How to Fix iPhone Cannot Make Calls on iOS 16/15

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2022-09-02 / Update for  iOS 11

"Q: I can’t make calls on ios 16, neither can i open the phone app. I can’t make call, receive call, or open the dialer/phone app on ios 16. Please help me out, really urgent." iphone call failed on ios 11

Once users choose to update and experience the new features, there must be some troubles which may annoyed users. In fact, this iPhone won't make calls problem, not only exists in the new iOS 16 but also appears after users update in other version of iOS system.

Part 1. Basic Checks to Fix iOS 16/15 Call Failed

When you find your iPhone cannot normally make a call, you can take the following tips to check and fix:

  • Make sure your account is available to make calls;
  • Be in a good signal environment, bad signal or "No Service" will not enable you to make or receive calls;
  • Check the SIM card, whether it is workable or not.
  • Check the number you called is blocked or not.

Part 2. Manually Change Settings to Fix iPhone Won't Make Calls 

Basically, after you have check the above options, if your iPhone also could not to make calls, you then can take the following steps to fix:

  • In most of the situation, users can choose to turn Airplane mode on, and turn it off after you see the airplane symbol appears. This operation can help to receipt signal again.
  • Besides, you can also reset your iPhone network settings to make your iPhone in a good network.
  •    Go to: Settings >> General >> Reset >> Reset Network Settings

  • Check the carrier in Settings, make sure you have connect to the right carrier of the SIM card. You can manually update the carrier by going to: Settings >> General >> About.

Part 3. Repair Failed Call Issue on iOS 16/15 Using iOS Repair Tool

After check and change the settings of your iPhone 7/7 Plus/SE/6s/6/5s/5, in most of the situation, you will find it becomes normal to make and receive calls on iOS 16/15. If you are unfortunately find your iPhone still won't make calls, we then recommend you to try some third party software for help.

Tenorshare ReiBoot, a professional free iOS helper, can fix various iOS stuck issues, as well as handling this kind of iOS 16/15 call failed problem.

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You should only, connect your iPhone/iPad with Tenorshare ReiBoot via USB cable. And click "Enter Recovery Mode", then your iPhone will get into Recovery mode, and click "Exit Recovery Mode" and wait your iPhone restart.

enter recovery mode

This enter/exit recovery mode, is based on refresh the system environment and also fix iOS setting issues. Thus through this method, you will sure fix the iPhone call fail issue on iOS 16/15. If you cannot only easily get this problem repaired, you can also use Tenorshare ReiBoot to fix all iOS stuck by repair operating system.

That's all about how to fix iPhone not making/receiving calls after iOS 16/15 update. Hope you can get solutions from this article.

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