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iMessage Sent as Text Messages Am I Blocked? 1-Minute to Know

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2021-07-26 / Update for  iPhone Tips

I have an iPhone 11. I tried sending a text to my friend, but it showed that iMessage was sent as a text message. Am I blocked from the service? Usually, the chat goes blue and displays delivered, but today it only turned blue and did not say “Delivered.” Apart from that, that blue message turned green afterward and displayed “sent as a text message.”

It looks like there are some setting issues with your iMessage service. Don’t worry; we will help you fix your iMessage issue. It will make your iMessages go back to normal. The most tricky problem that we need to figure it out firstly "iMessage sent as text messages am I blocked"

Part 1: What's the Difference Between iMessages and Messages?

What should you do if your iPhone displays the message “iMessage sent as a text message?” Blocked iMessage service can be a reason for it too. 

Let’s see what the difference between a standard SMS and an iMessage is. iMessages have blue chats:

If you are using the iMessage service, then the texts sent through it will always be encased in a blue chat bubble; If you see that your iPhone chat has a green text bubble, it is a simple text message and not an iMessage.

  • iMessages run on the Internet: iMessages are also used to send photos, videos, and audios other than text messages. They send this data through the internet. You must have an active cellular or Wi-Fi to send iMessages.
  • iOS only: iMessage is only for iOS and Apple users. You cannot send an iMessage to your Android using a friend. So, if you get a green message option, it means that the other party might be using an Android.
  • End-to-End encryption: Apple takes the lead here by providing end-to-end encryption to its private text messages. No one would intercept or read those texts other than you or the recipient.
  • Read Receipts: iMessages allow the people to see if their message has been delivered and read by the other party. It also shows when the other person is typing so you could wait for the texts. 
  • Sync Messages: The recent iOS update lets you use iMessages across different Apple devices. You could text one message from your iPhone and reply to it from your iPad. iCloud allows you to switch the devices in the middle of your conversation seamlessly. 

However, you have to turn on Text Message Forwarding on the iPhone.

Part 2: iMessage Sent as Text Messages Am I Blocked?

Let’s find out the possible reasons why your iMessages are being sent as text messages.

2.1 What Does Blue and Green Stand for?

Here is what happens when your blue iMessage is sent as text message green. Blocked settings could be the reason for it. You have to enable iMessage first.

imessage sent as text message am i blocked


If you enable iMessage in the settings, the messages you send to other iPhone users will use internet or cellular data to send messages. These iMessages would appear in blue chat bubbles.


If your iMessage option is disabled, your messages sent to the iPhone will appear Green, and they will consume SMS charges from the local network. If iMessages is on and your text is sent to an Android or non-iOS device, the messages will still appear in green chat bubbles.

2.2: Sent/Delivered/ Failed and Undelivered, What's the Meaning?

How do I know if someone blocked me on iMessage? Will it be sent as a text, or would there be any difference in my texts?

Here is what your iMessage options look like, and if these do not show, then maybe someone blocked you.


This iMessage option tells the user that their message has been sent from the sender’s side but not delivered yet.


This iMessage option would show that your sent message is delivered to the other iMessage recipient.


This message displays when your iMessage cannot connect to the server, or the internet is out of range, or any other error occurred during the sending.


This option shows that the message has been sent, but the recipient could not receive it due to their iMessage issue or internet connectivity.

2.3: The Real Thing: If iMessage Sends as Text Message, Am I blocked

If iMessage says sent as text message, am I blocked? Yes, you could be blocked if:

  • iMessage goes blue but turns green after some time.
  • iMessage is undelivered.
  • FaceTime and location sharing are also off.
  • Sometimes you have disabled iMessage too; you can turn it on.
    • Step 1: Open Settings.
    • Step 2: Click on “Messages.”
    • Step 3: Toggle on the iMessage button

Extra Tip: How to Recover Deleted Messages from iPhone without Backup?

If you accidentally deleted your iMessages from your iPhone and didn’t have any backup of it, then don’t worry. There is a tool that can solve your issue and bring back those messages. Tenorshare UltData - iPhone Data Recovery is its name. Apart from that, you can retrieve lost data from iTunes backup or iCloud using Tenorshare UltData.

  • Download/Launch UltData on PC. Choose “Recover Data from iOS Devices” and connect your iPhone to your PC.

    recover messages iphone - step 2
  • Download/Launch UltData on PC. Choose “Recover Data from iOS Devices” and connect your iPhone to your PC.

    recover messages iphone - step 2
  • Tick on the “Messages & Attachment” option and click “Scan.”

    recover messages iphone - step 3
  • All scanned messages and files will be shown. Select the iMessages you want to restore and click “Restore to PC.”

    recover messages iphone - step 4
  • Your messages will be directly recovered to the iPhone through UltData.

    recover messages iphone - step 5


iMessage is available for every iOS user unless they block you or change their phone. We hope you can get a full understanding what's going on there. If your iMessages get deleted, then use Tenorshare UltData to recover them.