4MeKey Guide: How to Unlock Apple ID without Password?

Apple ID on your iPhone/iPad has been disabled or Apple ID locked for some reason? And you have no idea about how to sign out of Apple ID when forgot password? Tenorshare 4MeKey provides you an ideal way to remove Apple ID from iPhone/iPad here.

Available for macOS 13 Ventura Available for Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7

Step 1: Download and Initiate Tenorshare 4MeKey on Your Computer

After you launch the program successfully, here come to 3 features for your choice. Please select “Unlock Apple ID”, which helps you to sign out of iCloud, App Store, iMessage, etc.

Note: This feature only supports iOS 11.4 and below version.

select unlock apple id - 4MeKey guide

Step 2: Connect Your Device to Computer

Now, connect your device to computer with a lightning to USB cable. If there is no reponse, please reconnect your device or change a different cable to try again.

connect device- 4MeKey guide

Next, your device will appear a notification saying “Trust Your Computer”, just tap “Trust” on your iPhone to allow authorization.

tap trust device- 4MeKey guide

Step 3: Start to Unlock Apple ID

When you come to this step, please pay attention to what will be going on next. Here we list 2 different situations for you.

Case 1. If Your Find My is On, How to Remove Apple ID?

For iOS 11.4 and Below:

  • Likewise, you will be guided to the interface before you unlock Apple ID.

    • Note #1: If your device is from iOS 10.2-11.3, data will not be lost after unlocking Apple ID
    • Note #2: If your device is below iOS 10.2, all data will be wiped out after unlocking Apple ID.
    unlock apple id - 4MeKey guide
  • Now, you need to manually reset all settings on your device and then start to unlock Apple ID.

    reset all settings iphone ipad - 4MeKey guide

Case 2. If Your Find My is Off, How to Remove Apple ID?

If you are in this situation, the program directly recognizes your iPhone and you can remove your Apple ID directly.

  • Note #1: If your device is iOS 10.2 and below, your device will be factory reset.
  • Note #2: If your device is iOS above 10.2, your device will not be erased.
start to remove apple id - 4MeKey guide

Step 4: Your Apple ID is Removed Successfully

Subsequently, the program prepares to remove Apple ID on your device. It usually takes no less than 2-3 minutes to finish. After your Apple ID has been removed, please check your device to see if the Apple ID has been successfully removed.

removing apple id - 4MeKey guide removedapple id - 4MeKey guide

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