How to Download/Restore Data from Google Drive

UltData for Android now offers you an one-click downloading tool to restore contacts, messages, calls, calendars and saved Wi-Fi credentials from Google drive. Not only downloading, you can view and analyze Google data with the built-in viewer.

Below you will find a detailed guide on how to restore WhatsApp data and device data from Google Drive. To start with, free download Tenorshare UltData for Android and get it installed on your computer.

Basic Steps before the Recovery

Before downlowing/recovering your WhatsApp data and Android device data from your Google Drive, follow the basic steps first.

Step 1. Choose the "Recover Google Drive Data" Feature

Run UltData for Android after installing it and choose the feature "Recover Google Drive Data".

download google data

Step 2. Log in to Google Account

Sign in to your Google account. Make sure that the sign-in details of the account are correct and then click "Sign in".


  • You can only login into Google with email address. Phone number is currently not available.
  • If you failed to log in to your Google account for multiple times, Google will temporally disable the account login. You can log in to your Google account after several hours.
  • If you have enabled 2-Step Verification with phone call, security code, Google Authenticator, etc., please turn off 2-Step Verification firstly.
how to download your google data

Part 1. How to Download and View WhatsApp Backup on Google Drive

If your WhatsApp data has been previously backed up to your Google Drive, you can download, view and restore Whatsapp backup from Google Drive to your computer.

Step 1. Selete "Recover WhatsApp Data"

Once your Google account is logged in successfully, you'll see two options on the screen. Select the "Recover WhatsApp Data" option.

select recover whatsapp data feature

All the WhatsApp backup information will be loaded automatically. Select the WhatsApp backup you would like to restore and then click the "Download" option at the bottom right of the interface.

how to download whatsapp backup from google drive

Click "OK" when a confirmation prompt appears to start downloading WhatsApp backup from Google Drive.

download whatsapp backup from google drive

Tip: Tenorshare UltData for Android will record your previous WhatsApp backup download history. You can check or delete your download history as you like.

view whatsapp backup download history

Step 2. Verify WhatsApp Account

Once the program finishes downloading, you'll be asked to verify your WhatsApp account by entering the country code and phone number, for the sake of data security.

verify whatsapp account

Click "Continue", enter the received verification code and then click "Verify" to proceed.

continue to verify whatsapp account verifing whatsapp account

Step 3. Preview and Download WhatsApp Data

When the data security verification is passed, all your back-up WhatsApp data including messages, wallpaper, documents and images on Google Drive will be listed after scanning. You can preview the data and choose the files you want to recover.

how to view whatsapp backup on google drive

Click on "Recover" and select a destination on your PC for the restored files.

recover whatsapp backup from google drive to pc download whatsapp backup from google drive to pc

UltData for Android will start recovering your WhatsApp backup.

whatsapp backup recovering process

Once the recovery process is complete, a popup will appear stating that Recover successfully. Click "OK" and you can now see the recovered WhatsApp data on your computer.

download whatsapp backup from google drive successfully

Part 2. How to Download/Restore Android Data from Google Drive

It is also esay to download or restore your Android data from Google Drive, just by following the steps below.

Step 1. Choose the "Recover Google Drive Data" feature

When you're signed in to Google Drive, select the "Recover Device Data" option.

select recover device data feature

Step 2: Select File Types and Start Scanning

You now can see a list of your device backup that can be restored from your Google Drive account. By default, all the file types are selected. You can select the data type you would like to recover.

how to restore backup from google drive

Then, click "Start" to start scanning Google drive backup data.

how to restore backup data from google drive

Tip: Your previous download history from Google backup will also be recorded by Tenorshare UltData for Android, so you can view it as you like.

download contacts from google

Step 3. Preview and Download Google Data

When the scanning is finished, click "OK". All your Google data including Google contacts, messages, calls, calendars and saved Wi-Fi credentials (SSID and passwords) will be listed by category. You can preview them before the recovery.

how to recover deleted whatsapp business messages

Check the files you want and click "Recover" to restore device backup from Google Drive.

restore google contacts

Tip: You can use the built-in viewer to view and search a certain Google contact, message you need. You just need to type part of the words you are looking for into the search box.

restore google contacts
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