Top 6 Tools to Record Online Radio

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Did Internet kill the radio station? Definitely not! Now you can stream Internet radio to listen to various stations from across the world. It streams live music and talk shows to an international audience.

Yet, sometimes you do not always experience connectivity to the Internet, how to listen radio stations on their computers without having to purchase the tracks? With the assistance of the appropriate Internet Radio Recorder software, you can record music online directly from Internet radio stations. It ensures you never miss your favorite radio programs. Read out our recommendations.

Top 6 Online Radio Recorder Software

Recording Internet radio becomes straightforward if you utilize the programs introduced below.

  • 1. iGetting Audio

    Speaking of online radio recoder software, the first one to mention must be iGetting Audio. It is a professional streaming audio recorder. It allows you to record not only online radio, but also music, VoIP and any other sound from your computer's sound card and microphone. You can feel free to download and have a try.

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  • 2. Audacity

    Audacity is the most famous open source digital audio editor and recording application. You can record online radio stations. Plus, it allows you to set Audacity to record radio during your favorite radio show's timeslot.

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  • 3. Freecorder

    Freecorder is a browser add-on for IE, Firefox and Chrome designed within the browser while recording online radio. It allows you to record online radio as .wav or .mp3 files, as well as set the bit rate and destination folder. However, it is hampered by a lack of scheduling features and streaming management.

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  • 4. StationRipper

    StationRipper is another online radio recorder freeware that enables you to record Internet radio stations and broadcasts. It's limited to recording 2 stations and 25 songs per session. You can record Pandora, iTunes Radio, Podcasts,, and Shoutcast audio & video streams. The paid version removes the recording restrictions, as well as allowing recording of up to 600 simultaneous audio streams.

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  • 5. Screamer Radio

    Screamer Radio, a free Internet radio recorder, comes with more than 4000 preset stations and that list is regularly updated. You can input your own URLs for a specific radio station. Again, no recording scheduler.

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  • 6. StreamRipperX

    StreamRipperX is "The Mac Internet Radio Recorder" that lets you "Record songs from your favorite Internet radio stations as individual MP3 files."

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Top 10 Pop Radio Stations with Internet Radio Stations included

We list the best radio stations for top 40 and pop music. Internet and satellite based on stations are included along with traditional radio.

  • 1. KIIS - Los Angeles
  • 2. Z100 - New York
  • 3. BBC Radio 1
  • 4. Star 94 – Atlanta
  • 5. XM Top 20 on 20
  • 6. Yahoo! LaunchCast Pop
  • 7. Rockland USA Pop Rock
  • 8. KISS 108 – Boston
  • 9. Z103.5 - Toronto
  • 10. Star Radio Top 40 Hits

After recording the online radio, if you need to play them on iPod, Samsung Galaxy S4, PSP, and other media player, you need to convert them to other appropriate formats by using Audio Converter.

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  Updated on 2020-03-14 / Update for  iPhone Tips

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