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Pokemon Go Multiple Accounts: Everything You Need to Know

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2024-04-19 / Update for  change location

Pokemon Go has emerged as one of the most-loved augmented reality games. It transforms your surroundings into a Pokemon world where you can find and catch different Pokemon with Pokeballs. The one who is addicted to this game is always searching for tricks that can enhance the gaming experience faster. Having Pokemon Go multiple accounts is another trick to level up your gaming experience.

However, it can be risky. But don’t worry. This guide will help you explore everything about Pokemon Go multiple accounts, how to get them, and their pros and cons. So, let's get started!

Part 1: Can You Have Multiple Pokemon Go Accounts?

You may be wondering if can you have two Pokemon Go accounts. Technically, everyone can have multiple accounts. However, the developer of Pokemon Go, Niantic, has strict terms about using multiple accounts in Pokemon Go by a person. Using multiple accounts is called cheating by Niantic, resulting in account suspension. However, you can use one account on multiple devices for your convenience.

Part 2: What Can You do with Multiple Pokemon Go Accounts

The trick of using multiple Pokemon Go accounts has some advantages:

  • Find More Pokemon
  • Playing with multiple accounts gives you more chances to get Pokemon. You can increase your player level by using these Pokemon. This trick is handy when you are in a place where you can catch rare Pokemon. So, switching between multiple accounts gives you the chance to get more rare Pokemon.

  • For Trade
  • Most of the players use multiple accounts for in-game trading. With multiple accounts, you can trade across multiple accounts. There is no need to go outside and find a friend nearby for trade. You can send gifts, trade across multiple accounts, win more candies, and level up your profile.

  • For Raid and Battles
  • The Pokemon Go game mechanism lets you fight battles and raids against enemies together with friends and get rare or powerful Pokemon. But what can you do if you don't have a friend? In this case, having multiple accounts can boost your gaming experience. You can play battles with multiple accounts and get exclusive rewards.

Part 3: How Can We Get Multiple Pokemon Go Accounts

Anyhow, using multiple accounts is prohibited by Niantic, but you can use these tricks to get multiple tricks. Some of the tricks for getting multiple accounts in Pokemon Go are:

  • Sign Up With Different Gmails
  • Pokemon allows players to sign up for an account with email. If you want to make another Pokemon account, you can sign up with a different email.

  • Purchase Account
  • The easiest and fastest way of getting another Pokemon Go account is by purchasing from another Pokemon Go player. You can ask your friend on Pokemon Go or in the Facebook groups. You can also buy it from Amazon, but the price might be higher.

  • With a Clone App
  • You can find many clone apps on PlayStore. By downloading it to your phone, you can use multiple Pokemon Go accounts on the same device.

  • With the Pokemon Go Trainer Club
  • You can log in and create multiple accounts with the Pokemon Trainer Club in your browser. You have to put in different emails every time and create accounts.

Part 4: The Pros and Cons of Multiple Pokemon Go Accounts

Having multiple accounts of Pokemon Go has many pros as well as some cons:


  • You have the chance to get rare and powerful Pokemon.
  • Trade and send gifts.
  • Take part and win more battles and raids according to your time frame.
  • Occupy and defeat the invaders.
  • You can play privately without anyone's intervention.


  • It is against the terms of service of Pokemon Go.
  • You can face a Pokemon Go multi-account ban.
  • It affects fair gameplay.
  • Having one account with fair play is better than maintaining multiple accounts and violating the game rules.

Bonus: A Better Alternative to Multiple Pokemon Go Accounts

Having multiple or two Pokemon Go accounts on one phone may be fun and exciting for a player. But still, you have to move outside your home or backyard to catch more Pokemon. It may not be feasible for most of the players to keep moving. So, we have a better alternative to having multiple accounts and moving constantly.

A GPS spoofer iAnyGo can do all the things for you. Without moving from your seat, you can enjoy Pokemon Go and get various benefits:

  • You can set your location anywhere and play like you are moving outside.
  • Catch more rare and powerful Pokemon with the location changer iAnyGo.
  • Trade and send gifts while sitting at your home.
  • Simulate movement with a GPS joystick.
  • Set the customized walking, cycling, and driving speed or a route to show more realistic movements.
  • The cooldown timer reminds you to stop for a while for safe spoofing.

Now follow these steps to change location without moving.

  • First, download and install iAnyGo on your computer and keep the default mode "Change location."

    change location
  • Connect your device, whether iOS or Android, with a USB cable.

    change location
  • You will immediately proceed to the next step. Type the address/GPS coordinates in the search box and click "Start to modify." With a click, your location will be changed in the game

    change location
  • Open the home screen of iAnyGo and click on the 4th option to enable joystick movement. After that, you will see the virtual joystick to control the movement in the bottom left corner.


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Having Pokemon Go multiple accounts can be an exciting experience for many players. You can catch more Pokemon, participate in team raids, trade, and send gifts. But it might be tricky and risky. Nonetheless, using a GPS spoofer can be a better option. With iAnyGo, you can get all the benefits of Pokemon Go’s multiple accounts and play the game without moving.

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