Why Can't I See Pictures on iMessage? Here Are Answer & Solutions

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2023-11-01 / Update for  Data Recovery

Imessages is convenient to use as a primary messaging application, which many iPhone users benefit from. However, while we won't deny how exceptional its working is, we cannot deny that, at times, there can be some glitches, too. One such glitch happens when your iMessages photos do not show or load. If this happened to you and you are now wondering why can't see I pictures on iMessage, then this article is for you. Hop on below to learn why it happens and all the ways through which you can fix the iMessage photos not showing or not loading issue.

Part 1: Why Can't I See Pictures on iMessage?

When you experience situations like iMessage photos not loading or showing and wonderting "why can't I see pictures on imessage?", the reason cannot be narrowed down to one immediately. This is because there are a lot of possibilities as to why aren't pictures loading in iMessage. We have a few of the most common reasons why iPhone photos not loading in messages listed below:

  • Your iPhone doesn't have sufficient storage space.
  • You may have accidentally deleted the iMessage photos while clearing the cache or creating space.
  • The iMessage service is unavailable or doesn't have proper authorization.
  • You have manipulated your iOS or iCloud settings.
  • Poor intenret connection.
  • Failures during the iOS update.
  • Using an outdated version of the iMessage app.

Part 2: Top 8 Fixes| How to Fix iMessage Photos Not Showing/Loading

While there are a lot of possibilities of your iMessage photos not showing or not loading, there are several ways to fix the issue, too. We have a few of the best ones listed down for you:

Fix 1: Check Your Internet Connection

One of the significant possibilities for iMessage photos not loading is because of poor internet connectivity. Hence, you need to ensure that you have a working Wi-Fi connection for your iMessages images to load. Wondering how you can do this? Here is how.

  • Go to the settings application and select Wi-Fi.
  • Check whether your phone is connected to the correct network or if the connections are stable.
  • Refresh your connections by disabling them and connecting them again.

    check wifi connection

Fix 2: Enable Cellular Data or Wi-Fi for iMessage

While Wi-Fi works wonderfully to send your iMessages, there can be times when it may not work as efficiently. Hence, in such cases, ensuring that you have your cellular data enabled with your Wi-Fi connections is a great idea. Here is how you can enable the cellular data on your iPhone:

  • Go to the settings app and select cellular.
  • Scroll down the page and ensure that the toggle next to cellular data is enabled.
  • If it is not, this means that your iMessage application cannot use cellular data and will not load images if your internet connection is poor. Enable your cellular data.

Fix 3: Check iMessage Settings

Another possible reason why aren't pictures loading in iMessage for you is probably because your iMessage settings are disabled. Hence, it is always essential to check the iMessage settings for you. Here is how you can do this:

1. Go to your iPhone settings and search for the 'Messages' option.

2. Check if your iMessages toggled is switched on. If it is not, drag the toggle towards the right.

imessage setting

Fix 4: Restart iMessage

There can be times when your iMessage settings are all perfect. However, your iMessages may not be loading. In such cases, do not go into overthinking that 'why can't I see pictures on iMessage' or if there is some major issue. Simply stay on the same iMessage settings page and restart your iMessages. Here is how you can do this:

Step 1: Go to the settings app and tap Messages.

Step 2: Turn off the iMessage toggle by swiping it to the left.

Step 3: Now, restart your iPhone.

Step 4: Go back to the Settings app and enable your iMessages option again.

Step 5: If this doesn't fix your issue, move on to the next fix.

Fix 5: Check Storage Space

One primary reason as to why aren't pictures loading in imessage is insufficient storage space. Hence, checking the storage on your iPhone is another significant step you should take. Here is how you can do this:

  • Go to the settings app on your iPhone.
  • Select General and then choose iPhone storage.
  • Review all applications and data to figure out what unnecessary files or apps you can delete.
  • Now, select the app or file you want to remove. Tap on it and select Delete.

    iphone storage

Fix 6: Reset Network Settings

Resetting your iPhone's network settings is another helpful option that can help resolve the network difficulties that might be causing your photos to load correctly. Hence, carrying out this fix might work in favor of you. Here is how you can do this:

  • On the settings menu, select General and then choose Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  • Select Reset. A pop-up will appear.
  • Now, choose Reset Network Settings among the other options it will display.
  • Follow the instructions displayed on the screen to complete the process. Connect your internet again and check whether your iMessages photos are loading.

    reset network settings

Fix 7: Check Date and Time Settings

The incorrect date and time settings may cause an inability in the synchronization according to iMessages protocols, which can cause your iMessage photos not to show. Hence, ensuring you have selected the correct time and date on your device is essential. Here is how you can do this:

1. Go to Settings and select the General option.

2. Now, select the Date and Time. Tap on the slider which states 'Set Automatically'.

3. This slider will adjust the time and date according to the region you are in on your phone.

date and time

Fix 8: Check for iOS Updates

At times, un-updated iOS versions can also cause your iMessages pictures not to load. Hence, it is always essential to check for any recent iOS updates on your iPhone and make upgrades if any are pending.

Part 3: How to See iMessage Photos Selectively Free and Recover without Backup

In case you have lost your iMessages photos and don't have a backup but want to recover those photos, then hear us out. The best way to do this is through Tenorshare UltData.

This tool helps users recover deleted data from iPhones quickly. The tool comes with three recovery modes and uses powerful iPhone data methods, which are capable of finding everything lost from an iPhone in seconds. The best part? You will never lose any data or even a single byte while carrying out this process. If you are wondering how to make use of this automated recovery tool, just follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  • Users will first have to download the Tenorshare UltData on a PC. When done, choose Recover from devices and it will now be time to connect your iPhone to the system on which you have downloaded this tool. The program will detect your iOS automatically.

    launch ios recovery
  • When the software detects your device, it will show the page of options. Select what you would like to scan and recover on your iPhone, or just select all and then tap on Scan to proceed.

    start scan
  • Once proceeded, your scanned files will then be listed down on the program according to categories. Select 'Show all' or 'Show only deleted' to recover your files. Tapping on the latter may help save time.

    preview data
  • Check the files which you need and then click Recover. Your lost data will be sent back to your phone.

    recover to device


If you were wondering why can't I see pictures on iMessage, then we hope this article was sufficient to answer all your queries. There can be multiple reasons why aren't pictures loading in iMessage, but there are a lot of ways to fix this issue, too. However, if you have entirely lost your iMessages photos or data, then in our opinion, the Tenorshare UltData.

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