[Step-by-Step] How to Edit Videos on iPhone 12/ 11/X/8

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2020-10-22 / Update for  iPhone Tips

You may have just recorded an awesome video on your iPhone that captures you and your friends on an exciting expedition. Awesome as the video might be, you may need to edit, trim, crop or add text to it and turn it into a masterpiece. Contrary to what most people think, you don't need to own a beast of a computer to edit it; you can do it on the go on your iPhone. And do a pretty decent job while at it. This article explains how to crop a video on iPhone 12/11/X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/6/ 6S and other editing basics.

Part 1. How to Trim a Video on iPhone Using Photo App

The Photos app, a native app that enables users to easily manage photos and videos on the iPhone, can be used to trim videos. To use it, follow the procedure below.

Step 1: Launch the Photos app.

Step 2: Select the video you would like to edit by tapping it.

Step 3: Tap the edit button. It is located at the to right corner of the interface and it resembles three horizontal lines at each end.

trim video photos app

Step 4: Tap and hold one of either the left or right side of the timeline to activate the trimming tool.

Step 5: Drag the trimming anchor to the left or right to trim the video as it suits your preference.

Step 6: For accurate ad precise editing, tap and hold the anchor: it expands the timeline.

engage trimming tool

Step 7: Tap Done located at the bottom right of the interface.

Step 8: Select one of either Save as New Clip or Trim Original to save the video. The latter replaces the original video.

save new clip or original trim

Part 2. How to Crop a Video on iPhone

The Photos app on iPhone doesn't have a video-cropping feature give you an option to crop videos. To crop videos, you'll need video editing apps for iPhone. We recommend Video Crop for iPhone. Video Crop is a free app on the App Store that has an intuitive and beautiful user-interface that allows users to crop and resize videos on their iPhone. To use Video crop, follow the procedure below.

Step 1: Download and install Video Crop for iPhone.

Step 2: Allow the app to access your phone's Camera Roll and select the video you wish to crop.

Step 3: Crop the video either by using your fingers or selecting an aspect ratio on the bottom of the interface.

Step 4: Save the video, choose its quality and file type then tap Done.

crop videos using video crop

Part 3. How to Add Music, Visual Effects, and On-screen Text on iPhone Video

To add the aforementioned features to your videos, we recommend using iMovie app. iMovie, the best video editing app for iPhone, allows you to add music, visual effects, on-screen text, create trailers, and add other effects right on your iPhone. Download and install iMovie on your iPhone then, follow the procedure below.

To add music

Step 1: Create or open an existing project. Tap the + button then tap Audio.

Step 2: Select the music you wish to add then tap Use.

add music imovie iphone

To add visual effects

Step 1: Select a clip in the timeline.

Step 2: Tap the filter button at the bottom of the screen; it has three overlaying circles.

Step 3: Choose a filter

add filter to clip

To add on-screen text

Step 1: Launch iMovie and select a video.

Step 2: Tap the 'T' icon located at the bottom of the interface.

Step 3: Select a text style, type the text, tap Done on your on-screen keyboard and save the video.

add text imovie for iphone

Part 4. How to Rotate a Video on iPhone

To rotate a video on iPhone using iMovie, follow the procedure below.

Step 1: Launch iMovie and select a video or open a project.

Step 2: Place two fingers on your screen and rotate the video to the left or right depending on your preference.

rotate video imovie on iphone

Step 3: Tap Done.

Editing videos on your iPhone has never been easier. Simple follow the detailed procedure outlined above. We recommend using the best video editor for iPhone i.e., iMovie. In case you've lost or accidentally deleted your edited videos, we recommend using Tenorshare UltData: it allows you to preview and selectively recover videos, with or without iTunes or iCloud backup files.