Guide: How to Turn Off Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod touch without Password

It’s known to us that Find My iPhone is a great feature that helps you find a lost or stolen iPhone back. However, sometimes, you bought an used or second-hand iPhone with Find My on, how to turn off Find My iPhone without password?

Don’t panic, Tenorshare 4Mekey can perfectly work on that situation. In this guide, you will learn how to turn off Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod touch without password using Tenorshare 4MeKey. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Launch and Select a Feature

After you have downloaded and initiated 4MeKey successfully, you will come to two functions. Please select the second feature “Turn Off Find My iPhone”.

select a feature - 4MeKey guide

Then, the program navigates to the main interface “Turn Off Find My iPhone”. Please note that there is only one device can be connected to your computer when you choose this feature.

turn off find my iphone without password - 4MeKey guide

Step 2: Connect Your Device to Computer

Now, a risk warning pops up to remind you some precautions before use, please read them carefully. Next, Tenorshare 4MeKey prompts you to to connect your device with a USB cable. connect device- 4MeKey guide

The following is tapping "Trust" on your device and enter screen passcode to unlock it.

connect device- 4MeKey guide

Only several seconds, your device will be recognized by the program.

connect device- 4MeKey guide

Step 3: Start to Jailbreak Your Device

After your device is connected well, it needs to be jailbroken. Please refer to this guide for more detailed info on how to jailbreak your device on Windows.

downloading jailbreak tool - 4MeKey guide

Step 4: Turn Off Find My iPhone

After you jailbreak your device without any question, you will successfully go to the “Confirm Device Information”. Now, click “Start” to proceed the procedure.

  • Note #1: Before you start to turn off Find My iPhone, please disconnect your device from internet and keep your computer is well connected to internet.
  • Note #2: After you've turned off Find My iPhone, your device will be factory reset.
confirm ios device information - 4MeKey guide

After that, the program starts to turn off find my iPhone, please wait patiently. It usually takes no less than 3-5 minutes. If your device alters you to unlock the device, keep it unlocked immediately, otherwise the process gets stuck on the current stage.

turning off find my iphone - 4MeKey guide

After a while, your Find My iPhone has been successfully turned off. And you can copy the serial number to check if your Find My iPhone is ON or OFF. If your status is OFF, click “Confirm”. If not, please try to turn off again.

turned off find my iphone - 4MeKey guide

Now, your device will be restored to factory settings. Don’t disconnect your device when removing Apple ID.

removing apple id - 4MeKey guide

Your Apple ID is removed successfully. At the same time, check your device screen to see if it’s been totally factory reset. You can set up it as a new device. More, there is no need to worry about iCloud activation lock will appear after you’ve turned off Find My iPhone.

successfully removed apple id - 4MeKey guide
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