Top 11 Phone Trackers for 2020

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In this modern era, the possibility of your kid falling prey to bad habits is on peak. Which can affect your kid's psyche altogether. Also, the advent of Internet opens up to a world of chronic addiction, ill-temptations and many other activities prone to damage your kid. Which is why, the parents have to remain updated about the whereabouts of their kids.  So, in order to maintain firm check on your kid's phone, a good phone tracker is a must. We've provided 10 most useful phone tracker apps to cater your need.

Folks, in this section we are going to introduce you with 10 most useful phone tracker apps that you can consider using for supervising the contents available on your kid's phone.

1. Spyera

Price: $ 189/3mos

Compatible OS: Android/iOS

Spyera is the ideal, undetectable phone tracker that easily installs on your kid's phone. It assures to provide you with the in-depth detailing of the activities surfacing in their phone. You can trace the locations they visited, view the messages/calls and fetch the blueprint of their social media handles with ease. Spyera, excellently works down with both the iOS/Android device. Moreover, it allows you to remotely change the applications settings of your kid's phone.


2. Xnspy

Price: $ 49.99/mo

We all know what the spy tolls should be, and what the common spy tools can do. But I think you have never know Xnspy completely. It can spy all the information indeed, such as phone calls, contacts, SMS, GPS, online activities... I think it is a good tool for your needs. You may wonder what are the strengths of Xnspy when compare to other spy tools. I will tell you that the easy operations, remote and off-line spy can conquer you completely.


3. FoneMonitor

Price: $ 39.99/mo

Compatible OS: Android/iOS

Another considerable option is FoneMonitor, tracking software useful in overviewing the information present in your kid's phone. With this phone tracker app, you can peep onto your child's phone and get the minutest details circling around their device. It allows you to view the bookmarks saved in their mobile, the notes created by them, see their browser history etc etc.


4. Spyzie

Price: $ 39.99/mo

Compatible OS: Android/iOS

The most popular monitoring software, Spyzie can be considered a good option for phone tracker. With this tracker, you can real time update of the locations being in use, the names of the calls made and received from. You can even keep a check on the email box of your kid's phone.


5. SpyMyFone

Price: $ 39.99

Compatible OS: Android/iOS

You can also count on SpyMyFone software that acts like a phone tracker and monitors your kid's phone without much hassle. With SpyMyFone, parents can gain the insight of the kid's web history, learn about the memos secretly saved in their device and maintain geofence too.


6. OneSpy

Price: $ 54.59

Compatible OS: Android

OneSpy is one of the best Android phone tracker app that peeps right into your kid's phone and trace their whereabouts. Parents can monitor their kid's activities from the control panel and remain updated of who your child is talking to, calling or making plans with. Also, one can view the Facebook handle of your kid.


7. Copy 9

Price: $ 25.9

Compatible OS: Android/iOS

Copy9 is designed as a cell phone spy application that can be fused as a phone tracker app to supervise the kid's phone. With this phone tracker app, you can remotely view where your kid has been to and see the media files available on your kid's phone and maintain the record of GPS in-use.


8. mSpy

Price: $ 45.01

Compatible OS: Android/iOS

mSpy monitoring software  is another great option for phone tracker app, that can gain you with the essential data types like call logs, messages etc conveniently over your device. Parents can also gain a clear view the social handles such as WhatsApp, Facebook of your kid's phone. Moreover, you can seek answers for your queries from the active 24*7 active customer support.


9. FlexiSpy

Price: $ 68

Compatible OS: Android/iOS

FlexiSpy is a simple parent controlling monitoring software that allows parents to keep a stern track on what their kids are doing on their cellphones. You can remotely view the passwords set on their device and clearly have a look at the documents, media files and call logs present in their device.


10. Android Monitor

Price: $ 7.90/mo

Compatible OS: Android

As the name suggests, Android Monitor is flared to extensively monitor the target Android device of your kid. This application can work like a phone tracker to trace down what your kid does over his cell phone. Parents can remotely view kid's phone and view the message threads, maintain the GPS location and view the media files.

android monitor

11. Highster

Price: $ 69.99

Compatible OS: Android and iOS

The last in our list is Highster, a user friendly spying application equipped with the feature of tracking down the essential data types of your kid's phone. This phone tracker ensures to give you the best results of GPS, text messages, audios etc. being used up in your kid's phone. And, you can surpass the contents on your kid's iPhone without jail breaking.



This article threw light upon the applications considerable for phone trackers. Some of the applications are unfailing good but are too high on the price range and doesn't suffice the features expected form a phone tracker app. However, Spyera stands in par with its unique functionality of gaining the overview of your kid's phone without them getting any inkling of it. Moreover, it swiftly works with both the iOS and Android devices easily.

  Updated on 2020-04-01 / Update for  Top

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