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How to Recover Text Messages from iCloud [NEW!]

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2024-05-23 / Update for  iCloud

Is it possible to see deleted text messages on iCloud?

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Of all the operations you tend to perform on the iOS device, sending or receiving the text messages is one of the most prominent and popular ones. Imagine spending months to store the most memorable text messages but then coming to know that the text messages you stored are deleted. When you face this type of situation, you don't need to panic, as this guide will help you learn how to recover text messages from iCloud fairly quickly.

Part 1: How to Recover Text Messages from iCloud Backup

One of the most appropriate ways to learn how to recover deleted text messages from iCloud is through iCloud Backup. If you've backed up the lost text messages on the iCloud, you can get back the data effortlessly. One downside of opting for this method is that you'll have to factory reset the iOS device before retrieving the lost text messages on the iOS device.

Here's how to recover old text messages from iCloud through iCloud Backup.

  • Launch the iOS device settings and tap on the General button. Begin the proceedings by hitting the Transfer or Reset iPhone icon.
  • Erase everything from the iOS device by selecting the ''Erase All Content and Settings'' button.

    select the erase all content and settings
  • After factory resetting the iOS device, you'll need to set up the mobile device. Connect the mobile device to a stable wifi network after choosing the ''Restore from iCloud backup icon.

    choose the restore from icloud backup icon
  • In this phase, you'll need to log in with the Apple ID account attributes to access the iCloud backup.

    log in with the apple id account
  • Select the type of data text messages you want to retrieve and hit the Restore Backup icon. The process could take some time, but will help you to access the lost data in the meantime.

Part 2: How to Recover Text Messages from iCloud without Data Erasing

Since recovering the lost text messages from the iCloud demands the factory reset, many iOS devices don't consider that method worth going for. Luckily, you can learn how to recover deleted text messages from iCloud without data erasing, after looking at the excellent methods given below.

1. Recover Text Messages from iCloud via iCloud Recovery Software

If you want to spend any extra time while learning how to recover text message from iCloud, Tenorshare UltData is the ultimate and most reliable solution for you.

From allowing you to recover all the text messages quickly to enabling you to offer the highest recovery rate, UltData iPhone Recovery's iCloud recovery feature is winning hearts all over the world. This icloud recovery software supports text messages encryption and no text messages breach is concerned. Moreover, all downloaded data can be saved to the local. What ‘s more, Its interface is easy to use and helps you to recover your text message from icloud quickly!

Here's how to recover text messages from iCloud through Tenorshare UltData.

  • Launch the Tenorshare UltData and choose the Recover Data from iCloud button.

    choose the recover data
  • Log in with the Apple ID credentials to start the proceedings.

    log in with the apple id credentials
  • Select the file types you want to recover on the iCloud and choose the Download button.

    select the file types
  • After accessing the iCloud backup, you'll need to choose the text messages you want to retrieve. Press the Recover to Device or Recover to PC to initiate recovering the lost data.

    choose the text messages

2. Recover Text Messages from iCloud from Your Carrier

If none of the above methods work and can’t find deleted messages on iphone, then you can consult the carrier of the iOS device. The carrier might have stored all the text messages you received or sent, which are obviously encrypted end-to-end.

Hence, you can contact the phone provider and then let that person know about losing the important text messages from the iOS device. Remember, the carrier could only feature copies of text messages that are deleted within three to nine months.

Bonus Tips: In Case of Text Messages Loss Again

If you have lost important text messages from your iOS device more than once, you can take the following precautions to ensure you don't lose important data.

Turn on Automatic backup

Turning on the automatic backup will come in really handy as it enables you to back up all the messages you've received or sent. Doing so helps you to recover the lost text messages when they get deleted.

Make Frequent manual backups

Sometimes, automatic backups on the iOS device don't back up all the data or text messages.

Thus, it is recommended that you create a manual backup of important text messages. This way, you'll be able to retrieve the deleted text messages upon deletion.

Turn on the device's message backup

iPhone allows you to back up all the text messages courtesy of the device's message backup feature. Hence, you'll need to turn on this feature to ensure that all the messages you receive on the iOS device are backed up.

Manage storage on iCloud

If iCloud runs out of storage, it will also become the main culprit behind the deletion of important data. Thus, it is recommended that you keep deleting unimportant data from your iOS device to free up space for new data on iCloud.

In Conclusion

That's all we've had from this guide, where we've enlisted several efficient ways to help you know how to recover text messages from iCloud. All the options we've come up with in this post are worth your attention and will help you access all the lost text messages.

Tenorshare UltData offers the ultimate and most reliable solution for recovering deleted text messages from iCloud. It prompts the fast scanning speed and allows you to preview the data before recovering it. Apart from allowing you to recover multiple data types, the software also comes up with the highest recovery rate.