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by ben

due to some unknown glitches, my itunes cannot recognize my iphone properly, With the mentality of trying, I bought this product. then, magic happens!

by Paula

My itunes can recognize my iphone again after installed this tool! thanks!

Very Good!
by Nick

I have tried to install iTunes on my PC several times but still failed. Luckily I got this free software, which solve all my problems without any efforts.

Easy to use
by Julie

I can't sync my iPhone 6 to iTunes. Every time I connect my device my iTunes stops working and I have to force close the application. After fixing with TunesCare, now it works well.

helpful software
by Chris

Bravo!!! With an incredibly simple UI and marvelously explained step-by-step instruction, TunesCare is definitely the best iTunes repair tool.

Work like a charm!
by Mike

I used TunesCare to fix iTunes cannot read the content of my iPhone. It really works, thank you very much.

Great program
by Hokger

My iPod was synchronizing properly, but when complete I would have no music on my iPod. I tried every trouble-shooting method I could find on the internet and nothing worked. I downloaded TunesCare and ran the program and it resolved my problem. What a grȀP

useful, just simple for my needs
by Smith

Since I installed this powerful software, it fix my problem that iTunes sync session failed to start.

Best iTunes Repair Tool
by Lorry

I'm fed up with the iTunes mistake, thanks god I met Tenorshare TunesCare, no more iTunes errors again.

I love TunesCare
by Nicson

To be honest, TunesCare is the best tool I have bought, it can fix all the itunes problems in just 1-click, unblievable!!!