Discover how to securely erase iPhone data before selling or trading it in with ReiBoot's Anti-data Recovery Mode. Clear your iPhone with ease using step-by-step instructions for a hassle-free reset, guaranteeing privacy and preventing recovery.

Step 1 Download and Install ReiBoot on Computer

Download and install ReiBoot. After running ReiBoot, connect your device to computer and click 'Anti-data Recovery Mode'.

anti-data recovery repair with reiboot

Step 2 Click 'Start Repair' to Proceed

Now, you'll see the two reset options. Select the 'Start Repair' to start.

anti-data recovery repair with reiboot

Step 3 Download Firmware Package

Once the program recognizes your iPhone device, it’ll take you to the downloading page. Click on the Download button.

anti-data recovery repair with reiboot


If your device can't be detected, ReiBoot will help your device enter Recovery Mode first.

enter recovery mode instructions

However, when the device doesn't show up even in Recovery Mode, click 'Try DFU Mode' on the bottom.

enter dfu mode instructions
  • If you failed to download the firmware package, you can download it through browser by hit 'click here'.
  • If you've already downloaded the firmware package on computer, just click "import local file" to import the firmware manually.

Step 4 Start Anti-data Recovery Repair

When the firmware is downloaded to the computer, click 'Start Repair' to kick off the resetting process.

anti-data recovery repair with reiboot

Wait for the repair process; let it complete without interruption. Once completed, it’ll show a Done message, and your iPhone or iPad will automatically restart.

anti-data recovery repair with reiboot

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