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How Do I Search Photos Quickly with Siri on iOS 16/15?

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2023-06-20 / Update for  iPhone Tips

Searching photos on the iPhone may be a difficult task when you have to go through thousands of images on your phone. Furthermore, it becomes more difficult when you don't know the name of a particular photo in the photo library and you have to browse the entire photo library.

However, from now on it will be easy for you to search for photos with Siri. In this post, we'll explain how you can search a single photo from a thousand photos within a few minutes. Let us get started with 4 vital ways that can help you to search for a particular photo without wasting time.

Part 1: 4 Ways to Search Photos with Siri for Saving Time

Searching a single photo from a detailed album is no doubt a difficult task. Keeping this thing in view, you might always be looking for a golden method to search for photos through Siri picture search. Here are the 4 different ways that can help you to find photos with Siri.

Way 1. Siri Picture Search - According to location

It's one of the wise methods to search images via location. It does not matter if your location is turned off as your iPhone or iPad automatically syncs photos by tagging a particular location. For this, you'll need to remember the location where you took images. Here is how you can do Siri image research depending on location:

  • Hold the side and home button for launching Siri.
  • Speak "Hey, Siri" and say to it where you took the picture earlier.(such as show me the photos in New York)

Way 2. Siri Image Search - Based on Time

A bit complex but yet another easy method to perform Siri photo search. Like the location, the photos taken on the iPhone or iPad are synced with time and date. You will have to perform similar steps to do Siri picture search:

  • Hold the side and home button for launching Siri.
  • Speak "Hey, Siri" and then say the exact month to it.(such as show me the photos on June)

Way 3: Search Photos with Siri - Related Things

Sometimes, you forget the location and time when you clicked a particular photo. If you're unsure about the time and location of a photo album, don't worry, we have a solution for you as well. Rather time and location, you need to tell Siri about a particular thing like a pet name, chair, or any other.

  • Hold the side and home button for launching Siri.
  • Speak "Hey, Siri" and then say "Show me photos of pets".

Way 4. Find Photos by combining above 3 Ways

If you're unable to find particular photos in the iPhone library then here is another way to get the job done. This method allows you to combine all of the methods to find your photos. So, what you need to do is to write in location, time, and related things in the search bar. Through this, you'll have a list of images that lie on the mentioned criteria.

  • Hold the side and home button for launching Siri.
  • Speak "Hey, Siri" and then say "Show my selfies from September."

Searching photos from the iPhone library is not as simple as it looks. However, the search photo with the Siri feature has made it easier for us to search the required photos in no time. All you need to do is follow the above 4 ways to solve this problem.

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Part 2: Didn't Find Specific Photo with Siri How to Do?

For some reason, you might not be able to find your photos in your iPhone photo library. You cannot find your photos if they're deleted either intentionally or intentionally. So, you'll be thinking about where to find deleted photos on iPhone. If you're looking to search your lost photos on iPhone then here are two methods that can help you to search for photos in Siri.

Solution 1. Using Third-party tool to recover lost photos (UltData for iOS)

If you're unable to find your desired photos from the recently deleted folder then your photos might be deleted permanently from your phone. If you're curious to know how to recover data with Tenorshare UltData software then follow these steps to get started. In-depth scan your device with computer and retrieve iPhone/iPad/iPod touch data without backup as easy as 1-2-3.

  • Download and install UltData and Connect Your iOS device

    tenorshare ultdata
  • Next, Start scanning your lost data by clicking "Scan".

    scan lost data tenorshare ultdata
  • In the end, select the lost data you want to recover and click "Preview" or "Recover".

    recover lost data tenorshare ultdata

Solution 2. Find the lost photos in Recently Deleted Ablums (30 Days)

Do you know that photos that you delete from iPhone are not deleted permanently? They're temporarily stored in some other folder named as "Recently Deleted" folder. You might be thinking about how to access that folder and recover your photos easily. Don't stress out, here's how you can access the Recently Deleted folder:

  • Go to photos
  • Select the Album view located at the bottom.
  • Scroll down to check the recently deleted album.

    search photos with siri
  • Then click on the Select button located at the top right corner.

    siri picture search
  • From the drop-down option, you need to select Recover. All deleted files will be recovered at once.

    siri picture search
  • Check your camera roll and see if all photos are there.


All in all, The problem occurs when your photo gets deleted accidentally or unintentionally. To deal with this problem, Tenorshare UltData recovery software can help you to recover all your lost photos within a few seconds. Try this free software now to recover your precious photos.