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How to Recover Unsaved Word Documents on iPad?

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2022-04-21 / Update for  iPhone Tips

Here we will discuss how to recover word documents from your iPad. It is possible to lose data on an iPad due to accidental deletions, hardware damage, iOS upgrade issues, and more. If you've backed up your device and are confident that the backup has all your lost data, you may restore your smartphone from the iCloud or iTunes backup. You must have a prior iTunes or iCloud backup to convert your lost files.

Yes, without a doubt! Even if you don't have a backup of your iPad's data, you can still restore it. Even if Microsoft Word crashes, you may be able to save the document if you used the Autosave feature before saving it. Deleted Word documents accidentally can be retrieved by using some techniques.

Part1: Why Did Losing Unsaved Word Document Happen?

When we don't save our Word documents, they will disappear from our devices. We all hate it when our comfort zone is invaded. A particular type of anxiety comes with discovering that a crucial document has vanished from inside Microsoft Word due to some mysterious problem. Before you know it, all your hard work is gone.

Error messages pop up whenever we're doing anything constructive in Word File, and the page either vanishes from view or flashes to the desktop or phone background.

The first time you have ever had an issue with Auto-save on your iPad Pro while using Word to work on your university thesis for about a month. When you finished the essay, then opened another word document on your iPad, and when you returned to your article, it was back in the initial state.

Part2: Which Apps or Methods Can I Use to Recover an Erased Word Document from an iPad?

Way 1: UltData iOS Data Recovery Software

  • When you open Tenorshare UltData on your PC, choose Recover Data from iOS Devices.

    recover data from ios devices - Ultdata-guide
  • For your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to be recognized, the USB cable must be inserted into your PC or Mac. The app will automatically recognize your iOS device if connected and trusted.

    connect device to recover data with UltData
  • If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod is operating correctly and connected to your computer through USB, please unlock it. Keep an eye out for a pop-up window that asks you to hit Trust on your smartphone's screen. It will be detected instantly when you hit the Trust option.

    trust device - UltData guide
  • If your iOS device is connected but not recognized, you may repair it by following the pop-up instructions.

    get iphone out of recovery mode with UltData
  • If your iOS device becomes stuck in recovery mode after connecting to a computer, click Escape Recovery Mode on the interface to exit recovery mode. After a short reboot, UltData will detect your device.

    get iphone out of recovery mode using UltData
  • Fix iOS System first before attempting to recover data from a damaged or unresponsive iPhone compatible with iOS 15.4. This is the page you will see after the program recognizes your device. Please pick what you want to scan and recover, or select everything, and then press Scan to begin.

    start scan lost ios data with UltData
  • The program now categorizes all scanned files. Choose Show All or Show Only Deleted to see lost data. Selecting just the material that has been lost or destroyed can save you time.

    preview photos by dates via UltData
  • After choosing the files, you wish to recover, click Recover to begin the recovery process. If you opt to retrieve lost information on a PC, only your contacts and messages will be able to be restored to your mobile devices.

    recover data to device - UltData guide

Your previously backed-up computer or device now has access to your deleted data.

Way 2: Looking for the Recover Unsaved Documents option from Word Program

If you want to recover lost word files directly in Word Program, following the steps as below, you will regain your unsaved word documents.

  • To get started, open your Word on your iPad.
  • Select "File" from the drop-down menu when selecting "Recover."
  • Find the missing Word document by searching through your computer's folders.
  • Once you've selected the file in the list, you may open it by clicking the Open button.

Way 3: Two Methods to Find Lost Word Documents on Word

The following are two common ways to find your lost Word documents easily.

Method1: Retrieve Unsaved Word Documents from Recent Files.

  • Click the File Tab in the upper left corner of MS Word.
  • Select Recover Unsaved Documents from the drop-down list after clicking Manage Document.
  • In the dialogue box, look for your missing file.
  • Click the Save As option in the top banner to save the recovered Word document.

  •  retrieve unsaved word documents from recent files

Method2: Recover Word Files from The Manage Versions Option.

  • Return to the file you were working on and open it.
  • Select File > Info from the File menu.
  • Select the file labeled "Manage Workbook" or "Manage Presentation" under Manage Workbook or Manage Presentation (when I closed without saving).
  • Select Restore from the menu bar at the top of the file to overwrite any previously saved versions.

    recover word files from manage versions

Following all the above methods, you can easily find the word document you want to recover. These will be the Best Way to Recover a Deleted Word Document. You may use it to recover word documents on your iPad or iPhone. You may not be able to retrieve your documents if you are using an older version of Microsoft Word. Your word document is lost when you are working on Word Program due to an internal problem, don't worry, you can contact Apple immediately.

Notably, UltData - iOS Data Recovery can help you retrieve your various types of files. Learn how to recover word documents on an iPad or iPhone.

Part3: You Should Know About Word Documents on iPad

Tip1:Will Word Documents Automatically Save on iPad?

Word for iPad automatically saves your work every time you make a change, no matter how little. Most of the time, your document will be saved automatically. Press the File button and then choose Print from Word on your iPad to print whatever you want.

Tip2:What is the location of the stored documents on the iPad?

You may find locally stored files on My device under Locations. The On My iPad folder is where you may save files on your iPad.

Tip3: Auto Save Word Files to Avoid Document Loss.

Using Microsoft Office's Auto Recover and AutoSave features, you can protect your files and documents. The Files tab is where you'll find them.

  • The first step is to ask for help and choose Options.
  • Click on the "Save" button to finish the process.
  • Save auto-recover data and check it each time.

In Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, choose the "Keep last automatically saved version when I close without saving" option. Even if you have experienced a file error and could not save your work, you may still recover your data.

Tip4: How can I recover my iPad's erased data from iCloud?

Find and restore deleted files from iCloud Drive and iWork software.

  • File sharing using iCloud in iCloud drive on icloud.com, click recently deleted in the window's bottom-right corner.
  • You can choose to recover all or specific files and click Recover.


Word documents may be lost for a variety of reasons. Despite the importance of safeguarding your data, unexpected data loss might occur. Fortunately, if you end up losing your data, many options are available. You may feel confident in the solutions provided in this article since they are secure, reliable, and simple to use. A few simple actions are all it takes to recover a word document on an iPad.