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Nice product!
by Taylor

I bought tunescare for the iTunes error 2002, it helped me fix the problem. My opinion of tunescare review: worth trying if you have any iTunes errors.

by Lucas

Try to use this tool to fix the iTunes error 8392. It's helpful, thanks!

Before using error code 4010 always showing
by J.N

Yeah, my iTunes always keeps showing error code 4010. It's really frustrating. Yes, Google tells me use TunesCare Actually, first time I don't know what does error code 4010 mean No matter what causes this problem, I must say using the feature of repair all iTunes problems which is really work.

It fixed my iTunes.
by Tasha Williams

I was trying to sync music from my Mac to my iPhone, but it kept showing the message “iTunes cannot sync photos to the iPhone because your photos library is not yet available. Please try again later”

fix itunes error
by kevin

I got the error "we've run into a problem. Please come back later" when i login to my itunes account on my laptop. To my surprise, it took tunescare only a few minutes to work out the problem.

Easy to use
by javaliga

I purchased it to fix my iTunes because iTunes Music cannot Sync with my iPhone 6s. Can't find the songs on my iPhone. This tool help solve the problem. Thanks

install itunes successfully
by Perry Williams

I can’t install iTunes on my Windows PC. It says “your system has not been modified”. So that i use this Tunescare to repair, yes, it succeeded!

You deserve a LIKE
by Hanna

Thanks that worked perfectly. It fixed the problem of iTunes Not Responding

Pretty good
by Herbalife

this is the very first time that i had problems with itunes. And u helped me fixed it.Thanks!

resolve the wrong playlists issue
by Ricardo

I currently have a problem with the iTunes on my windows 10, where if I go into "Playlists" in Library, most of the playlist artwork is wrong as in it's displaying an artwork from another one of my playlist instead. TunesCare help me solved with the problem.

/ 3