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resolve the wrong playlists issue
by Ricardo

I currently have a problem with the iTunes on my windows 10, where if I go into "Playlists" in Library, most of the playlist artwork is wrong as in it's displaying an artwork from another one of my playlist instead. TunesCare help me solved with the problem.

fix my itunes error
by svoka

Awesome, it worked like charm!

fix the annoying itunes sync problem
by Jennifer Gray

i want to update my iphone from to 12.3.1 to 13.3 via itunes but itunes is crashing on me every time i connect. My friend recommend this tunescare to me. Yes! It worked for me.

Fix my iTunes to noraml
by LEO

I haven't upgrade my mac to Catalina, but my iPhone 11 is iOS 13.3. And the iTunes can't connect my iPhone 11 correctly so that I can't back up my iPhone 11. Thanks tunesgo, it reinstall my iTunes quickly and now it can back up my iPhone 11 properly.

by Robert Hazelly

Yes! It worked for me. I'm so happy because i can launch the iTunes successfully. Really appreciate this kind of iTunes repair tool.

Fix iTunes Sync Problem Successfully
by Jack

Am I the only one who experienced "waiting for sync to start" and iTunes freezing when trying to sync their iphone? Not sure if it's a tweak I downloaded or what.. I try to use TunesCare to fix this problem, it succeeded and iTunes could sync my iOS devices successfully.

Fix error 4013
by Almast Perchuhi

I encountered "iTunes error 4013" when used iTunes to restore a backup file to my iPhone 6. I tried many methods, only Tunescare worked well and solved the issue, thanks a lot!

Very easy to use.
by Frey

i downloaded the iTunes but cannot launch it, i tried many times but still fail. With the help of TunesCare, the iTunes run normally.

TunesCare really care!
by Arax

My iTunes not working again and cannot fix the error by myself as I'm really not good at that kind of technology. I searched the solution from google and found TunesCare. Then, I tried the free option and it fixed the issue! I think it's worth purchasing the pro version.

by ben

due to some unknown glitches, my itunes cannot recognize my iphone properly, With the mentality of trying, I bought this product. then, magic happens!

/ 3