Guide for Data Manage on iPhone/iPad/iPod

The File Manager feature of Tenorshare iCareFone (iPhone Care Pro) aims to help iOS users easily manage 9 types of files (Contacts, Notes, Calendar, APP, Video, Bookmark, Photo, Music and iBooks). You can do a lot of changes with Tenorshare iCareFone (iPhone Care Pro) including edit, delete, add new items and export to computer. With this tool, you can easily share videos, music and iBooks around as well.

Step 1. Connect iPhone, iPad and iPod to PC

First, you need to connect your device to the computer via a USB cable. Launch the program, click on "File Manager" from the main interface to use this function.

 iphone file manager

Step 2. Select a Type of File to Manage

Here are 9 types of files to manage. You need to select one to move on. Here we take contacts as an example. You can also manage photos, music, videos, iBooks, notes, calendar, and bookmarks with Tenorshare iCareFone.

Step 3. Manage Photos, Contacts, Videos, Music and Other Files

  • 1). Add Files to iPhone, iPad and iPod
  • To add files to iPhone, iPad and iPod, click "Import" on the menu. You can then add and edit Contacts, Notes, Bookmarks, etc. Finally, you should click "Refresh" and all the changes will be synced with your iOS devices.

    If you want to choose other types of files to manage, you can click on the Back button to go back to the file types menu.

    how to add contacts to iphon
  • 2). Delete Files
  • To delete files, check target files and then click "Delete" on the menu. Click "Refresh" when you are done.

  • 3). Export to Computer
  • To export files on your iPhone/iPad/iPod to computer, you should first check target files and then click "Export" on the menu. There are several export choices. Select whether you'd like to export your contact(s) to backup file, or export as excel or text file.

    export iphone files to computer

    After you select an export option, you can select an output path to save on computer. By default, the files will be saved in a folder on your hard disk. You can feel free to set the location of the folder that saves the exported files.

    select a location
  • 4). Remove or Merge Duplicated (for Contacts only)
  • When you get duplicate contacts on your iDevices, you can delete them or merge into one for easy manage. Steps for deleting contacts share the same with that for deleting other files.

    To merge contacts, click "Duplicated", it will automatically find duplicates for you on the pop-up window. Just click "Merge" then "Refresh".

    merge duplicates

Note: You can also use Tenorshare iCareFone (iPhone Care Pro) to install, uninstall and backup apps, which require similar steps as the above.

manage apps on iphone
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