

  • Download and launch the Tenorshare iAnyGo app on your computer. Click on the Start button.

    polygon alternative
  • Connect your iPhone or Android device to the computer. You can do this either by using a USB cable or via WiFi. Also note that before connecting your Android device you need to enable USB debugging on your device.

    polygon alternative
  • Now in the app, select the location you want to teleport to and click on 'Start to modify'. All done, now it's time to explore your new location. iAnyGo offers single-spot, multi-spot, and joystick mode.

    polygon alternative

The Bottom Line

The Polygon game is the go-to app when it comes to Pokemon spoofer apps. It's easy to use and fast, but it also requires you to root your phone. iAnyGo is a suitable alternative that does the same thing without breaking your phone. Use it to teleport anywhere in an instant and get the most out of Pokemon GO.